Practice English Speaking&Listening with: By the way, Can You Survive on a Deserted Island? (ft. Annabelle)

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D: Courage...







Ad- a- Ad- adventurous-ness...

And the will to SURVIVE...

Descriptions that none of us apply to and its not gonna be ok, because today we are going to be playing.. CAN YOU SURVIVE ON A DESERTED ISLAND

real quick, we're not going to be talking about physical attributes

or broad knowledge on survival skills because again,

none of us have those things :(

so instead I will be narrating the story

and give you options along the way to pick from;

if you get the right answer you survive and if you don't,

you get a strike

and the person with the least amount of strike wins.

also since you guys might be tired of listening

to our own voices, we have a special guest today!


A: HI, you guys might know me as Annabelle plays

Umm... DanPlan invited me here and I'm very excited to- to not die today!

Or not be the loser today!

Hosah: Let's get to it

Daniel: Alright, let's say you're on a plane and it crashes near an island and you swim towards it.

When you get there, you see about a dozen survivors and you also notice the island is actually an adequate size

Your first question is this:

what do you do first?

A. lets see if there are any tribes or villages on this island

B. Take leadership and delegate survival tasks

C. Scavenge the supplies and material you see on the shore

D. Make an SOS sign for rescue

H: Can we just let them do the work and we could just chill?

S: Okay well first off probably our best course of action is

to scavenge for supplies.

Depending on how bad the plane broke up,

if it's just like, crippled beyond repair

then it's like no point in you trying to search for supplies cause it's probably

already blown up. But if it the plane's pretty intact

when it fell then it's like ehhh let's look for supplies

so i'm going to say let's look for supplies here.

A: I also agree with Stephen, because if you also

wanna make an S.O.S. sign for rescue help then you probably need

materials and items to do that. H: Umm

I would probably be making the S.O.S. Sign because we just make it let it be there

and then we do other things. D: Okay well

Hosuh, you get a strike because the answer is scavenge the

supplies and materials you see on the shore. (H: Ohh) The reason being

is that because things can float away

and you might- you may need to survive for a while and gathering up anything

and everything will make life so much easier for

survival, other things can come later. H: Huh, makes sense.

A: Die Hosuh. hahahaha. D: Holy shi-

S: Get rekt. See, I wanted to kill off Hosuh as fast as

possible (H: why) just so I don't have to deal with him and

carry him the whole time. A: *laughs* oh my god

D; Alright, after gathering the supplies people to

argue over what to do next, right? Some say we should build a shelter.

Others say night's coming and we need a fire.

Things are getting really heated. Do you:

A. Stay with them and try to sort this out or

B. Screw this nonsense. I am out of here.

I'll stay with them and sort this out because

being alone is horrible and you should never be alone

and if you're alone, you'll get lonely and you'll

cry and you'll be sad and you'll die 0.o

D: Die of sadness

S: No, I gotta say. I'm gonna do the exact opposite of Anne

and actually grow away from the group.

If they've resort to infighting this early on in the game,

they're gonna keep fighting throughout the whole experience

It's so stupid, so I'm gonna have to say

get out of there. Plus, I'm better (H: Yeah, I can completely) off by myself.

H: picture Stephen doing this *laughs*

D: Wait. Where'd Stephen go? *more laughter*

S: Alright Hosuh, what do you say? H: Uhh

That's a hard- to pick a choice. I would probably pick

two or three people who... Umm, it's not in the option but

this is what I would do. I would pick two or three people

I go well with and then just stay with those three people?

D: You gotta pick A or B, man

H: Yeah, I know! Damnit! Ok *laughs* probably

will stay with the group.

S: You guys are idiots. A: yesss, stay with me. Ditch Stephen.

H: Die Stephen. A: We don't need Stephen. Die Stephen. S: *Laughs

I will and I won't fight with myself

S: And I love that. A: You'll get lonely S: Yeah, no no, like, I would have

taken some people with me but that wasn't a choice because Daniel has terrible choices.

D: One extreme or the other baby.

Well, Stephen. You're wrong! S: What!? Suck it

I'm totally right! You're all wrong. How dare you.

D: hahaha Because even if you hate these human beings,

when it comes to survival situations

or you need to get to get certain things done fast before it gets dark.


and apparently when you're trying to survive on a deserted island, time's

always an issue. If you leave now, you'll have to handle everything

aspect of survival yourself. S: I would like to contest

this answer later, after the video

D: After the video, you're like "Dan, what the fudge was that second question?"

S: I can't *throws something* work under these conditions!

Next question. D: After an hour of fighting, people

finally settle down and then tasks are delegated to

certain types of people so that everybody can do different things and

get all the things done at the same time. And you,

unfortunately, are (in) charge of making fire.

Of course, the only knowledge you ever have of building fire

is from the Discovery Channel.

You remember some weird ways to make fire

but you need to do it fast. You have three options

You have the A: Lens Based method

B: Bow Drill method

and C: Fire Plow method.

And no, I am not telling you guys what each of these things means.

You guys gotta figure it out and guess the right one

cause knowledge is key when it comes to survival.

S: First off. the lens based method

is pretty situational. Uhh,

you actually need some sort of

glass, first off. So that's gonna be kinda hard.

Second, you actually need sun to make this work

so if you crash too late in the day, this

is garbage. You can't even do this. Uhh, the second one,

so Bow Drill method. This one is actually viable

if you know how to make the bow.

It's actually quite complicated to make but, it's very

easy to use, so I'm gonna have to say Bow Drill

It's pretty good. H: Uhh, mine's gonna probably be the Bow Drill

D: How about you Anne?

A: Oh my goodness, I kinda want to say Fire Plow but if I die

alone, I'll be sad

I'll- I'll go Fire plow. D: Alright. And you died.

A: Oh my goodness no (D: I'm sorry) no, I didn't know

D: No because Stephen, your reasoning

was perfect. That was supposed to be a trick cause technically, Lens Based method

is the fastest way to make fire. Nothing else can beat it

next to you know, using matches. But like I said before

like, you need to do this fast cause the sun is about to go down and

so Bow Drill is the next best method to use.

Alright, so everybody gets their part done. The S.O.S. sign's made,

the fire is going, and some sexy engineer guy made some

simple shelter to get under. And someone found a lake nearby for water.

Holy crap, things are going super smoothly but the next morning

you realize just how terrible it is to sleep without a bed.

And one of you got a bite from a mosquito that carries

carries a very deadly disease.

Now I'm gonna make you guys pick a number from 1-3

because luck has a part in survival.

And if one of you gets bit, you're dead.

So pick a number from 1-3.

A: What!? Noooo, you can't do thaat

S: Wait, so what's the point of this?

So if we get the number?

D: So yeah, pick a number from 1-3

and whoever has the number with the disease

gets bit and dies because luck does have a role in surviving

H: I'm going with 2. S: I like 3.

H: Well, Anne gets 1 cause, oh! A: Oh my gosh.

H: Yaaay S: Yaaay A: Yay

H: Let's get to it.

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