Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Globecar 2021 Campscout Fiat Maxi. Das Wohnmobil mit der großen Kopffreiheit.

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believes 2.3 liter 140 hp starts at

just over 40,000 euros here too

fiat ducato basis and we look at the

a lot of wood dominates in

the outside of the vehicle is black with gray

these are the colors in 2021 and he

is called camp scout fiat maxi 23 140 hp

six meters 36 long 25 is the width

and two meters 61 the height the height

about 1 meter 90 55,000 and 163 euros

mama kathy please close the door completely

get it there he is

full-grown car 636 longer with

frame windows at the back that are flush

completely embedded chic decor

on it and again the ramming protection looks like this

the rear made of light alloy rims berlin

always briefly opened I hope it's on

it's up and there you see we have

two lengthways patton in here

of course at 636 I have more space

and the furniture maker here, of course

impressive that you are right

said furniture glass case with it

here again easy to solve and

maybe the right rim

that's a plastic floor in it that one

can probably also clean well

then the two longest, that's that

so what many would like to sleep long ago

I can take that out can that

turn it off so I can fold it up

nevertheless what can and have to transport

also in a lot of closets here in the

look at this from the inside right away

have the failure protection in there now

here you can see the darkening

and another shelter

with the print heads here on the side

that when you sleep and against it

don't you come in the window

income that well resolved

camp scout thinks so and there he is

water tank that's about on that

get in here for a moment

on site again briefly from the front of the


so he looks like fly protection when the

whole width is also perfect we are

at the free state in sulzemoos and one

classic arrangement if you know that

in the camper are doing, however

even the upholstery has one

suggestion that they are not completely straight

sits correctly you should have and

brettchen can pull it out

move as an extension that one

can cook here

the seats can be turned easily there too

please turn the passenger seat

the room opens up again

so it just works but white

how it goes

so i sat there in the corner like this

so one comes to the conclusion that it is so

the seat you want to sit opposite

So that's now there would be in the

driver there is something to eat upstairs

I put multiplex wood in here

there is still a combination rail in there

You can still use a 12 volt here

hang the lamps USB port is there

light and the popular high shower

can you take a look at it?

even in church it looks a bit

cherry wood two flames cooker

dometic sink beautiful furniture makes it

really fun

a very wide drawer underneath

and you have another one for pots

here air outlets are right down here

inside that you are always nice and warm

the floor here is doubled up again

Almost all I-time have that

participant from the man opposite the

kitchen cabinet

this is the double floor that is underneath

if you are there for a moment


behind it is simply a great penalty

once again

there was a floor now

I'm not in it yet

look there is then the main light

just let it go

another storage compartment with a tilt window

then crank the combination bath what yes

meanwhile one in many box vans

sees the shower in the middle

you can just turn it here

the front is rolled up with it

inside we do the shower so you can

So here, so to speak, or here here you can

take a shower

there is marlene hello there it does

clack and now a little away

trainer of mine and there is one

shower curtain you pull in and

as it is on this track on the track

then this roll or roll

again on which she had interesting


then we can no longer need it

then it goes back inside

it is still covered with foil here then

completely closed

then opens because everyone asked me

inside and pull the

shower head then from which the house is

positive so sink and cupboard

again over there demand again

underneath a shelf weekly mirror

So on the left a small cupboard

There is space in the smallest hut and a

nice detail when he is on the toilet

sit and get pleasure directly

access to the crime scene refrigerator opposite

Chancellor want cool beer from or

if it takes any longer

so there was a large wardrobe

that's about the height

then to do the bathroom again so you

but do you briefly hide the curtain

band then goes really to the whole

is not always then because it opens

here your a staircase that also had

again storage space there

she can probably take out those

then want to load the stairs

make storage space above

you can move in here exactly

the stairs inside and then here is one

board the whole thing backwards


See the types of trade fair operation here

one the different colors

you're going set now moves

nothing moves on the bed anymore

cushion there now we have together

you built this staircase here

small can go up first giant



so far, besides space, I knew why

not even opened

there is still a window this time

okay because you can see that too

dark that is so from the outside

Now is the moment I'm going

times after from the film just through

that sometimes looks if you can't see

the light is even on and i see

nothing at all that Im already very close to

answer no chance it is not to


so you are you are not at all too

see you saw me how do you see

they do not see but not that is good

although your bright so i believe now

that you didn't see me why

not easy

why a large refrigerator can

ever to look but shown

So with the loo from the toilet

want the authors

in summary one

The normal seating area has two large ones

lengthways beds have storage compartments without end

I have the new gear automatic from

four in there from zf converter gearboxes

one automatic and here again the big one

you go out to the cinema then you can see

like this

yes for 55,000 a 63 euro or camp

scout from globecast fiat maxi marlene

thank you a brazen tenth 2020

at fellerer in sulzemoos at the

free state shot thank you for watching

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