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O Arabs! Warning for you.

I adress you

O Arabs!

Say Bismillahi r-Rahman r-Rahim.

Say Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim.

You have forgot Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim.

You forgot to say Bismillahi r-Rahman r-Rahim.

You forgot to say

La hawla wala quwwata illa billahi'l-'Aliyyi'l-Adhim.

La hawla wala quwwata illa billahi'l-'Aliyyi'l-Adhim.

You are...O Arabs!

You like to be adressed: O Arabs!

O the nation of Arab World!

It is wrong on a wrong. It is a mistake on a mistake.

There is nothing called the "Arab Nation".

There is only the nation of the Beloved Prophet (sas).

But you forgot that, everything.

O Arabs!

At the end of


since then you have been working

with things that are actually tasteless.

till you fell in a

difficult situation.

And you don't know the way out of this hardness.

And, your mother tongue is the Arabic language,

the language of the blessed Quran.

But you have no understanding left. Not in your kings,

not with your presidents.

Not with the general public nor with your scholars.

The Blessed Quran Qarim


in the holy verse. Says in the meaning:

Everything that is hard or soft, or

everything is the mentioned in the Blessed Quran.

"Fassalnahu Tafsilaan" (17:12). We have explained everything &

we did not leave anything outside the Blessed Quran.

And, the Blessed Quran Qarim

did not leave anything; not from the past, not from the future

not in the present, that was not made clear in the Holy Quran.

But unfortunately, and pity for the Arabs

first responsibility is on you.

Since your mother tongue is Arabic.


As you appear to be, or as if you don't believe

in the Divine Words or the Divine Order.

There are clear verses.

"Fihi 'Ayatun Bayyinatun" (3:97). In the Blessed Quran. And, Allah Almighty says

"Ma Farratna Fi Al-Kitabi Min Shay'in" (6:38). We did not leave anything

outside the Blessed Quran. Everything is mention in the Holy Quran.

And anyone,

who is asking to learn, or to understand

he may read the Blessed Quran Qarim and he may find

his way to the Truth, "ilal Haqq".

Or, you may find

the right way, tariq al sawab, the right guidance.

And, nowadays the Arabs are killing one another.

Are you not Arabs? Why are you not saying

O Presidents! O Kings!

Why are you fighting your nation? why are you fighting your citizens,

and the people in your countries? This is forfidden, haram!

Clearly, it is forbidden.

But you are doing things that are

making your Lord angry with you.

And only pleasing shaytan, the devil.

This situation that you have reached now..

your situation now is only pleasing the shaytan, the devil.

But the Lord Allah Almighty

is not pleased, or happy

from the situation that is happening now!

And, it is still happening, up to our day.

And what will happen tomorrow also? Allah Almighty is not

accepthing this and He is not pleased.

But the devil is extremely happy & pleased

and joyful.

Because of your fighting one another, the Arab World.

And that is happening in spite of the fact that they are Muslims

and the fighting amongst Muslims is forbidden, haram.

Because Allah Almighty ordered His servants

by the news given from the Prophet (sas)

said: "ati qulli di haqqin haqqa". Give everyone his right&what he deserves

If there is a right for one man

and he is fighting for his right

and amongst the two people who are fighting, one is his name maybe

Saleh-righteous but his actions are not right.

And Allah will give everyone his right & what he deserves.

The one, he is Saleh-righteous..

His name is Saleh & he is the president of Yemen.

And he is claiming that "the whole of Yemen is mine.

And the servants.. and the citizens are mine.

And, I should be ruling till death in Yemen.

Because that is my right." Who gave you such a right?

Did Allah grant you such a right?

To be a tyrant on the citizens in Yemen?

And to kill them?

And to opress them? Who gave you such a fatwa?

Or such a chance, who granted you?

How could this be Islam? And, you Arabs...

O Arabs!

You are not understanding from the Holy Quran?

"ati qulli di haqqin haqqa". Give everyone what he deserves &

what is right for him. For the president there is a right,he must keep his right.

And, once he is a president, or in that position

then the right of his citizens are on him & he must grant each citizen

in Yemen what he deserves.

But when he

is only thinking about his right

nothing else

why the all of Yemen should belong to just one?

And, Yemen is to all Yemeni people. All the Yemeni citizens

they have a share in Yemen.

They have a share in the land of Yemen.

Why are you rushing & riding on their backs?

Why? Give every person his right.

And make it easy for them.

And keep justice amongst them.

And, Allah Almighty sent the Holy Verse.

And the all the scholars & the preachers in the Friday Khutba

they conclude the Friday Khutba with the Holy Verse.

"Inna Al-Laha Ya'muru Bil-`Adli Wa Al-'Ihsani Wa 'Ita'i Dhi Al-Qurba

Wa Yanha `Ani Al-Fahsha'i Wa Al-Munkari Wa Al-Baghyi

Ya`izukum La`allakum Tadhakkaruna." (16:90)

Indeed, Allah orders justice & good conduct & giving to relatives

and forbids immorality & bad conduct & oppression.

O Saleh! Your name is Saleh, but your action is

not saleh, which is righteous.

Be just & don't be injust.



to the citizens & the nation in Yemen

and keep their rights

you have been ordered to listen to the Divine Words.

"Inna Al-Laha Ya'muru Bil-`Adli" Allah orders

to rule with justice. Is this the justice that you are ruling with?

Allah orders to use justice.

If you have used justice amongst your nation, they would have never

come or stood against you.

But you were acting similar to Qarun

and you have saved treasures & treasures..billions in the bank

in the country. And

in the other countries, you have saved in their banks. Why did you not

follow the order & were charitable to

citizens & the nation of Yemen are poor. You have saved billions

billions in the banks & left them poor. Why? For what?

And, Allah ordered you

to reach those who are related to you

with charity. "Ihsan" - Charity.

And " Al insan abid al Ihsan". you are Arab.

Mankind are

if you deal with charity to somebody, he is en

And, in Syria is the same. Egypt is the same.

And, the tyrants in Libya are the same. For what are you acting

in a tyrant way? Allah fights them & Allah will destroy them.

Allah is ordering to be charitable.

Where is your charity?

And, the Arabs are known to be generous.

al karam min shay in al arab the Arabs are known for their

generosity. And Ya Saleh, the president of Yemen

why did you not show your generosity to the people?

why did you make them..

why did you keep what Allah granted you, by millions & billions?

Why did you not spend to the poor people in Yemen?

If they were comfortable & happy with you, they would have never

stood against you. But you did

what Qarun did. And, they tyrants

in the various nations in the past times

you resembled their actions. And, therefore the people stood up

against you and telling you: "Leave, O Saleh, leave!"

You are the reason! You caused this, from your actions.

"A'malikum ummalikum" Your actions...

you rip what you sow.

That is why the people in Yemen stood against you.

And, they demonstrated in the streets and you are using your weapons

against the opressed ones, the weak ones.

Is this your attribute? Is this justice? Is this humanity? Is this faith?

Is this.. Are you not afraid

that a lightening may hit you from Heavens?

Even if there was

no clouds in the sky.

A lightening may strike you.

That comes from an unknown place and it may kill you.

Shame on you.

Allah orders to deal with justice & charity.

Justice, justice, justice..

This raises people & lift their stations. O Arabic tyrants!

O the tyrants from all nations!

If you do not listen & follow and obey

His orders, Allah Almighty..

Allah orders to deal with justice & charity.

If you do not keep justice, Allah will crush you.

crush you

here and, in the grave is even worse

at least it is 70x worse in the grave.

Allah orders to deal with justice. Allahu Akbar! You are Sultan!

Allah Almighty, You are Sultan. You are Mighty.

Your Order is on top of our heads. We should keep it there.

O Arabic presidents, Allah orders you to deal with justice.

Allah orders you to deal with justice & charity

and to reach those who are related to you

who are closest to you; be charitable to them.

And, He forbids

fahsha, which is opression.

And, He forbids opression.

What you brought from the unbelievers' world

democrasy & parliament system. And, you have left Allah's Shariat.

Allah will take His revenge from you. Repent,

ask to repent to your Lord. O presidents, from east to west!

Return & leave what is forbidden,

and go back to the right way. Be from Ahlul Maarouf,

from the people of the right way.

And, the Arabs were previously famous to be

people of generosity.

The famous attribute for the Arab is

generosity. It is from the character of Arabs to be generous.

To be charitable. To be "min ahlul ihsan".

It is from the character of the Arab World, or the Arabic personality.

O Arab Presidents! You have followed the devil & you have left Shariat.

And, Allah forbades

to be opressors & tyrants. In Egypt, in Libya, in the Arabic countries,

and you have filled the world with injustice & opression.

And, you have left what is permitted

& you have done what is forbidden.

And, Allah forbades injustice & opression.

"Wa Ladhikru Al-Lahi 'Akbaru" (29:45) Allah's remembrance is the greatest.

And, instead of the Dhikrullah, Allah's remembrance, you

collected the groups of people that support you & they sing for you

and you drink

the alcohol and you dance... Is this your Islam?

Is this your understanding from Islam, O Arabs?

Allah advices you, that you may remember.

This is a warning.

He advices you. Who is advicing you? Allah Almighty, your Lord!

And, forbades injustice & opression. And

Allah's remembrance is the greatest. Why are you not

remembering your Lord, dhikrullah, in the mosques

in the public areas, O people of Hijaz, Saudi Arabis, O Wahhabis & Salafi sect

and other, others, and others..

You are coming against the dhikrullah.

And Allah Almight is saying: "Wa Ladhikru Al-Lahi 'Akbaru" (29:45)

Allah's remembrance is the greatest.

Say, La ilaha illa Allah la ilaha illa Allah

la ilaha illa Allah

la ilaha illa Allah.

And His Beloved, Blessed companions Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas.

He was

he walked on the river Euphrates with his soldiers.

Then they were all

passed over the water of the Euphrates saying, la ilaha illa Allah.

They walked or marched over the water of the river Euphrates.

And, they reached to the Iranian land.

And, the Persian soldiers, once they saw

this scenery, they said: "Oh!

These soldiers, these crowds are marching on the water.

They are not from mankind.

These nations are from the nations that we don't know. O, the Persion soldiers

retreat! retreat! run away! retreat!


not one will remain from you."

They have passed over the river by Allah's remembrance.

And, you are standing against Allah's remembrance & saying:

this is a new invention! You may go to hell, the one who says

that the dhikrullah is a new invention, bidat!

Allah may bring them at the lowest level amongst the people.

Those who are fighting the righteous servants of Allah Almighty

since they are only saying: Allah Allah Allah, la ilaha illa Allah

and you are saying, this is bidat? from where you brought such a fatwa?

from the devil, from shaytan you brought this.

But your time is coming to an end.

your time is coming to an end.

And, Allah will wipe you out from the face of earth

from existence, all of you.

We ask forgiveness, we are asking to repent.

O Arabs!

Iman came from you.

Started with you, and reached the rest of the nations.

By the aspiration of your fathers, and your grandfathers

And now, you are asking to return...

Or, to take away the Muslims

to take away the Muslims from the way

of your parents & your righteous grandparents.

there is no goodness in you.

Till you leave this & return to the true way.

Allah orders

Allah orders you to deal with justice & charity.

Till you return to the Divine Order,

Allah orders you to deal with justice and charity, and to reach those

who are closest to you & forbades you to deal with injustice & oppression.

He advices you that you may remember. This is a Divine Order.

This is a Heavenly Warning. And,

it will not leave one from you

O heedless ones!

From Arabs or non-Arabs.

Repent to your Lord

O servants of Allah. we repent & we return to you, Allah Almighty.

So forgive us & send us a king.

That we may fight for Your sake, Allah Almighty.

Bi Hurmatil Habib, bi hurmatil Fatiha.

The Description of Adress to Yemen Leader Saleh - Yemen Lideri Salih'e Hitab!