Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Field Training Exercise | 11th Regiment, Advanced Camp

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11th regiment advance camp cadets put their planning skills to the test during

the field training exercise a cadet summer training

basically gives you a list of what they want done you have to translate that into what I

want my platoon to do so I had to flip that in about an hour get that out to

all my squads get everybody on the same page we have to make a terrain model

draw up a concept sketch and make concept statement once everybody was on

the same page we rolled out this morning and took the objective plans don't

always get executed the way they're supposed to

so during execution we got compromised during the leaders recon moving to the

ORP and beginning to lose recon we had no issue we were spotted ahead of time

and from there my job was done and the pl (Platoon Leader) took over maneuver

Its great lane well we had a great command team and we accomplished the mission this is

Jordyn McCulley reporting from the CST Public Affairs Office

The Description of Field Training Exercise | 11th Regiment, Advanced Camp