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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Is your thinking about English too simple to improve?

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but bum hello i'm julian norbert from

doing just a quickie today I

think as the actress said to the bishop

all done if you get that joke its kind

of relates back to what I was talking

about yesterday but one of the biggest

problems I see with people in general

when it comes to trying to improve their

English when they are struggling to

overcome that kind of intermediate

barrier that they face when they get to

a certain level and then find that

progress now has just slowed down halted

stopped and they are unable to break

past that and really reach the higher

levels of Polish as far as their

english-speaking its concern one of the

biggest problems I see is that people's

thinking tends to be far far too

simplistic they say basically if I just

now the thing tends to be different for

most people while it fits into one of a

few few categories anyway if I just

memorize more vocab I'll be fluent if I

just study more grammar I'll be able to

speak naturally if I just lived in an

english-speaking country all my English

problems would be solved if I just if I

just did this one thing or had this one

thing it would all be better but that is

very very very rarely going to be the

case language is a complex phenomenon

the speaking of language is also a

complex task now actually improving your

English getting the work done is fairly

simple and I realize that sounds kind of

like I'm contradicting myself it's a

complex task but the methods themselves

are fairly simple but the point is they

are gonna need to be modified to you

specifically to make them work really

really really well and this is why I now

run basically all of my courses either

as one-on-one coaching courses or more


as group coaching courses because I

truly believe that either that

customization to each and every person

is essential for getting the fastest and

the highest level results now often that

customization doesn't even need to be

much just a few tweaks and changes

sometimes is all that it takes for

people to get a real break fruit fast

but I think you know you see these we

see advice online or you see these

products that I just like download these

mp3's and listen to them for six months

and you'll be fluent well how often does

any of that actually work basically

never and it doesn't work because like

the advice that people give well nine

times out of ten people are giving

advice and they actually don't even know

what they're talking about you know

we've all seen the people and lurking

around in the YouTube comments or on

Facebook who can't put together a

grammatical sentence yet giving other

people advice about how to improve their

English not realizing how unbelievably

dumb that is and worse other people are

actually taking that advice and

listening to it not realizing that

they're taking advice about improving or

improving their English from somebody

who has obviously not been able to

improve their English it's again

simplistic thinking won't get you

anywhere if you are saying if I just do

this one thing whether it's memorize my

vocab is study more grammar living in

english-speaking country have native

speakers around you to help you practice

then you're doing the wrong thing you

need to change what you are doing and

really dig a little bit deeper into the

underlying causes of your problems in

order to actually solve those problems

in speaking the English language well if

you want my help the first place to go

is doing English comm that slash free

training check out my free one-hour

training it will tell you the five key

changes that you need to make to your

English learning and day to day routine

in order to see the faster

and as a part of that you will also get

invited to my master English trance

accelerator group coaching course if you

so desire to work with me

Judy Northbrook personally on improving

your English I will warn you though that

course won't be opening again now until

2020 I think the enrollment for

January's run will be December 24th you

can get yourself on the waiting list now

and I highly suggest you do because

demand for January is likely to be very

very high it always is and people who

aren't on the waiting list won't be

getting a place but head over there

doing English comm / free training to

get started and I will speak to you soon

bye bye

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