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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister

welcome to the one bitcoin show today is January the 2nd 2018 strong can people

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alright with that out of the way I wanted to talk about correct something

from yesterday that I said about andy hoffman his he says leverage bitcoin

scarcity play that is his correct term for what he says be rhodium is a

leveraged bitcoin scarcely play follow andy hoffman

at his website crypto gold dowling to blow anyway little tired

tonight I guess crypto I've got so many URLs I have to remember here alright so

yeah I made a poll that many of you have seen the poll was what crypto dividend

do you want to see traceur accommodate first now I listed a B rhodium B B

rhodium B privates super BTC and B diamond now with B rhodium again they

are not going to split it for you when I say accommodate I mean list it on a you

know story on there but you'll get the picture so so far in that poll be

private is kicking butt so I asked you guys to retweet that tweet but it

actually puts pressure on traceur to actually do something with one of these

o dividends of bitcoin you know maybe we'll be be private that that'll be the

first one that they'll let you split there and store there and I don't mean

the first ever I mean the first of the new batch because you can already

already do that with B cash and be gold it did a great job with be gold and be

cash but we want them to do a good job with even more of them and there were

some people who there was a guy who retweeted my poll and vote in the poll

obviously there was a guy who reads who we did my poll and and then copied it to

ledger Nano and said what are you guys doing so this is what I've been talking

about we have to put pressure on these trusted third parties to make this

process go a little bit faster and make it easy and safe for all of us and I

think the pulpo is also a little bit revealing yet not surprising so what's

going on in encrypted there's an ecosystem in terms of community strength

and obviously if you were already an altcoin beforehand Zee classic existed

and now it's becoming be private it's not a shock that they are winning the

poll it's like the popularity contest they probably have the biggest community

out there because they already existed it's not a shock so yeah the others have

some of their work cut out for them their brand B diamond is brand new super

BTC is brand new and I got to give the guy who's credited be rhodium because

they're beating super BTC and super BTC he's got like a billionaire behind them

and B rhodium is this like grip best fruits airdrop crypto dividend and again

I will walk you guys through that process if you need help with that and

you have a treasurer with the B rhodium alright so this guy in the comments

section and a pound that like button people and if you like that I waited

this long to say found that like button this look in the comments said holders

get richer while the short-sighted get wiped out playing musical all coins true

baby Thank You Vista and hey you guys in the chat right now can't see you unless

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love the super chat it makes you stick out

here's a whale puck Panda tweet and it's linked to below of course if you held

Bitcoin from January 2017 until the first twenty eight teen you are up

roughly 13 X if you consider yourself a traitor and you do not perform Bitcoin

you might want to stick with holding day the least and that's actually an

understatement if you held from the January 1st until today you would have

50 next not counting the be cash cryptid dividend which is another two thousand

dollars so you'd over 17 X in terms of dollars

if you just help Bitcoin I mean that's pretty good so if you're some kind of

trader out there and you haven't 17 extra Holdings well a Bitcoin people I

don't even know why even bring this up anymore but hey if you want to be an 80%

or making richer go ahead my day alright so point here is a tweet from

whale pool and it's a great way if you're if you don't think coinbase if

you're angry a coin base and you think they should implement segments this is a

great way to protest and he says retweet to let the coin base Board of Directors

know we are not happy with Bryan Armstrong dragging his feet on Segway

and so you retweet that and also copied on that or members of the coin base

board of directors so this has been like retweeted thousands of times

so these Board of Directors keep getting this message that the people want Segway

so maybe they'll tell Brian Hey Dude do Segway on coinbase people want you to

hey I don't care if coinbase does it or not um Mike I store my Bitcoin at you

know at stores devices at a trace or the ledger at a big-box do not rely on third

parties but hey there's a lot of newbies getting into point digging the big horn

they store on coinbase they don't like the high fees to move it off a coin base

oh that's nonsense so retweet that if you're angry a coin

base it's a free world free country it's you know you're not bad-mouthing anyone

there it's a peaceful protest go ahead and do it and I like that so here -

Smeagol he's got a tweet that says and I meant to read this yesterday broke 2017

realizing a diversified stock portfolio minimizes risk woke 2018 realizing BTC

is a diversified hedge on the devaluation of

all Fiat risk I like that I like that ties n has a tweet out there talking

about how he wants me to meet up with some female associate of his channel up

in north of San Diego in Carlsbad and he's asking people if they want to have

a Bitcoin man up there hey IVA blah I'm in San Diego area at

least until the 9th ok and I'd like to meet this friend of Ty's in and she has

a space put on an event there it seems like it's really far north I don't have

a car but I am putting it out there because people started replying and

saying hey yeah that would be great to have a Bitcoin event a meet-up in over

the next week or so so I am up for this people it would be great if it'd be

closer maybe if she could come down and get me halfway some people be asked to

give me a ride they offered to give me a ride there was a guy who offered to give

me a ride actually but he lives all the way up there and for him to come all the

way down here then all the way up there and I think she might be even north of

him so anyway if you're to say this this is Hall up in a big San Diego segment

there but if you're in the area you've got some ideas contact me or Twitter a

tech bulb always check out at Tech ball people has been going crazy

te c HB alt on twitter again email me at a dimitra's where help calm and also I

am on steam it at bitcoinmeister that has been wild lately so I wanted to

remind everyone you know there's all these doom peddlers out there I used to

call them another name it starts the P but I don't want to say it because I'm I

think YouTube will just mark me for saying that word even though it's not a

bad word but the doom peddlers out there what happened 2017 is over I thought the

the remain economic collapse what happened guys where's the shmita that

was supposed to happen in 2016 and if any of you are still following any of

those people who are predicting the end of the end of the economic paradigm as

we know it every buy gold down live in a bunker now

17 is the end and they repeat this and they're saying this ain't predictions

ever 2018 they're saying the same things they said the same thing you 2016 all of

you have horrible memories the constant are constantly following those people

and believe a single word they say if you believe a single word they say after

all of these nonsense predictions about how everything was gonna fall apart 20

look how awesome 2017 was if you were holding Bitcoin I'm a freaking

millionaire now okay because I was a positive person and I held Bitcoin

that's the truth the lies is what those doom peddlers try to sell you and so you

just do nothing with your life be in motion people be in freaking motion and

again if you listen to those people if you believe a word they say because some

you still come to me they're like Oh what do you think about don't even ask

me what I think of those people don't even ask me what I think of the complete

nonsense they talk and again you're part of the 80% you will never be successful

in life if you continually believe a word that those people say because

they're nonsense and they're just pulling things out of their backsides

and saying and every year the world is going to end and guess what guys

it's not going to end life goes on life is awesome there's always opportunity

out there and if you were a doom and gloom er in 2017 you maybe miss the

opportunity of a freakin lifetime because it completely changed my entire

life I mean there's no doubt about that and the people who can follow me for a

while know that hey it has propelled me to a whole new financial level in life

and just a whole new I mean mental level to I mean the ease of life you know not

having to worry about certain things knowing that something went wrong with a

family member I could completely take care of every problem they had I mean

it's just it's just everyone they have it's amazing it's amazing so yeah you

think you can be with me or could be with the doom peddlers make up

your mind see you know your choice is a free world 20% or 80 percenter do what

you want to do alright so uh but obviously we have here there's a funny

tweet here's a little kid with a mohawk he might be in South Africa I'm not sure

he does an imitation of me you know the bitcoinmeister my opening thing opening

spiel that I always do it's fun it is funny and we should kid and his parents

success in life pound that like button if that kid wants to do another video

with pal that like button be Miya be my guest

alright Chris Chris Gilyard he's a guy who follows me on Twitter he

watches these videos he's a great guy he has a Z classic be private article that

he posted that I linked to below and there is a point I liked it I liked what

he had to say um and someone else pointed this out in

a Twitter thread and it was the first thing I thought of also after I read his

um the one thing I disagree with him about he says that after the after the

be private Fork that Z classic might go up in value Z classic should go if

everything worked logically if we weren't in this irrational exuberant

time in terms of all coins Z classic should go like 2-0 after the after the

fork because the guys who are forking Z classic in the be private that's the

development team for Z classic they're basically abandoning Z classic and

moving on the be private so no in theory no one's gonna be working on Z classic

why don't ye any one would want a mind Z classic the spot but so did there's no

logical reason why you should go up in value but many people it basic be pride

is a replacement for Zee classic period and so if you believe that and I believe

that to be very much true there's no reason to hold on to Zee classic

afterwords unless you know oh there's a new team who's gonna take over the

development and all these miners are going to keep mining and looking after

it the community is going to stick around I mean the whole point of forking

to be private is to improve the Z to get that Z classic product out to more

people and rebrand it it's just a rebranded Z classic and the Z classic

holders are gonna lose nothing but they're getting all the be private for

free they're getting their replacement coin for free but at the same time

everyone who holds Bitcoin is getting it for free too so in theory the prices got

a pump of the be private now the Z classic price is pumping now because

everybody wants to get these be privates because Z classic is so much cheaper

than what everyone expects a Bitcoin fork to be and especially a Bitcoin fork

that has the Z cash characteristics these anonymous coin characteristics I

mean first of all as Bitcoin holders we want this fork be private to be the best

anonymous coin out there period it benefits us so much we want be private

to win the anonymous coin race in the end of the day and so I think this is a

very unique proposition there I mean this all coined this cryptic Bitcoin

crypt of dividend is the the most unique one of the moments so far in terms of

where it's originating from how it's being distributed and what it is

supposed to do and that is be a very private coin just like Z cash and again

Z cash what's that around $500 or something like this so it would be very

interesting but everyone's going to have their own strategy once the

happens in terms of how quick they're going to dump their Z classic or if for

some reason they think the Z classic is worth hand hanging on to I mean I see no

reason to hang on the Z classic wants to be private is in existence I really I

would try to dump it as quick as possible still be at a high price at

that point but whatever I'm not gonna give it a fight that's up to everyone

who owns Z classic okay so you do what you want to do but I did it again

three Chris's article that was my one point of contention there and I just I

wanted to bring that up so let's talk about Peter Thiel Peter Thiel there's

all these articles came out today that he has been buying Bitcoin and he's our

rich billionaire millionaire whatever he is smart guy and when the news started

to break I mean Bitcoin pumped to over fifteen thousand dollars and it's still

around 50 great and that's awesome we're gonna have days when it pumps like this

and I link to the Wall Street Journal article below

the talks about Peter Thiel and how he made a big bet on Bitcoin hey man this

is and this is great he's probably not the only super rich person doing this

but there is a lesson to learn from from what happened today and that is that you

know he did this on his own no one there was no Bitcoin salesman that came out to

him and say hey Peter come by my point come pump my pony but we have to

remember that so many other coins all other coins are centralized some extent

they have bounders that are known so again I always say this now it's

difficult they all get all the top tier ones get pumped again at some point be

cash will be pumped again king of the trolls will talk to someone like Peters

will convince someone even bigger than Peter Thiel or maybe even Peter Thiel to

buy B cash and to make an announcement about it and to have a Wall Street

Journal article about it so just be prepared since so many different ways

over the last few weeks couple months then it's it's because Aaron says be

Cash's dead be Cash's dead big old is dead big oh yeah they just have to get

their people to go out there convinced some really rich person to buy a bunch

of it and say he did it and that'll pump it that'll pump it and it'll probably

pump it and to a larger percentage lies then big crimes pump today

I mean if controls convince his Warren Buffett yeah let's say give it's Warren

Buffett to say hey I bought a bunch of be cash think about what that would do

to the price of be cash immediately war and I know more Buffett's an extreme

example does he's a guy doesn't even like trip apart see but you never know

maybe can you cure the trolls is a good salesman very persuasive person very

persuasive there's no doubt about it um if you convince Warren Buffett to buy

uh the million are a lot more a lot of big cash because there'd be point for

Bitcoin within hours I would say so again it's he he will convince someone

don't be a Peter Thiel on the B cash side to okay

but or I know maybe on the etherium side cuz again these are stairs there to an

extent somewhat centralized they have guys they have founders that can act the

salesman didn't and talk to these billionaires

alright found that like button so when developing the mainstream media that I

noticed today Bluebird has an article the criminal

underworld world is dropping Bitcoin for another currency and they're talking

about Manero so they're they're basically fighting Manero you know

they're trying to scare people that veneer is for drug dealers etc etc but

you know I interpret this as like kind of an evolution of cryptocurrency

and now 2018 we're at a point where the mainstream media is not only funny

Bitcoin but it's funding some talk to your aunt Colleen's also like manera hey

look there is all this a shirt from cryptography T and no because I say the

world Manero I'm not telling you to buy I'm just mentioning it people please

don't get too excited by a whole Bitcoin strong hand think 20

all right so that's it for today i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the

disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this

video do check out the notes section below i will say hello to you guys in

the chat right now bye bye

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