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Im Jayne Brownell, Vice President for Student Life here at Miami.

We are so looking forward to having students back on campus.

As always, the health, safety and well-being of our Miami community is our highest priority.

We expect that the COVID-19 pandemic will be with us for the foreseeable future, including

at Miami, so weve made many changes on campus to help keep us as healthy as possible.

Your actions will be crucial in meeting that goal.

Prevention starts before you arrive on campus.

First, youve already received information about completing an education module about

COVID-19, which will help you learn about how to stay healthy.

Second, If you are taking classes at the Regionals, you should have already signed the Healthy

Together Community Pledge, agreeing to engage in a series of prevention efforts.

This pledge can be found in full at

Finally, we ask that you do a symptom assessment each day before coming to campus to help limit

the possibility that you will unknowingly bring COVID-19 along with you.

When you get to campus, youll notice many changes.

Unless you have a medical exemption, youll be required to wear a face covering inside

all university buildings except the bathroom, or while youre eating.

You'll also be required to wear a face covering outside when it is difficult to maintain physical

distancing, like when you are entering or exiting a building and when attending outdoor

events. Well supply all students with one reusable face covering.

There will also be changes in classroom, event and dining spaces.

Were offering a mix of in-person, online, IVDL and hybrid classes to allow small and

medium-size classes to be held in larger classrooms where appropriate physical distancing is possible.

Event spaces on campus will operate with reduced capacity.

Youll be encouraged to have organization and group project meetings online when possible.

Large events will be held virtually, or with alternative ways to participate - like in

small groups across different locations.

All dining facilities will have reduced seating capacity.

Dining staff will serve food into compostable containers you can take to go or eat in.

We are increasing cleaning protocols for all public spaces on campus.

Youll also play a part, as well provide supplies for students to disinfect their own

spaces - such as classroom desks, study room tables and items in common areas - before

and after use, just like you would at the gym.

For more detailed information about all of these topics, the pledge, quarantine and isolation

plans and much more, visit the Healthy Together website.

New and updated information will continue to be added periodically.

This year will be unlike any other at Miami.

This means you must be more aware than ever of the impact that you can have on others.

Limiting the size of the group of people you socialize with, taking daily health precautions,

limiting visitors or trips in and out of town, and taking responsibility for your well-being

and the well-being of your classmates, faculty and roommates, will make a difference of whether

we can make it through this semester together.

Its a lot to ask-- but these are extraordinary times, and they require extraordinary actions.

No one can promise a campus completely free of COVID-19.

The risk of exposure and possible infection is real and present in any community environment

where large numbers of people regularly interact, including on a college campus.

But Miami is a caring community.

We must look out for each other, take care of each other and hold each other accountable,

on- and off-campus.

We are so excited to see you again in person, on campus, where we will all do our part to

stay healthy, together.

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