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If you want to see pretty much 100% proof that Sister Irene from The Nun is related

to Lorraine Warren from the Conjuring, then stick around to the end of this video.


Welcome back to Things You Missed.

If you havent already seen the initial episode, 34 Things You Missed in The Nun -- youll

want to watch that before watching this video.

I mean, I guess theres no reason you have to watch them in order -- but the reason I

say that is I dont want a million people to comment on this video telling me the things

that I missed that I already covered in the other video.

One of the first shots we see in the Abbey is a cross with an infinity symbol in the


Later on, we see imagery of the snakes, the symbol of Valak, forming the same symbol as


This may or may not be related to something known as the Leviathan cross, which looks

like this and is sometimes used as a Satanic symbol.

During the opening scene, when the Nuns are attacked by Valak, Sister Jessica mentions

an important detail that plays into the twist ending.

Take it!

This evil needs a vessel to escape!”

Thats the reason that Sister Victoria sacrifices herself, and the reason that Valak is able

to escape the abbey at the end, using Frenchie as a vessel.

You gotta feel bad for Frenchie.

Hes just minding his own business, finds a body, probably gets demonetized for it,

then LITERALLY gets demonetized, aka possessed by a demonalright clearly this pun isnt

going anywhere, so Im gonna move on to the next Thing You Missed.

So in the other video I pointed out a few of the hidden Valak messages at the beginning

of the film, and now Ive found a couple more.

In the classroom where we first meet Sister Irene, there are some letters on the wall.

The shape of the chairs right here creates the V, then if you go up from there youll

find the A-L-A-K.


Valak is also written wayyy in the background on the board.

Now that The Nun is out on Blu-Ray I have the power to pause and take a closer look

at all the words written in Father Burkes crossword puzzle.

Here are the ones I found to be significant.

Annointer -- thats someone who applies ritualistic oil during a religious ceremony.

In The Nun

I mean its not oil, but Sister Irene is protected by the blood of the holy grail being

smeared on her forehead, so I feel like theres something there.

Aimless -- thats a word you could use to describe Frenchie at the beginning of the


"What is it?"

"Mr Devoe?"


And novice -- this one describes Sister Irene because shes young and hasnt taken her


Sister Irene helps him fill in the next word, “deliveries”, and if you think about it,

this may be more than just an instance of her holy crossword solving skills, but also

a psychic vision, because they end up going to the deliveries room at the Abbey.

The icehouse.

Its where I leave my deliveries.”

Father Burke and Sister Irene are asked to stay overnight to talk to the other Nuns in

the morning.

During the night, the father is lured out into the cemetery by the form of a young boy

he performed an exorcism on years before named Daniel.

If you pause right on the moment the father shines his flashlight on Daniel, youll

notice his eyes are glowing white, similar to how sister Irene looks later on when shes

having a vision.

The father ends up being buried alive by Valak, but thanks to Sister Irenes abilities as

a medium, shes able to rescue him, and they find these books in the coffin.

Two of the books have snake eyes on them, which is notable because Valak is sometimes

referred to as the marquis of snakes.


The defiler.

The profane.

The marquis of snakes."

...and youll later see plenty of snake imagery when Father Burke sits down to study

the books.

Wait, hold onroll back on that for a sec.

I think we can use that clip in our next chillhop video.

I can just imagine the title: “Lo-Fi Chillhop for Studying / Chilling / Performing an Exorcism.”

Ive talked previously about how Valak is a character in the real-world book The Lesser

Key of Solomon, but in that book he looks more like this, and not really like a Nun.

The books do have some shadowy images of a more traditional looking demons so I wonder

if those pictures represent the true form of Valak.

Or maybe Valak is just a big Brendon Urie fan, I dont know.

The other document that the father studies is the map of the abbey, which is labeled

Castelui Sarpe”, Romanian forCastle Snake”.

The map also reveals the locations where Valak stalks the halls at night, like this tunnel,

where Sister Irene is later attacked.

Oh God.”

Where does all this wind come from anyway?

Does Valak just have the ability to create wind?

I mean we see the same thing in The Conjuring 2, but it makes more sense cause there is

a storm outside.

Anyway, when Sister Irene finds Sister Oanas body in the chapel, you can see that her hands

have been impaled, painting the grim picture that shes been crucified.

During Valaks attack on the abbey, Father Burke is investigating off on his own, and

I noticed what I think is a mistake.

It looks like they tried to steal a shot from another scene or something.

The Father is supposed to be by himself at this point in the moviebut whos this?

Also during the attack while Sister Irene is praying with the other Nuns, there is a

quick cutaway shot to this statue, and the baby has wings, making it look a lot more

like Valaks appearance in the Lesser Key of Solomon.

After the incident is over, the wings are no longer visible.

Shortly after that we get one more look at Father Burkes crossword puzzle.

There are a couple pairs of opposites: execute & create, obvious references to Christ, and

dawn & dusk, possibly related to the fact that the nuns take a vow of silence from dusk

until dawn.

Hes also penned in the word reflective.

You may remember that when Frenchy goes to the pub in town, they mention that they cover

all the mirrors after a death so that the ghost wont see its reflection.

Sister Irenes first encounter with Valak is through a mirror in the chapel.

The last word I noticed on the crossword puzzle isWan”.

The film that started it all, The Conjuring, and its sequel, The Conjuring 2 are directed

by James Wan.

Alrightthis last one is maybe the biggest Thing You Missed Ive ever done.

If I gave out a golden magnifying glass to the best Thing You Missed, it would go to

this Thing You Missed.

Theres been a theory floating around about the possible relation between Sister Irene

from The Nun and Lorraine Warren from The Conjuring.

Both are mediums, and both have intense visions of past, present and future.

Both have visions and some kind of tie to Valak.

It seems reasonable to suggest that this is a trait that can run in the family, due to

the fact that Lorraines daughter Judy also has visions of the Nun.

The Vatican tells Father Burke to take Sister Irene with him on his journey, because she

supposedly knows the area.

However, upon meeting her, he finds she does not know the area, but Father Burke claims

the church must have a reason for selecting her.

"Every decision the Vatican makes is with purpose.

I'm sure they had their reasons for selecting you."

Finally theres the fact that the real life actresses that play Sister Irene and Lorraine

Warren are sisters in real life.

Some have speculated that theyre sisters in the movie, some say they are the same person

and Sister Irene changes her name later in life, while some think their similarities

are just coincidence.

However, in The Nun, I think Sister Irenes passport would prove otherwise.

Irene Palmer was born on March 2nd 1930 about three years after Lorraine's date of birth.

Lorraine Warrens maiden name is Moran, so that might throw out the theory that theyre

sisters, however, Irenes place of birth is listed as Bridgeport, Connecticut -- which

happens to be exactly where Lorraine Warren was born.

There may be further connections in the deleted scenes of The Nun, so make sure you subscribe

to CZsWorld to stay up to date on all the Things You Missed, ring the deathbell for

notifications and Ill see you in the next one.

Assuming, we both survive.

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