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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DO COLLEGE KIDS KNOW 80s MUSIC? #5 (REACT: Do They Know It?)

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- (singing along) ♪ Oh, I wanna dance with somebody

- (singing along) ♪ I wanna feel the heat with somebody

- This song makes me feel alive.

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪

- (FBE) Today, we're gonna test you on how well you know

music from the 1980s. - Oh, I'm gonna be terrible.

I don't even think I know anything from the 1980s.

- Oh! It looks like something I'm gonna do very poorly at.

I feel like I know songs and I never know who they're by.

- Oh god.

I think that I'm going to be able to sing along

to at least 80% of the songs, and I think I'm going to know

the names of at least one of the songs.

- I'll probably recognize some of the songs,

but I probably won't do very well on the bands or names.

I don't listen to that much '80s music.

- Every time I do these, I always feel like I learn more

about music than I thought I knew.

It either shows that I know a lot about the '80s music,

or it's like, "Oh, there's something else

I have to add to a playlist."

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

- ♪ Sweet dreams... ♪

- (singing along) ♪ ...are made of this

- (singing along) ♪ Who am I to disagree? ♪

- ♪ I traveled the world

And the seven seas

Everybody's looking... ♪

- Oh, this is such a popular, famous song.

- ♪ Sweet dreams are made of this

- I need to just be doing-- is this '80s?


- ♪ I traveled the world

And the seven seas

Everybody's looking for something

- I like that song.

I've heard it and I've liked it.

I didn't pay enough attention to figure out who the name

of those artists are.

- (FBE) So do you know it? - "Sweet Dreams."

I don't know the artist.

- "Sweet Dreams" by Marilyn Manson?

- "Sweet Dreams."

I don't know who sings it.

- "Sweet Dreams," but I don't know the artist.

The cover art on the thing is like two people in suits.

- (FBE) So this is "Sweet Dreams," and it's by the Eurythmics.

- Oh, yeah, see? Wouldn't have known that.

- I've never heard that name in my life,

and this song is so popping.

- Just the tune of it is very vintagy.

It's '80s and it just makes me want to walk on down the street

and be like... ♪ (vocalizing) ♪ you know, to my steps,

you know what I mean?

It's that kind of song, the song that puts you in the mood,

like, "I own this street."

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

♪ (rap rock) ♪

- ♪ She starts swingin' ♪

With the boys in tune

And her feet fly up in the air

Singing' hey diddle diddle with a kitty in the middle

- (groaning) My mom loves this song.

See, she's going to be so pissed.

- ♪ With a lady who was ready to play

It wasn't me she was foolin' ♪

♪ 'Cause she knew what she was doin' ♪

When she told me how to walk this way

- (singing along) ♪ Told me to walk this way

- (singing along) ♪ Talk this way

- ♪ Walk this way

Talk this way

She told me to walk this way

- The rap kind of came out of nowhere.

I've heard the beat, though.

It feels like the intro for a lot of CMT shows,

like Trick My Truck.

- (FBE) Do you know it?

- "Walk That Way" by I don't know who.

- "Walk This Way," and it's by-- I don't know.

- "Walk This Way" by someone

that's not who I know to sing that song.

- "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith?

- (FBE) This is "Walk This Way" by Run-D.M.C., featuring Aerosmith.

- Okay, was the scream "Walk this way" Aerosmith?

Okay, yeah, that makes sense. That's why I was confused.

- Aah, I know both of those people!

- This a really famous collab too, right?

It's very two different styles that contrast,

but when put together, very cool.

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

- ♪ Can you hear them

- (singing along) ♪ They talk about us

- ♪ Telling lies

- (singing along) ♪ That's no surprise

- ♪ Can you see them

See right through them

They have no shield

No secrets to reveal

It doesn't matter what they say

- Okay, this one, my mom definitely played

on the stereo as a kid.

- ♪ people play

Our lips are sealed

- It's cute.

I've never heard it before, but it's kinda cute.

It's like a teeny bopper type song.

- (FBE) Do you know this one? - No, I do not know it.

- I don't, actually.

- No, I don't even know the name of it.

- It sounds familiar, but I don't know the name.

- It's "Our Lips are Sealed," Madonna.

- "Our Lips are Sealed."

I remember hearing a cover of it, where Hillary Duff

was singing that with her sister.

- (FBE) This is "Our Lips are Sealed" by The Go-Go's.

- Okay, I thought Go-Go was a dance.

- I've heard of The Go-Go's, but I don't really know

any of their music.

- The Go-Go's, damn, okay.

- I could put this on while driving on the PCH to Santa Monica,

about to hit the pier or something like that, and it's fun.

It's like a summer song.

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

- ♪ Don't need money

Don't take fame

- (singing along) ♪ Don't need a credit card

To ride this train

- ♪ It's strong and it's sudden

And it's cruel sometimes

- This sounds like a theme song or opening song

for a '90s Nickelodeon show.

- ♪ That's the power of love

That's the power of love

- Uh, god, I've heard that song in every montage ever made

for the last 30 years...

I should probably know what it's called.

- (FBE) Do you know this song? - No, I've never heard of this.

- Definitely never heard this song or this artist at all

in my entire life.

- I don't know who it's by, but I know it's "The Power of Love."

- "Power of Love."

Artist, I do not know.

- "The Power of Love."

It's one of those songs where you hear it once or twice,

but you kind of just know it.

- (FBE) This is "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News.

- Never heard of them.

- I don't think I've ever heard of Huey Lewis and the News.

- (FBE) This song was actually featured in Back to the Future

as Marty McFly rides his skateboard to school,

and Lewis actually has a cameo in the film

as one of the people judging bands for the high school dance.

- No. I need to watch that movie again.

I haven't seen Back to the Future in a while.

- I remember this song from the movie.

The fact that he made a cameo in the movie, it's like,

"Oh, my song's in the movie. I'm in the movie.

I'm pretty cool, right?"

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

- ♪ I've done alright up to now ♪ - Oh!

- ♪ It's the light of day... ♪

- This song makes me feel alive.

- ♪ And when the night falls... ♪ - Oh my god!

- ♪ Loneliness calls

- (singing along) ♪ Oh, I wanna dance with somebody

- (singing along) ♪ I wanna feel the heat with somebody

Yeah... ♪ (laughing)

- Yeah, this one's triggy. I like this.

- ♪ With somebody who loves me

- This music is really nice to listen to.

It's fun. It makes you happy.

- (FBE) So do you know this one? - "I Want to Dance With Somebody."

But I don't know.

- That's "I Want to Dance With Somebody,"

but I don't think I know the artist.

- "Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston?

- "I Want to Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston.

- "I Want to Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston.

- "I Want to Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston.

That voice is so freaking strong and so powerful

that it can't be replicated.

- (FBE) This is "I Want to Dance With Somebody"

by Whitney Houston. - No, it's not.

My god. I'm embarrassed.

- I probably should know that's by Whitney Houston,

but, yeah, I've definitely heard the song before and it's a classic.

- Oh, wow, that's-- all right, I should know who this is.

Oh, wow, this is bad.

Whitney Houston obviously, you know, was a legend.

- That was such a good song.

I remember my grandma playing it in the house before

and I was like, "Oh my gosh, who is that?"

That's when I first learned about Whitney Houston,

and from then on, it's just like, yo, Whitney is the best.

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

- ♪ Knockin' me out with those American thighs

Taking more than her share

Had me fighting for air

She told me to come... ♪

- (singing along) ♪ But I was already there

- ♪ 'Cause the walls start shaking

The earth was quaking

My mind was aching

And we were making it and you

- (singing along) ♪ Shook me all night long

- This sounds so familiar.

- ♪ Yeah, you shook me all night long

- It sounds very hair band-ish to me.

- (FBE) How about this one? Do you know it?

- No idea.

- No, I don't.

- I don't know exactly what the name of the song could be,

but Guns N' Roses?

- "You Shook Me All Night Long"?

I feel like I should know who it's by, but I don't.

- "All Night Long" by...

I need to start looking at the names of things when I listen to them.

- (FBE) So this is called "You Shook Me All Night Long"

by AC/DC. - Oh, it was AC/DC?

Damn it.

- I know who AC/DC is,

but I've never heard one of their songs.

- Oh, AC/DC, okay.

A popular band that everybody usually knows.

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

- ♪ Glitter on the front porch

Glitter on the highway

The Love Shack is a little old place where... ♪

- (singing along) ♪ We can get together

- ♪ Love Shack, baby

Love Shack, baby

Love Shack, that's where it's at

Love Shack, that's where it's at

- Yeah, that's-- that's one that makes you

want to get up and dance, so I feel like that's a good one.

I like that.

- (FBE) Last one, do you know it? - No, I'm out.

- I don't know who it's by,

but I believe it's called "Love Shack."

- It's "Love Shack," but I don't know the artist.

- "Love Shack"?

Artist is gonna be another iconic person I don't know.

- (FBE) That was "Love Shack" by the B-52's.

- I've never heard of them.

- I've never even heard of them.

The B-52's?

- (FBE) There's actually a line in the song

where lead singer Cindy Wilson wails, "Tin roof rusted!"

That was originally an outtake that was added to the track

and has become one of the song's most memorable lines.

- Oh, so it was an improv moment?

That's so cool!

- Those are my favorite things of-- they're not supposed to be there,

and they weren't planned.

They just come out of the moment because it's so cool.

That's just real and spontaneous, and it's just there now.

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

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