Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The world's most entitled parents

Difficulty: 0

Niall: Just set your picture to something... I don't know.

(Minecraft door opening sound effect)

(Niall and Jay have a good hearty laugh)

Niall: That-

(??) from a sex dungeon.

Where'd you get that from?

So, which entitled parent story do you want to begin with?

Jay: minecraft mom is really drawing my attention.

(both laughs)


Niall: I could do caps, and you could do the lowercase one? I don't know.

Jay: insane maniac.

Niall: I *tum*

Jay: Alright just--

(both laughs)

Jay: You're giving, like, an Oscar performance, and I'm just, like, reading it out, like-

Niall: Brooo.

(both reading)

Oh yeah, (stutters) okay, you read it, you read it.

Jay: What would have made that story perfect is the "Thanks for the gold!" at the very end.

We can't all get what we want.

(Minecraft music)

frozen toddler is probably the, uhm-

Niall: It's a bit fucked that you picked that one. Not gonna lie.

Jay: It's like, frozen toddler or dying child


(Pyro laughs)

Niall: Ah, that's great! He titles the kid in the stories a

I-I really want to do it all in the Peter Griffin voice now.

(Pyro laughs while Dolan is saying)

(Pyro laughs while Dolan is saying)

Jay: You're not gonna name it?

Niall: Okay sorry, let me do that again.

(Pyro laughs)

Jay: Wait, this is so badly put together.

Niall: 'Cuz the--

Niall: 'Cuz the-- Jay: Yeah!

(both laughs)

Jay: Can I say that word?

Niall: Yes!

Jay: Oh my god! It's a gamer girl!

Like, how do they not have more reddit silver?

Niall: Why did he say that?

Oh noooo! The plasma TVs gone? Noooo! Noooo, it's all destroyed. Nooo!

Jay: Probably was Fortnite.

Niall: Yeah, definitely!


I mean "Meg", fuck!

Like, caster child out to the cold. It freezes to death.


Jay: Oh god!

(Jay laughs) Oh my god!

Niall: I guess I'll read the outro.

Jay: Yeah.

Niall: Ah, I've read the rest of that fuck off

Insane aunt one looks like probably the fakest one so far.

Niall: Why?

Who the fuck cares what editing software you're using.


Thank thank you man for clarifying that I thank you so much, man

Thank you man.


I never gathered that. I never gathered that would have happened in the story. Thank you, man.

Are you siding with the person... writing the story or the one against them now? I can't even tell.

Because she wouldn't give it to me.

Oh my fucking god...


Do you see the edits?

We found it! We found it!

*laughter* I am so proud of this community

Which story do we go with next?

Yeah, this is like the only story on entitled parents that's actually real because they provided physical photographic evidence.

Encephala-- FUCK!


Destroy the child!


Yeah, that's kinda like... too good to be true.

Nah, if it's Make-A-Wish...

I can tell you like, they go so fuckin' far.


The fuck is that?


I have been friends with the CEO of Reddit for a long time.






*villager noises*

I'm the CEO!

You cannot have my Nether Quartz!

It is mine!


Post about daughter.

*read the screen you pepega*

Has he just turned Spanish?

Are you ten fucking feet away from your microphone?

*read the screen you pepega*

*clears throat*




I must. My wife, she's divorced me.


I love that though, like... I sat my dad down and explained to him what Reddit is.

What's Reddit, son? It's um, it's a website where you lie for Internet points.

And then she opened a can of Fosters, and...


The biggest plot twist is gonna be that... Sheila's actually from California.


I'm anti-s--


Albert Einstein.

[Little laugh]

I'm a Redditor.



I don't know what a frilly boy sounds like.

Yourself, Jay. Just be yourself!




overheard the entire thing.

And locked the mother away.

Mark Zuckerberg is all mine!


like Fortnite Academy or something.

*god when will this shitty karen meme die, please god...*

*Pyro outro*

Top 10 hardest to kill cartoon characters. Number 7: Ninja.

The Description of The world's most entitled parents