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Hello friend's my name is moazzam and welcome to lyceum X Tech this channel is related with

mobile softwares and repairing course first time In English language on YouTube so I have

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friends so let's start what we learn in this course there is two sections of this course

one is software section and second is hardware section So first we discuss Software section

After that we discuss hardware section also called repairing section some special mobile

phones like Samsung Huawei htc Chinese mobile phone and we will discuss some Major problems

whose come in These mobile phone like FRP Carrier UNLOCKING FLASHING ROOTING imei & baseband

issues and custom binary blocked by frp, Next one is apple

ok so why apple is separate because Apple is iOS device so his problems are different

like I cloud removeing flashing unlocking bla bla bla, next one is boxes section we

will learn all kinds of boxes like z3x pro Samsung octoplus Samsung & lg cm2 miracle

box eft dongle avenger box umt dongle mrt dongle chimera tool etc, Free tools we also

discussed some special free tool like gsd tool mam tool, Next one is online we will

also learn imei &server services file service's iCloud services activations one more is trading

it's means if you want to be any box or dongle you do contact me I will provide you because

am a trader so i will send you, Second section is hardware section we will discussed some

special points like change ic charging base ringer speaker mic jumpring etc i will upload

videos every day by day if you want to these types of videos please subscribe to my channel

thanks for watching

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