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Raden Ngabehi Ronggowarsito, a figure who lived during the golden age of the Surakarta Palace

He is a great poet who has left a valuable legacy in the form of dozens of fibers that have amazing aesthetic value and achievements

His perseverance in literature, culture, theology and supported by talent, put him as the last poet of the Keraton Surakarta

Raden Ngabehi Ronggowarsito, born on March 14, 1802, with the first name Bagus Burham

He is the son of Raden Mas Ngabehi Pajangsworo and Nyai Ajeng Ronggowarsito

While his grandfather was named Raden Tumenggung Sastronagoro, which was where he first found a firm soul and great talent behind the mischievous little Burham who was famously naughty

It was Raden Tumenggung Sastronagoro who then took the initiative to send him to be a santri to Gebang Tinatar Islamic Boarding School in Ponorogo under the care of Kyai Kasan Besari

As the son of a nobleman, Bagus Burham had a bearer named Ki Tanujoyo as his mystic teacher

Ronggowarsito began his career as a writer by writing Fibers Jayengbaya when he was still a paramedic Carik in the Anom Duchy as Mas Ngabehi Sorotoko

in this fiber he succeeded in displaying the figure of an unemployed man named Jayengboyo who was immediately ridiculous and agile playing with his imagination about work

As an intellectual, Ronggowarsito wrote many things about the side of life

His thoughts about the world of Sufism are outlined in the Fiber Wirid Hidayatjati, and his social observations contained in the Kalatidha Fiber

His strengths in the world of divination are also found in Serat Jaka Lodhang, even in the Fiber of Teak Word there is also a prediction about the time of his own death

Raden ngabehi Ronggowarsito, First served the Surakarta Hadiningrat palace with the rank of Jajar

This rank made him bear the name of Mas Panjangsworo, who was none other than the eldest son of Raden Mas Tumenggung Sastronagoro, poet of the Surakarta court

As a child he was raised by a very loving servant named Ki Tanudjaya

Relationships and relationships both make Ronggowarsito have a soul of love with little people or the underprivileged

Ki Tanudjaya influenced Ronggowarsito's personality in his appreciation of the underprivileged and limited abilities

Because of that association, then in the future, Good Burham's character developed becoming wiser

Towards adulthood, Ronggowarsito went to study with Kyai Imam Besari at Gebang Tinatar, and the responsibility during the study was entirely left to Ki Tanudjaya

Besides that, Bagus Burham in Ponorogo has a bad attitude in the form of his passion for gambling

Even in less than one year, the stock he brought had run out and 2 of his horses had been sold

then Kyai Imam Besari blamed Ki Tanudjaya as a guardian who always obeyed the unfavorable wishes of Bagus Burham

Finally Bagus Burham and Ki Tanudjaya quietly and without the knowledge of Kyai Imam Besari, disappeared from Pondok Gebang Tinatar to Mara

There they stayed at Ki Ngasan's house, Ngali's cousin, Ki Tanudjaya

According to the plan, from Mara they will go to Kediri, to face the Kediri Regent, Prince Adipati cakraningrat

But on the instructions of Ki Ngasan Ngali, the two of them did not need to go to Kediri, but just wait for the presence of the Duke of Cakraningrat in Madiun

This is because the Adi pati will stop at Madiun in order to face the Surakarta Palace

While waiting for the presence of Duke Cakraningrat, Bagus Burham and Ki Tanudjaya sell clit or used goods of various kinds that might still be used

And then at this market Bagus Burham met with Raden Kanjeng Gombak, who was none other than the daughter of Duke Cakraningrat, who would later become his wife

Meanwhile Kyai Imam Besari reported the incident about the departure of Bagus Burham and Ki Tanudjaya from Gebang Tinatar Islamic Boarding School to his father and grandfather in Solo, Surakarta.

But Raden Tumenggung Sastronagoro understood that, and asked Kyai Imam Besari to participate in searching for him

Furthermore Raden Tumenggung Sastronagoro also ordered Ki Jasana and Ki Kramaleya to join him in searching

And finally they managed to find Bagus Burham and Ki Tanudjaya

after the meeting with Bagus Burham and Ki Tanudjaya, he invited them to return to Pondok Gebang Tinatar, to return to continue studying with Kyai Imam Besari

With the return of Bagus Burham to Pondok, it did not make any mischief from Bagus Burham subside

Because of delinquency, then Kyai Imam Besari scolded him, which in the end was Good Burham, regretting his actions and truly regretted the bad actions

With awareness, he then tried hard to make up for the lag and promised not to repeat, and he also tried to pay attention to the circumstances, which in turn would encourage to catch up in learning

Thus arises a new awareness to do good and noble, according to ability

Since then Bagus Bagus Burham studied diligently and quickly, so that Kyai Imam Besari and Bagus Burham's friends were astonished at their success

In a short time, Bagus Burham was able to surpass his friends

After the lesson he found from Pondok Gebang Tinatar, it was enough

Then Bagus Burham returned to Surakarta, to be educated by his own grandfather, namely Raden Tumenggung Sastronagoro

then on May 21, 1815, after Bagus Burham was circumcised, it was then submitted to Gusti Panembahan Buminata, to study knowledge in the Jaya kawijayan field

The science of jaya kawijayan is the science of intelligence to reject an evil deed or to make oneself possess an ability that exceeds ordinary people

After completing studying, Then Bagus Burham was called by Sri Paduka Paku Buwono to IV and was awarded the blessing, which consisted of three levels, viz

1. The blessing of education and the formation of personality to overcome puberty

This is evidenced by the education of Kyai Imam Besari, which is based on love and causes Bagus Burham to have a smooth, firm and strong-willed soul

2. The blessing formation of the soul of art by his own grandfather, where Raden Tumenggung Sastronagoro is a knowledgeable poet

In terms of education, Raden Tumenggung Sastronagoro is also very famous for his compositions, Sasana Sunu and Dasanama Jarwa

3. The blessing Formation of self-esteem, confidence and firmness of faith and knowledge of jaya kawijayan obtained from Gusti Pangeran Harya Buminata

After being granted the blessing, on October 28, 1818, Bagus Burham was appointed as a palace employee with the position of Carik Kaliwon in the Anom Duchy, with the title of Ronggo Poet Anom, or commonly known as Ronggo Panjang Anom

Along with his appointment, Bagus Burham or known as Mas Ronggo Panjang anom also held a marriage with Raden Ajeng Gombak

His marriage took place in Buminata, where at that time Bagus Burham was only 21 years old

After getting married, then the two visited Kediri with Ki Tanudjaya

after a while Bagus Burham moved to Bali, before he went to Surabaya to study with Kyai Tunggulwulung in Ngadiluwih, Kyai Ajar Wirakanta in Ragajambi and Kyai Ajar Sidalaku in Tabanan Bali

Upon his return from studying, Bagus Burhampun lived in Surakarta carrying out his duties as a royal servant in the palace and was again awarded the rank of Mantri Carik with the title of Mas Ngabehi Sarataka, in 1822

When the Diponegoro war broke out in 1825 to 1830, namely when the 6th Sri Paduka Paku Buwono era, he was appointed as a palace employee as an Anom Duchy Annoyer, with the title of Raden Ngabehi Ronggowarsito

As time went on as Abdi dalem palace, precisely in 1845 Raden Ngabehi Ranggowarsito was appointed Kaliwon Kadipaten Anom and occupied the position of Poet of the Surakarta Hadiningrat palace

and then precisely on December 24, 1873 Raden Ngabehi Ronggowarsito died. I hope this history can be useful

The Description of Biografi Raden Ng Ronggo Warsito