Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Warrior 2 Yoga Pose for Beginners ✨ (Virabhadra ii Tutorial)

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- Hi, I'm Lisa Sanson.

I teach yoga at YYoga.

I teach all styles there.

Today, I'm gonna talk to you a little bit

about warrior two, virabhadrasana two.

So let's start with,

you can put your hands on your hips

and open your feet about three feet apart.

Turn your toes out a little bit.

Just to prepare for warrior two,

I'm gonna take you into a tall squat pose.

Some people call it temple or horsemen pose.

Now bend your knees.

Part of the reason I'm bringing you in here

is to just help to open up your inner thighs, your groins.

Also to become a little bit aware

of what it feels like to be externally rotated in your hips.

You can bob up and down,

kind of ease into it, wiggle into it.

One of the important things to remember

when you're externally rotating your hips,

it's turning your leg bone open like open to the sides,

the way my hands are going, right?

In the hip socket, that's external rotation.

You want to watch

that your knees are not collapsing inwards,

and that can happen.

Tight groins or weak outer hips,

various reasons letting our inner arches

of our feet collapse,

so we're gonna watch that when we get to warrior two,

as well, but to keep your, your knees opening up wide

and your toes and knees pointing in the same direction.

All right, let's straighten the legs.

Whew, okay.

So take your arms out wide in line with your shoulders

and now you'll widen your stance.

So your ankles are about as wide as your wrists

and that's a general guideline.

You might go wider

or you might bring it closer together.

We'll see how it feels.

Turn your right foot to face the right side of your mat

and your left toes turned in just slightly.

Bend your right knee,

so we want your right knee to stack over your ankle,

so not to drive past your ankle and over your toes.

Again, you might widen your stance

or you might pull it in a little bit shorter,

depending on how you feel.

Stretch your arms out wide.

Now your traditional Drishti warrior two

is just past your right middle finger.

You'll gaze past your right middle finger

when you're ready to do that,

but let's look down at your right knee

and make sure,

so your right hip is externally rotated here.

We don't want your knee to collapse inwards.

Remember that,

what we were doing in squat,

so draw your right knee a little bit more

toward your pinky toe edge.

If you look down, you can see your big toe

inside your right knee.

Hold for a breath here, firm your legs,

open your hips, soften your shoulders.

And we can straighten your right leg,

turn back through center,

and we'll move into the other side.

Arms out wide,

so your right toes turn in a little.

Your left toes turn to face the left side of your mat.

Bend your left knee,

stack your knee over your ankle.

So typically, your chest,

your pelvis are almost open

pretty much to the long edge of your mat,

but again, your gaze is past your middle finger,

your front middle finger.

Now some of you will notice

that you like to bring your right hip,

your back hip forward a little.

You settle in.

Strengthen your legs,

nice, strong legs in warrior two

and open hips, open heart.

I read somewhere that it's hard to feel insecure

in warrior two, and it is.

Like get into it and feel like a warrior.

You feel strong and confident and powerful here.

Straighten your right leg, arms over head.

(exhales deeply)

Back through center.

Heel toe your feet in and thanks for joining me.

That was warrior two, virabhadrasana two.

My name's Lisa and I teach for YYoga.

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