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This week on the Star Wars Show! Peter sits down with writer-director Duncan Jones

we take a look back at the best of Star Wars Day, and much much more

Now, from the Lucasfilm headquarters, it's the Star Wars Show!

Hello, I'm Peter Townley!

And i'm Andi Gutierrez. Welcome to Episode 1 of the Star Wars Show.

Which means it'll probably be divisive but everyone's gonna love it by the fourth episode...hopefully!

every week we'll be discussing all things Star Wars from the latest

happenings across the franchise to fan events you couldn't make it to and

geeking out with celebrities on our couch. Taking a look at Star Wars' past

looking into its future we're doing it all and in a way no other show can

because we are inside the heart of Lucasfilm where Star Wars is actually being

made right now. Like on the other side of this wall. We're that close...

Dave: Hey! I can't make it if you keep talking!

Sorry, Dave! Plus The Star Wars Show is made for the internet so it's super short because we have short attention

spans. Hey, look! News!

Last Wednesday was May the 4th and there was a ton of awesome Star Wars day

news and fan celebrations that went along with it. Like this video of the president and

first lady droppin' it like it's Hoth with R2-D2 and a pair of First Order stormtroopers

or this picture of Mark Zuckerberg in a team meeting with some familiar faces

and let's not forget about those incredible fan videos. Frank Howarth

created a Death Star made completely out of bamboo and the Brotherhood workshop

posted this jaw-dropping shot-for-shot re-creation of the Rogue One trailer done

completely in LEGO. Additionally Star Wars Celebration Orlando was announced

taking place April 13 through the 17th 2017. And speaking of celebration, Celebration

Europe is just two months away which brings us to a tiny bit of breaking news...

We are very excited to announce that Kathleen Kennedy and Gareth Edwards are

kicking off the massive fan gathering with a Rogue One panel on July 15th

I cannot wait for that. The Cape game in that movie is strong! Head to StarWars

for more details.

also on behalf of Lucasfilm we want to thank all of the fans who donated to the

latest Force for Change campaign. Because of you we've raised over 2.2 million

dollars for UNICEF Boys and Girls Club of America American Red Cross and

The Make-a-wish foundation. Seriously thank you. finally last week you might have

seen Lin-Manuel Miranda and J.J. Abrams performing their song "Jabba Flow" from

the Force Awakens during the daily #Ham4Ham Hamilton ticket giveaway and

while we don't have the budget to give away Hamilton tickets here we did manage

to get our hands on some never-before-seen footage from Maz's

Castle as a consolation prize


I'm here with the writer-director of moon and coming soon Warcraft Duncan

Jones Duncan thank you very much for coming on the show it's very exciting to

be here! This used to be a copy room

Really? Yeah! Look at us now. and now it's this spectacle! And I love your theme music.

So you're a big video gamer? Right?

it I guess started off on the Atari and then moved on to something called the

Commodore 64 then the Amiga 386 6646 66 and and then stayed on PCs not so much

into console games but no I'm a gamer a long time. How has your experience as a

gamer affected you as a filmmaker? I kind of managed to sneak a few things in along

the way. I did a film called Source Code where there was kind of an opportunity

to do this kind of stunt and we were talking about how we wanted to do it and

I was like referencing GTA. I was like, wouldn't it be great if it was like it when you jump

out of a car that's moving in GTA and the camera kind of just rotates around

the person while they're kind of rolling across the floor? And we ended up actually

doing this great stunt that we kind of had a very unique visual aspect to it

and then obviously Warcraft is based on the game so there's a couple of little

call backs to the old isometric view from real-time strategy games and things like that

one of the things I really liked about the lion's pride video that came

out to go is there was a poster there referring to the kobolds in the Jasperlode

mine yeah it's it's a quest that's in Warcraft. Can we expect a lot of

Easter eggs like that?

Tons! there's a lot. A lot of the people who were involved in what we did

were fans and players of the game so you know we all kept each other honest and we

all kept each other

pushing as much as we could of extra little goodies and easter

eggs into the background of shots and just making it as rich

and as full as we could. See the idea is to make a film that everyone can appreciate almost

like a Pixar movie where you make a film that works for the kids and then also

for the adults your kind of trying to make a movie which works for people who

know nothing about Warcraft and at the same time also have a whole layer of

extra detail that that audience might not appreciate but our fan

base audience will really

appreciate. I've read that when you were a kid you started filmmaking using an

8mm and doing stop motion with Star Wars toys and Smurf toys. Yeah absolutely my

dad showed me how to use an 8mm camera for one-stop animation and no I would just

like go out in the yard and I'd sort of build these landscapes and I'd use my Star Wars figures and and

come up with sort of almost like old silent films that have little cards that

would pop up with dialogue and then the Star Wars figures would move around

but Star Wars was huge to me growing up in back in the old days they had

Sony U-Matics which are basically these gigantic cassette tape that was that was

before Betamax before VHS and when I was a kid we had two of those that had Star

Wars IV the first one, A New Hope on it so I had a copy of that I had a pirate copy

of that on Sony U-matic, so you know my friends from school we used to come

around to my house and we would watch this beaten up U-matic of Star Wars and that

was kind of like a big treat for us. Thank you so much for being really

appreciate it

be sure to check out Warcraft coming to theaters on June 10th.

Hey Everyone, Kaitlyn here and I'm at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital were about to bring a little

bit of Star Wars to the kids inside. Let's Go!

Michael tell me a little bit about what we're doing here today. We're celebrating this incredible event may the fourth be

with you

making sure that hospitalized children feel strong and powerful, even the Force!

I want you to hold your lightsabers center.

We want children to not only have knowledge but we also want all sorts of play and creative opportunities.

So, Jedi training? That's perfect!

I'm here with Colton and he just went through the Force training Academy.

You can actually use the Force, and fight your battles.

We do have some fun characters we have Darth Vader, we have some stormtroopers, R2-D2

What kind of noise does R2-D2 make?

It's important to bring smiles to these kids faces.

And that's exactly what we did today with the power of the Force.

The Star Wars Show presents "Everything is Important"

This Week: Kitster.

Limited to 83 seconds of screen time most of which his hands were glued to a podracer

Before Qui-Gon forceably removed them

Kitster was the awkward high-fiving best friend of Anakin Skywalker.

Without Kitster, Anakin might have never left Tatooine

secretly married Padme, been the father of Luke and Leia, and the grandfather of Kylo Ren

because without Kitster there is no Darth Vader and without Kitster, Star Wars

would have never had this phrase: "This is SO wizard!"

Wizard, indeed, Kitster!

Who knew Kitster was so important? Righ? And yet he still doesn't have a toy!

Ben Quadinaros has a toy, Willrow Hood has a toy, Jocasta Nu has a toy, she's a librarian!

A crime I tells ya! A crime!

But what a way to end the show, right? Oh, it's over. For this week it is, but we are just getting started

Oh! Look who it is. That's right, I almost forgot to tell you!

We just got a Mouse droid here at The Star Wars Show but it doesn't have a name yet.

Because Mousy McDroidFace just wasn't acceptable.

Paints not dry yet. Don't kiss it on the mouth!

So that's why we're asking you guys to help us name the mouse droid. Send your suggestion to

@StarWars on Twitter using the hashtag StarWarsShow or leave it in the comments below and keep checking back

all week because we're gonna be posting more extended Star Wars show content

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All Star Wars all the time

thanks again and may the force be with you

we need to know what it is

destroy it

is that clear

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