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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Vic Mensa - Down To Start A Riot (Documentary)

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Hahaha this is some freaky shit dude for real

This is the X-Men cave

Just underground Chicago shit

Nobody knows about this shit

I used to smoke there since i was like

12 years old and shit

Down To Start A Riot, Vic Mensa + SAVEMONEY

Thats why I love it I love it

Love it I love it love it I love it

Thats why I love it I love it

Love it I love it love it I love it

When I first met Vic in Hyde Park

The neighborhood were from

Vic and a couple of his friends roll up and

You could just see he was the stand out of his of his crew

And he was probably in about like 6th grade at the time

And you just see a kid thats

Just fresher than your average 6th grader

We all kinda came together

Me and Vic went to grammar school in the same neighborhood

I dont know I guess kids who do the same things end up in the same places

You feel me?

We always used to rap for fun and shit like

We would just freestyle like all of us like

Savemoney to the public looks like 8 people

Savemoney is like 150 people you feel me theres a lot of us

So like we would just sit around and rap

The niggas I came over here with

When I was a kid like

You would call them punks I was a punk too shit

Running round stealing shit

Sneaking into shit like fighting

Sounds like some punk shit to me


I think to me it was the whole lifestyle you know

You start fucking around with drugs and drinking and like

When I was 7th 8th grade like 12 years old 13 years old

I was like seasoned on that vice shit by the time

I even went into high school you know

But to us we didnt think we were doing anything out of the ordinary

We were just following our own path and shit

Chicago has like an ora of um this is where gang started you know what I mean

So theres an immediate necessity to call your group something

So we just kind of thought of the name Savemoney and ran with it

And then started rapping and shit haha

Like Savemoney and shit

The founding like principle is like do it yourself like

You know what Im saying?

Build some shit from the ground up

Thats what hip hop is

I think the mission of Savemoney man is

Is to kind of take over the world

But in a very talented way

Cut that out

Savemoney is to fuck hoes run throughout all the hoes

Get all the bitches then the hoes

And savemoney doing it

Stupids fucking Savemoney

The internet understands me

The critics and shit eh you know

The internet understands me because the internet is the fucking kids

And the youth understand

I learned how to do everything off the internet

Like I learned how to skateboard

I used to print out pages on pages how to freestyle

The internet was like the greatest and worst gift that we were ever given as humans

You feel me?

You know what I mean?

Like it was like it really could be like a beautiful great thing for humanity

But could be like the downfall of man and shit like

Vic kinda easily has an idea

Hes like yeah I wanna use this sound

I really like this keyboard and kind of just like runs with it

I think Vic is really good at writing really honest

Something like down on my luck where its so happy

But its kind of dark at the same time

I think thats the age that were in now

Where people like wanna to be happy but theyre so sad on the inside

Its something like U Mad where you kinda feel his anger

Ooo I dont need yall either

Ooo dont wanna talk about it

Ooo like I dont like I dont know nobody

like I dont know nobody I guess I dont

With any type of art its like emotion evoking

But its just that music as far as like rap

And music with lyrics is literally like evoking emotion through words

Its just a matter of application

I guess that she just gon go buy herself that purse

That purse I guess that she just gon swipe out her self-worth

Thats cold now

I wake up and know this shit aint easy nigga trust

They hate on you and picture if you was us

In my position I cant go back to the low end

When you were the star player

You cant call for a sub

Let the bass in we was in the basement

Not complacent, more getting ready always knew I would make it

Always knew id be racing pulling 3 at the stop light

Sweating in the beamer like niggas under the cop lights

I know the feeling

I think back when we was children

When I wished I could be white or be black

Its like I had my eyes closed to the truth

I was blind to the fact

America gon treat me as what they see me as

Why I need to spaz? Call Chad

Where Pharrell at?

Tell him lets kill him Im down to shoot like a mail trap

I aint go to school cus Im livina lesson

I made it out this bitch just to be heres a blessing

For real though

I was like a straight A student damn near

But I was always in the bullshit

You know what Im saying? Like

Smoking drinking fighting stealing fucking

like being 13 14 thats like your most impressionable years

I would say

And growing up hyde park you know you can either go to school

Or you can gang bang

Or theres like the fine middle ground

That I think me and my friends grew up in

Where we did our things in the street but we werent full out gang banging

You know what Im saying?

Hyde park is a weird place like that

Its just that you know its like so in the middle of what can be

seen like light and dark you know?

These two different worlds just clashed together you know

Just by a couple of blocks

You know it was I think it was summer 2011

Like when I graduated from high school

A kid that you know i wasnt really close with but just kind knew from around the way

This kid named Tony

He had got like shot right here

And so my Moms hit me up you know

Saying that somebody got killed on the block like right across the street from the crib

I dont know you know that shit just struck a chord with me

Just hearing that from my Mom you know that someone got shot, killed new on our block


It was just like woah you know

Life is real right now

Um death is real right now

What the fuck happened though?

Someone just got shot 3 blocks away

We was literally outside on 47th and wood just now

Jesus Christ

Who are they

No one knows bro like

Who the fuck are these niggas though

When it does get hot its like the first few days

People literally around different neighborhoods

Shoot someone to alert you that the season has started

Its just like its just like this a reminder its hot again

Its not never sweet out here

No more until its cold

Even though even though there are thousands of police you can still die

You know its funny right there, where you see like those buffed out tags

That was some shit I did when I was like 13

And the cops came right there

And they shined this light on me

When I was standing up on that shit

And jumped over this and ran through this fucking alley and shit

Whats good

Wassup yall?

Whats good with you

Were really proud of you

Thank you man I appreciate it

Really really excited for your success

Thats love man

No seriously

Making a big difference in the community

Remember just hearing just yo yeah like he just signed his deal with the Roc

Cus you know thats what we all dream about

We all want a Rocafella chain

And sign to Jay Z

He really did what he always knew he was gonna do

Thats like one of my favorite moments of Vic

It was just like, just like damn this guy is really about to change his life

Vic and Chance definitely inspired me and the rest of us

Cus it was just showing that it can be realized and actualized

And from a from a sports perspective its more realistic

You see how like Peyton Manning became Peyton Manning if you played football

Because you know he was at practice everyday in high school

Like I use to skateboard and shit like

You know you watch some learn how to kick flip

Like they dont start out knowing how to kick flip

But like with rap I didnt know anyone that was a famous rapper

None of us did

We didnt know like Lupe and Kanye when we were children

So we didnt see the process of them practicing

Literarily like laying the ball up with their left hand 100 times a day

And then so like Vic and Chance just doing what they were doing

And building it up from the ground up

Definitely inspired me and the rest of us to see that it was just like real like

All our favorite artists were just average ordinary everyday people at one point

And they just kind of stuck to it

I had a lyric in a song Im tryin remember what it goes like off traffic

Something about when I dont wanna to be me

But to be D-E-A-D I recognize Im on this earth for a reason

Still breathing still dreaming

Cant turn my light out

I remember when I thought I found my lighthouse

Mustve been light out

Losted by the night but somehow i feel alright

Cus somewhere i know theres someone like me

Lacks guidance has problems but has promise

My promise is we

You would think we on a boat the way the roof starts to float

When you look to far to see

And so Im just like trying to tell people

There are people out here like me i never was perfect

And I had all types of trouble law trouble legal trouble

Its possible you know

And thats a manifesto if I ever want one

I want these kids to know its fucking possible you know

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