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I wanted to make Mini Chocolate cars for a long time.

But those molding kits in the internet, they're quite expensive.

Then I found out gelatin is also good to make moldings and it's very cheap.

So yesterday Night I made gelatin Molds and Chocolate cars out of it.

I will show you now how I did it.

So first to make the molds.

We need gelatin, water, and sugar.

We place the mixture into a pot, onto the stove.

When that's done we will put the mixture into a plastic bucket.

I will use plastic because it's easier to remove the mold later.

Also we place the object in the bucket, of which we will create a mold from.

In my case this classic Mini.

Furthermore I will use some oil, of course the chocolate, in the colors you like.

And a little cup to make a water bath to melt the chocolate later.

Ok let's start.

Soak the gelatin for about 5 minutes in cold water.

When that's done heat up some water.

I use 100 ml. add the sugar and then finally add the soaked gelatin.

Stir it well but don't let it boil.

Now cover the bucket and the object in oil.

So the mold will come loose easy later on.

First I will make a little layer and put the object already in place.

So it will stick and stay there.

When that's dry, pour the rest of the mixture.

So you see the car is not floating around.

Now I put it into the freezer and wait for about one hour.

Ok check if the mold is solid.

If not let it stay for a bit longer of course.

Ok this one is looking good.

Now let's try to pop it out.

And here it is.

With a knife I remove a bit of the gelatin.

And then pop out the car.

Now we can melt the chocolate and pour it into the mold.

So here I will make a water bath.

And melt and temper the chocolate.

When the chocolate mixture is done pour it into the mold, tap it a bit to remove the

air bubbles.

And again wait till the chocolate is solid.

This one took me maybe 15 minutes.

Ok now the exciting part, remove the chocolate car from

the mold.

So yeah that's it.

I'm quite happy with the result.

You can play a bit with colors, like make a white roof, or later on paint some white

stripes on the bonnet. to make it a bit more cool.

I think my little nephew will like those cars when he comes visit me.

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