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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 강아지 앞에 함정을 설치해 보았습니다.(Invisible Wall Challenge)

Difficulty: 0

zzibas(=fan nickname)have leaved comments that they want to watch invisible challenge for gom, taeng and yeowoo

recorded invisible challeng video clip

I really wonder how they react

first challenger is yeowoo!

dogo pounch


angry again

she's got angry

but she came back in 1 second

she examines a transparent wall

Will yeowoo ever be able to solve a secret?


open the door!!!

She's staring at me with an earnest look.


so I throw a treat

yeowoo>> just one?

okay here is another treat

(being cute)

yeowoo>> give me treat because I'm sitting now!

she guess I'm gonna give a treat if she sit

okay here is the other treat!

it's bigger than firs and second treats

feed me!

why you can't eat the treat even it's right in front of your eyes

so im gonna give a hint to yeowoo

I let her know there is a gap on the floor

finally unlock a secret

gom is a next challenger

she's so smart!

gom>> what a super easy challenge is!!!

so gom is trying invisible challenge again

gom>> gain???

she's soooooo smart!!

last challenger is taeng!

taeng> what?

taeng>> what are you doing?

He is taken aback

taeng>>Is it an obstacle?

He finally takes out his ace in the deck

he is pretending to be cute

(throw a treat)




he gave up right after a try

I put a treat closely

He has a lot of doubts.

He naver tries to come in.

so lure him into a toy

huh?? you've known how to pass the wall???

taeng is also a smart shiba

The Description of 강아지 앞에 함정을 설치해 보았습니다.(Invisible Wall Challenge)