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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: YouTubers React To No Nut November Challenge

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- (man) What we strive for with No Nut November

is not impotence. - Sex class, kids.

- Yes.

- "Only on day three of No Nut November.

Had to throw this on to not lose sight of the mission."

That's pretty funny. - That's smart, too.

- ♪ (dramatic intro) ♪

- What is this?

- I'm immediately familiar with this.

- ♪ (woman singing) ♪

Mr. Sandman ♪ - Oh.

It's the No Nut November.

- ♪ Mr. Sandman ♪ - Oh.

- Don't do it. No, no, no, no.

- (both) No Nut November? - What in the world

is that supposed to mean?

- I've never heard of this. Is this an actual thing?

Since when?

- Who changed it from No Shave November

to No Nut November?

- What happened to No Shave November?

That was for charity. No Nut November

is for sadness. I don't know.

- (man) So, it's day four of No Nut November.

I discovered something pretty cool, guys.

- Can he levitate?

- (man) If you just channel your powers hard enough,

you can actually just start walking on walls.

Pretty cool. - Wait.

No, no, no, no.

- (man) Walking on walls. Pretty cool.

- Oh my God. Shocking.

How did he do that?

- Oh my God. I [bleep] love this meme.

- What is No Nut November? - I don't understand.

- Please explain to the females. - I'm thinking nuts, okay,

so I'm totally confused here.

- Claiming that you gain powers if you don't masturbate.

- Is he giving out coupons? Is it one free card to--

- Ah, free nut coupons. Mwah.

- Oh my gosh. People, people.

- Ah and you can't go wrong without the floss guy in the back.

- Was this a new thing just this year or has this

been around forever? This is the first time

I'm hearing about this.

- (woman) Hello fellow female gamers.

It's No Nut November. - Yes, tell us.

- (woman) We females need to get out of the kitchen

and cover up to support our troops.

- Do your part. - (woman) Amen.

- Oh man. I'm so worried

about this generation.

- (man) Day four of No Nut November.

- We're not even that far into November.

- (man) I seem to have developed telekinetic powers.

- People are too creative, man.

- I love the powers thing.

- (man) These are gonna make cleaning my room

so much easier. - Oh, that was amazing.

- I hate this so much. It's so awkward and so cringey.

- It's obviously a guy thing, right? We're in agreeance it's about men.

- Yes, it has something to do with that.

- So I think it's about guys' nuts. - Is it no sex allowed?

- Jesus. - I'm trying to get to

the root of this.

- "After one day."

- ♪ (choir chanting) ♪

- After one day?

- Oh my God. No, no, no.

And that's just after day one, ladies and gents.

- So people are now developing super powers because

they have not nutted. I like that.

- How long-- - We should try that.

- How long is the longest time-- never mind.

- All these powers are really making me question

why I haven't joined the movement.

- ♪ (synth) ♪

- Yes, Stranger Things.

- No, no, no.

- Totally could have had a Lubriderm sponsorship.

- Yes, throw away the lotion.

- Oh, it comes back! That's great.

This is comedy gold.

- It makes me uncomfortable and embarrassed.

I hate it.

- It's kinda weird that we're talking about

the masturbation habits of high school boys.

Never thought I'd have to do that online.

- (man) No Nut November exists today to pay homage

to Buddha. - I don't know if that's true.

- (man) Without nut busting, we experience at least a portion

of the awakening that Buddha went through.

What we strive for with No Nut November

is not impotence. - Sex class, kids.

- Yes.

- (man) How does not ejaculating give you

any more clairvoyance into the world around you?

It's simple. The path to enlightenment

is to eliminate all unnecessary and harmful desires.

- I'm glad I'm getting the intellectual approach,

'cause I didn't understand it before.

- (man) The desire to bust a nut is the driving factor

for everything a man does. By eliminating this core,

ever present desire, it is possible...

- Well I don't have to worry about this challenge.

- Yeah, we don't have to worry about this.

- (man) So what do you have to look forward to

if you take up the challenge of No Nut November?

- Yeah, tell me.

- (man) The first week will certainly be torturous.

You'll likely experience some testicular swelling,

fatigue, likely some difficulty--

- I feel like I'm back in science class.

- (man) Just some basic withdrawal symptoms.

The second week is where most people fail No Nut November.

- Okay, good to know. Good to know.

- (man) It's during this time that the state of clairvoyance

begins to set in. Most achieve the ability

to levitate for a few seconds. - I doubt that this is

as educational as it purports to be.

- (man) The final half of No Nut November

presents a grand opportunity for you.

You can finally experience the universe as it was meant

to be experienced. - I read about that.

- (man) Desires are pushed aside and your mind is open.

You can float through time and space

any which way you please. - Sure.

- I thought this was going to be a real explanation.

- (man) Two week period of pure enlightenment,

most are able to extend their consciousness

to the point where they can clearly perceive

the fourth dimension. - Wow.

That's terrific.

- Does this guy have a degree in No Nut November?

- (man) Your desire to bust a nut

can never be destroyed, only suppressed and overcome.

- This is so awkward.

- (man) But your desire still exists and it's still

attached to you in some way and it will never give up

on its goal to be fulfilled. - Why did that guy take

so much time for that? That was--

- It's all a joke. - That was a full monologue.

- That's the long con, that video.

Interesting, because at first, he was giving some

surprisingly convincing history.

- I have no idea what I was missing out on.

With this knowledge, I can now become

the next Superman.

- "Only on day three of No Nut November.

Had to throw this on to not lose sight of the mission."

That's pretty funny. - That's smart, too.

- It's a cone. Go put that on your dog.

- I'm trying to think about the motions that one

would use if one were to nut and I believe

the hand collar would serve as a sufficient

blocking device.

- I could find my way around that.

- "This is what happens when different generations

coexist on social media."

- "Why are you posting on Facebook about

not having nut in November?" Oh my God, oh my God.

- "If you developed a nut allergy, I need to modify my recipes.

Call me back." Poor grandma.

- She's a grandma who loves. She's a grandma who cares.

Grandma who doesn't get it.

- Poor grandma. Yeah, that's us, obviously,

at the beginning of this.

- "Seven days into No Nut November."

This dude's floating. Not photoshopped at all.

- You can levitate. - Dude, we gotta try this.

- And he's levitating, ladies and gentlemen.

He's Hare Krishna'ed into the air.

Well, hallelujah.

- Dude made it. Dude has achieved nutvana.

- "My current mood on day five."

- (Squidward) I gotta sneak one. - Ew.

- Don't use SpongeBob as a reference to this.

You're ruining my childhood.

- Hentai Haven is on there?

- (SpongeBob) Listen, Squidward. I wanna apologize for before.

- Not suitable for work art on Twitter?

- Oh.

- I love this episode. "Don't go."

- Why they gotta make SpongeBob sexual?

Poor SpongeBob. Poor Squidward.

- It's another one of those things that

social media has created. It's bathroom humor

that teen boys love, so I feel like it's--

it makes sense why it's a thing.

- (FBE) So, that was a challenge that's called

No Nut November. - (both) Yes.

- Thank you for the education. - Thank you for--


- (FBE) So, from what you saw, do you think that people

are attempting this challenge for real?

- They're definitely doing it just because it's funny,

and it was, actually.

- No, not at all. It's all just a meme and a joke.

- I feel like for the most part, it's a joke and I feel like

for the most part, it's a way for boys to feel

warranted in talking about their masturbation habits

in front of everyone.

- I firmly believe that virtually no one does

No Nut November for real. It's a joke, it's a meme,

it's a gag. Nobody's actually like,

"All right, day seven." Nobody does it.

'Cause it's hard.

- Oh, I think people are participating.

If you're a kid, you having nothing to do

but go to school and masturbate,

so by having one of those be off limits,

I think it really adds some stakes to the life

of a twelve year old.

- (FBE) So, some posts claim if you succeed in this challenge

it will not only allow more time for hobbies or bettering yourself,

but it will also give you super powers.

- Sorry. Masturbating takes

that much time that you can't have hobbies?

- How many times do people jack off a week?

Is it really that hard? Okay.

- (FBE) As someone who's seen a lot of these internet trends

come and go, do you think that this is something that

will continue every November like people do No Shave November

or is it just a joke challenge that's gonna die out?

- Nah, it'll come back for next year for sure.

- I don't think so. I think it'll just be

a little dead thing after this November.

- I don't see it dying out. It's because masturbation

is ubiquitous with coming of age.

- We're gonna see it next year.

Now mark my words, someone might say

No Fapvember. That's how crazy

it's gonna be.

- I would say it probably has at least one more year to it

and then it'll die because everyone will

have done the jokes, everyone will have seen the jokes.

What about Fapless February? This is it.

This is it, ladies and gentle--

No Nut November, Fapless February.

- (FBE) Well typically, this is not a topic

that everyone feels comfortable talking publicly about.

- I didn't even think of it like that.

- (FBE) Some have said that this trend has provided

a way to make these topics lighthearted and easy

to talk about. For you as a public figure,

do you ever refrain from these kind of topics

and does a trend or challenge that has this lighthearted aspect

help you talk about it? - I think making something

lighthearted definitely makes something easier.

- To talk about. - To talk about,

so that it's not so serious.

- No Nut November is like a gateway drug

into the rest of the sexual world.

Any discussion of normal sexual behavior,

especially in adolescence, is a positive,

so I'm all about this.

- It's great that it encourages people to talk about

this kind of thing without shame,

but at the same time, it shouldn't really be a topic

that you should feel the need to talk about in front

of people who may or may not want to hear about it.

- I would not talk about this on my channel.

When I was a kid, I hated any type

of dirty jokes or bathroom talk.

It would make me so uncomfortable,

so it's not like it's me protecting my audience.

It's legit just me. It makes me so uncomfortable

that I just wouldn't like talking about it.

- (FBE) Finally, we gotta ask. Will you take the pledge

for the rest of November and participate in

No Nut November? - Who's saying I'm not already?

- No. I'm not pledging that.

- Of course. I want some super powers too.

- If it can get me super powers, yes.

- I don't have nuts. - We don't have nuts.

- I will pledge that I will try.

- I pledge. - Okay, good.

- We're pledgies.

- No, I will-- what's the point of it?

Why should we not pledge ourselves?

- I'm participating in this stupid trend,

but not for the internet. It's for my own pleasure

or lack thereof.

- [Bleep] no. Does that answer your question?

No, that's a hard pass. - (FBE) Okay.

- Yeah. - (FBE) Oh, is it a hard pass?

- ♪ (Seinfeld theme) ♪

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