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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE SWAT TEAM AND BOMB SQUAD CAME TO MY HOUSE | STORYTIME

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today we have another story time what is up guys welcome back to my channel

alright you read the title this story is just a really crazy one and I completely

forgot about it until I was talking to my dad a couple days ago and we were

just reminiscing on this story and just laughing about it so I'm here to tell

you guys so you guys can enjoy our misery yes the SWAT team and it has that

team came to my house and let me just start from the very beginning so it was

about I think was about two years ago and we heard a noise at our front door

so as anyone does they open the door and you know how you have with the the other

door behind it like the glass door or whatever or a screen door and others

calls but you have the second door so there was a soda like a big liter of

soda there was a soda bottle and from the door and it had some really weird

suspicious looking liquid in it and we were like oh my god so um it was a

positioned in front of the door so when you open it it would spill out and

whenever you mix oil and water it's separated that's how the liquids were

and it was like bubbly so we were like what the hell is this so next to it very

close to it was a battery so we were like a battery somewhere liquid in a

soda bottle and when we open the door after there was a noise at the door when

we open it we're like they were expecting us to open the door this the

weird liquid in the soda bottle will spill out and hit the battery and it was

just so strange so our gut told us to call the police

and that's what we did are you doing I'm calling the police on

you because on the building duh so the police came and he was looking at it and

he didn't even want to come close to it he did he had no idea what it was just

like we didn't know either so the police came and he just told us

I'm gonna call my supervisor he calls his supervisor over and the supervisor

had no idea what it was and he said we need to call some people over so they

called the SWAT team and they called the hazmat team they called like the fire

department and they closed down a whole street so no one can go in or out of the

whole street they had to vent so many police cars there were like five or six

police cars and they were like a firefighter truck and they had the whole

Street closed down and it was nighttime around this time so they closed the

whole street down and obviously our neighbors were like what in the world is

going on this was so weird um we had no idea either we didn't know if it was

someone on our street that did it they were just really suspicious they don't

know it was like some weird explosive but that was the first thing that came

to mind to them so that's why they had to call everyone else to investigate it

Hartford County teenager faces bomb-making charges after setting off

explosions in his Bel Air community ABC two News Jeff Hager has more on this

child's play that carries some serious charges

the twisted plastic remnants of a water bottle handed the source of a pair of

loud explosions which caught the neighbors off-guard Tuesday morning they

do have the same report when they explode however the reaction is a little

bit different and it's actually a little bit more violent and if one of these

devices were to explode near your head they could cause almost

hearing damage vision loss and explosion your hand you could actually lose

fingers as a result of these devices of clothing they were just scared if it was

gonna tip over and the battery was gonna start a spark and it was just not gonna

be good so they give us instructions to just go to the very back of the house

the farthest away from that bottle and they told us not to open the door

because we couldn't because we're just so close to the door that if we open the

door it would just spill out so they just told us to go to the very back of

the house and that's what we did while they were investigating it so they

called over the SWAT team and the hazmat team and it was just such a big ordeal

and we were like what is going on what is this thing like who did this who's

after us it took them I don't even know how long maybe like one or two hours

they were walking around the whole street they were walking around our

whole house and they were like with flashlights and you know that like the

house my team was like their big equipment or not their big climate like

their big suits that they wear everyone was just like that or at least the

hazmat team was and they were just trying to find out what it was so they

walked around the whole house with flashlights and they were just like

using some equipment I don't know what they were doing and they were trying to

find other evidence that was around the house and then the police were asking us

questions like did you guys make any enemies recently like does anyone hate

you that you know of did anything happen like for like the past week anything

happen between anyone and you and we were just like no we like made no

enemies not that we know of like we didn't have any enemies and they were

they just thought it was just like so weird like they called everyone to our

house might as well have called Obama like for real I think what made them

really suspicious about the weird bottle was because it was a soda bottle and it

wasn't soda inside there was different like quiz and it was like

separated and there was a battery near the bottle so if the bottle fell the

battery would possibly start a spark and it wouldn't like cause an explosion so

they needed to find out who did this so about an hour or two passes and they

just couldn't find any other evidence around the house or around the

neighborhood I'm surprised they didn't ask the neighbors maybe like they

weren't supposed to you I don't know but they really didn't talk to anyone else

on the street except for us I thought they would maybe like go off the

neighbors like do you know any of this like did your child do this they told us

we did the right thing by calling them because if your gut says to call the

police then you totally shut and if it's a weird liquid and a battery next to it

and it was just a bubbly you definitely need to call the police

not bubbly like soda no one tell me it's sewed up because it wasn't soda okay I

just thought someone would tell me what so if they just said we're gonna take it

and we're gonna investigate it or we're gonna like put it in our car or whatever

so the hazmat team took the bottle and they took the battery and they just kept

it and we never heard anything since I don't know what it was so to this day we

don't know what it was we don't know who did it I don't know if it was a little

child who was trying to play a prank or if it was actually someone who's trying

to do something we certainly didn't make any enemies or like we didn't do

anything as run that time or like I don't know I thought no I have no idea

what it was but it totally scared us and we were chuck moral of the story if your

gut is telling you to call the police you should definitely do so because you

have no idea what it was and we didn't know what it was or what was going to

happen if we opened that door and the liquid was going to fall out so that was

definitely a very weird time and about like um like for a month after that

happened we were just really skeptical and like when we walked outside

would just like walk around our whole car before we would go inside the car

and just like see if anything was like around the car or we were we were like

really really skeptical and they told us if anything else happens definitely give

us a call let us know so they never informed us of what the weird liquid was

or anything like that or who did it so to this day we still don't know who did

it and it was just like a it's just like a funny story to tell or look back now

but at the time we were definitely spooked so that is a story of when our

whole street was shut down they wouldn't let anyone leave or come in and to have

Matt team in the SWAT team and everyone and their mama came to my house if you

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