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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Zombie Resurrection

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[ rolling wheels ]

[ Eerie sounds ]

[ Ominous sounds ]

[ Sound of engine and vehicle driving ]

- Stand by for drop off.

See you at the RV.

[ Dramatic music, radio chatter ]

[ Heavy breathing, panting ]

[ Indistinct radio chatter ]

[ Garbled radio transmission ] - Colonel... can you see anything?

- Zero.

Tiger, one, zero. Three of em' dead.

- Area clear.

[ Startling music ] Fuck!

[ Muffled yelling ] Hello?

It's alright. Calm down. It's alright.

[ Frenzied Slovakian speech ]

It's alright. I'm going to get you out, OK? Just calm down.

Just chill out, OK? Just calm down.

[ More frenzied speech ]

Speak slower, I can't understand. Just calm down.

[ Ominous music, continued foreign speech ]

[ Sound of choking ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Dramatic music ]

[ Ominous music ]

- You need to be careful with the old ones

cause they just fall to bits really easily.

- My dad fixed this one because we had to break the chain to get it off.

He had this massive great big spike through his neck.

- It's been really nice getting to know you over the past few days.

- Oh, thanks.

But we should so be friends when we get to Empyrean.

- Over my dead body.

- Daughters, eh? You've got all this to look forward to!

- The child needs to learn to honor her father. Honor and obey.

- What, Becca?

If a man has a stubborn and rebellious daughter who does not obey her father,

he shall bring her to the elders,

and all the men of his town shall stone her to death.

Christ Almighty! That fucking fetus is in for a shock.

- Right!

That's us for today. Gather round.

It's 17:33, so we have about 45 minutes of remaining light.

Sergeant, cuff and secure the prisoner, then a close pitch at fifteen meters.

Sergeant! Are you listening to me?

- Right, ya twat.

- Thank you.

OK... Mr. Beaumont, Ms. Harden, Ms. Daniels, firewood.

Mr. Gandolfini, food preparation.

I'll take trapping duty. Reconvene latest 18:10.

Ah, Miss Beaumont?

You are not to move from within this area. Not today.

Do I make myself clear?

Dad? Please! Please ask Major Gibson...

- Just... look, be a good girl. Wait here, OK?

No, I'd prefer it if you'd wait with Sergeant McTavish.

Sorry, I just don t want her disturbing your... er...

- Ouch! That looks extraordinarily painful, Dr. Sykes.

Are we going to make it all the way to Empyrean?

Never mind, eh? When they hang you you'll soon forget all about your aching feet.

Chin up!

Sergeant! Your orders are to secure the prisoner! See to it.

Go fuck yourself.

Very good. Carry on.

You're a good girl.

[ Esther speaking in the background ]

- Stained with the filthiness of her fornication.

And upon her forehead was a name written:

Mystery, Babylon the Great,

the mother of all harlots and abominations of the earth.

- Well?

[ Eerie music ]

- Gandhi! Look! Over there!

- Is that an Original? It is, isn't it?

- Do you think it ll still have its tags? - Might do.

- Back soon.

- Be careful!

- There. For you to be happy, bad man.

- Try not to hurt it!

[ Exclaims ]

- Come on, Mr Rabbit.

Come on out.

Come get your dinner. You know you want it.

- Yo! Sergeant! Why do we bother with this every night?

I mean surely, surely it'd be easier to just sleep in a tree.

We wouldn't even need to tie Dr. Apocalypse on.

We could just hook him over a branch.

Oh shit!

Shoo! Shoo! Go on. Get out of here! Go on!

- Showtime!

[ Laughing ]

- Little bastard.

- Oh. Mac playing with a shit-sack again?

Do you know where Becca went?

- That way somewhere. She spotted an Original.

- Bloody Hell! I've told her about that, she's always stepping in somebody.

- That child needs to realize that this is a war zone.

She's endangering herself and all those around her. Again.

- Believe me, Major, we've had words. This is very... disappointing, I know.

- It's your parenting skills that are disappointing.

- Uh, excuse me! What the fuck do you know about raising kids?

- Oh, just let her get on with it.

- No, I'd better go find her. Which way did she go?

- No, Mr. Beaumont. You stay here.

Your time would be better spent trying to get wood.

- Wanker.

- You will be accompanied by an adult at all times.

[ Pantomiming ] But Major Gibson! I'don t want to.

Right! That's enough from you, you little scrubber!

I m going to give you the beating that your father is too much of a...

[ Sound of snapping ]

[ Screaming ]

Ow! Bloody Hell! My trousers!

Man down! Immediate assistance requested!

- Man down? Man the fuck up!

[ Bell jingling ]

- Oi! No! No no no no no!

- Get a bloody move on, my leg's going to sleep!

Ow! That's going to need a bloody tetanus jab!

Why does this always happen to me? Oh bugger!

[ Dramatic music ]

Look, do you mind?

What on earth are you doing?

McTavish, the terrorist is escaping!

You want these? From my cold dead fingers!


What are you doing?! My leg! My fucking leg!

My beautiful leg! You cut my leg off!

- Severance three to five seconds after contact, sixty percent chance of success.

Let's hope the toxin didn't have time to spread.

This could be your lucky day. Chin up, Major.

- ...see you rot in jail! Rot until you get hanged! I know people in Empyrean...

- In the name of fuck! What happened to Colonel Dog-fucker?

- He did this! He cut my fucking leg off!

- I say, do you mind keeping the language down?

My daughter is over there.

- It's your fucking daughter s fault!

You little piece of...

- Really! - I'didn't mean to!

- Shit-sacks can smell the blood.

Getting really antsy. What you about, Bad Man?

- Open-wound contact. Pre-emptive amputation before infection. Hopefully.

- Fucking hell! He get bitten?

- Course not, you stupid bitch!

- Is he going to turn into a shit-sack?

- Now, Becca. Be nice to poor Major Gibson.

He's going to have a pretty rough time over the next few days.

Will he last that long, Sergeant?

- I'm not fucking infected!

- Then where'd your leg go, dick-head? - What!

- Can I have your dog-tags? When you re dead?

- Go... fuck... yourself! - Come on, that's quite enough!

- Fuck's sake! There's fucking children listening!

- Will y'all just shut the fuck up?

Can you not hear the shit-sacks singing?

Every shuffling fuck within a five mile radius are on their way here right now.

So, unless you want a gang-bang with a thousand toothless cunts,

we need to dump Captain Cock-in-anus in the forest,

and find somewhere indoors to hide up in.

- What?

- Ah, I'm only kidding you! Homo, give me a hand with the raspberry.

The rest of you get packed.

Move it!

- Secure the prisoner... why don't you ever do what you're told?

You're in so much trouble!

- Thing about this war, Homo. That makes it unique. Know what it is?

- What?

- Falklands, Angola, Paraguay, Uzbekistan.

All the same, one of yous get hit, your mates carry you.

You go down, someone picks you up till there's no one left.

Took shrapnel in Angola.

The captain carried me for sixteen miles to the pick up point.

Two years later,

I m dragging him through South American swamp after he danced on an M74.

Thing about fighting these shit-sacks, rules are all changed.

It's all about the Code. Self preservation.

And leaving your wounded.

[ Ominous music ]

- Go on! Do it! Put a bullet through the map, see what happens!

- Is that an order from the toy soldier?

- You'd like that, you fucking grunt.

- Rather go down a fucking grunt than bleed out as a weekend Rupert.

- Whoa! Dial down the negative energy! It's not the end of the world.

- Is it just me who thinks they sound like cows, when there's lots of them?


Stop showing off!

- Four o clock, Big Daddy.

- Ooh!

Did you see that? How cool was that?

[ Eerie music ]

- Oh Christ! We really want to go in there?

- We really want to stay out here?

- Shall I be mother?

[ Door rattling ]

- I've got just the tool to pick that lock.

[ Creepy music ]

[ Forlorn piano solo ]

So many people...

- Another fucking classroom. What we looking for?

- A sign. I'll know.

- Do you think there'll still be textbooks lying around?

- It's a refuge... Or was.

- Think there'll be people here?

- No fucking chance. Places like this didn't last long. Easy feeding.

If you had a pair, mind, you'd have topped yourself.

- Oh fuck! Really?

You think people killed themselves? Here?

It might be haunted.

- Come on, Katrina!

- Fuck right off! I told you it's haunted!

- The walls hang heavy with a thousand souls destined for eternal damnation.

- See! God-bitch gets it!

- Stop it! You're scaring Becca with this... silly nonsense.

Oh look! Another classroom. Quelle surprise.

- Ahhhhh!

[ Screams ]

- Jesus Christ! You total... idiot.

- Your faces...

- How s that fucking funny!

- Come on! Haunted? Get a backbone.

- Twat!

- Dad?

- What, baby? Did silly Gandhi scare you?

- No, Dad, that door you broke. Why was that stuff piled up from the outside?

- Well, I suppose somebody just...

Actually, that's a good question...

- The fuck was that! Is that you twatting about again?

- Everybody... just... keep moving.

I m not proud to say but I shat myself a little back there.

I need somewhere to clean up.

- Jesus Christ.

- Look around. See what the Lord giveth.

- No...

[ Laughter ]

- He alright?

- He is taken with a great fever. A burning heat.

- Aye? And that's bad is it?

- It is when your only healer is in chains.

- Yo... Dr. Bad Man. Burning heat. That one of yours?

- Could just be a fever. Can still be nasty, though.

- How nasty?

- The body fights the infection,

the fever breaks, he's back on his foot tomorrow.

Of course...

if the fever is too much then unconsciousness...

coma... death... and so on.

- Fuck me.

You would think having an architect of

the apocalypse on board would actually prove useful.

- Is that why you re chaining me up next to him?

- You're damn right.

I'm in enough shite as it is,

without waking up to find you a hundred miles away eating a plate of fuck-you-Mac.

- He appears to be cold.

- Here.

- Fuck off, Butcher Bill! It's not that bad!

- In the name of all things holy! That thing can't stay in here, Sergeant!

- Am I holed up with the fucking pussy patrol?

Get a grip of yourselves!

- Jesus! Why do you even keep that?

- Bessie here got me eight hours sleep a night

when we was running 'n' gunning just after the outbreak.

Fast-fucks can't smell through the fur. Think you re a wee dead beastie.

How do you think I stayed so fuckin pretty?

- Fucking hell!

You ain't gonna believe what I just found behind the back door!

What the fuck just died in here?!

- Had this tree growing through it. Still sat there trying to bite you.

Leaves coming out his mouth, fucking ears. Funny as fuck!

- Hey, come on!

Have some respect for those that are living with early-onset necrosis.

- Early-onset necrosis? You've had a charmed apocalypse, mate.

- Yeah?

You ever think what's going to happen to you if you get infected?

Mucho karma is due.

- Not fucking happening. Too careful.

No way I'm ending up in your petting zoo.

- I don't suppose we could get rid of him, could we?

I'll cook him tomorrow. Didn't expect to find dinner already made.

Body of Christ?

- Oh, don t mind if I'do!

Esther, you need to come and eat something.

- And defile the Lord in his own house?

- Think of your bairn, lass. You're defiling for two now.

- This infant is the product of evil, of sinful man.

It is no different to the abominations.

God is testing me, by his almighty loving hand.

- Oh Christ! Let her starve.

- Stupid fucking idea having a kid mid-apocalypse anyway.

- That's the easy bit, you wait till they become a teenager.

- Becca seems... well adjusted. Ever think you're taking a risk?

- Risk?

- The journey. Empyrean... must be important.

- What's the damage with the stockade? Safe enough, yeah?

- Well yes, we could have stayed put.

Eight hundred aggressive retards playing at being soldiers,

is not the environment I imagined raising a child in.

No offense, Sergeant.

- None taken.

- Isn't that what every parent wants, the best for their kids?

Empyrean is, what, 22,000 people? It's law and order, hot water, civilization.

It's a proper city.

It's a chance for Becca to get an education.


Maybe... maybe learn how to re-build this world.

- Oh that's so fuckin lovely!

- What, so you're moving to get your kid into a better school?

[ Laughter ]

- What's up? - Shh!

Do you, um... I thought uh you might... um.

Do you want to come with me?

- What did you want to show me? - Oh nothing. Really. Um...

I know this can be really difficult. This apocalypse.

[ Sweet music begins ]

- Yeah?

- And if ever you needed someone to talk to. I can be a friend.

I can be a really good friend.

- Are you are you asking me out?

- No. No, not really...

It's more... in case you have urges?

- Urges?

- It's uh... it's this... is this OK?

- Gandhi!

We can't just... my Dad is next door!

- I can be quiet. I can be really quiet.

- What was that? Is there someone there?

- It's nothing. It's the wind.

- There!

- Oh!

Look, see. It's nothing.

[ Screams ]

Jesus! It's alright. It's only a bloody shit-sack.

[ Zombie vocalizing ]


- Ripe! It's fucking ripe!

- Get up! There s a fucking ripe outside!

- Ripe my fucking arse! Out my way!

- Oh, shit!

- Shite!

Where the fuck did you's find that?

- What were you and Gandhi doing outside?

- A man's just got to get his gun off.

- Mac, look out!

- Oh bloody... shit.

[ Exclaiming ]

- Stop shooting, you crazy bitch.

- Out of the way! Let me see the abomination!

[ Dramatic music ]

[ Exclaiming ]

- Die! Fuck!

- That's enough, lassie. that's enough.

[ Exclaiming ]

- Daddy?

- You...

Dr. Bad Man...

You're my...

fucking hero.

- Is it enough to warrant an act of faith, Sergeant?

- And leave you cuddling my trophy?

- Gandhi, where are you?

Did you get bitten?!

There's nothing on you!

Are you hiding?!

- Barbarian! There shall be no end to the...

- Cunt.

- Absolutely fresh... No doubt. Speed.. strength... Adrenal residues.

Less than 24 hours old.

- And there's another one?

- At least one other. And likely other non-infected.

- So speaks the expert.

- Alive-O!

[ Laughing madly ]

- Well, we can't leave them behind. There might be children, women.

- Code says no.

- For God's sake, man! I think we re rather beyond the Code.

Doesn't the code stipulate that you leave your wounded to die?

Does that mean you re staying here too, Major Gibson?

- Oh no!

Mackie needs it. Mackie needs my brain.

- What's he blathering on about, Sergeant?

- Your aggressive retard here, he's the only one that knows the way to Empyrean.

- Yes he is! The retard!

- You think I'd have carried him all that way on a fucking stick

if we could have left him in a ditch?

- So, tell us how to get there.

- Fuck off!

[ Faint screaming ]

- OK...

definitely more non-infected.

- This is ridiculous.

Sergeant McTavish, tell Major Gibson we need to go and look for survivors! Now!

- Carrying an injured man. In Woodland. We'll be lucky to cover three miles a day.

Even latter-stage infected can cover four.

- We don t have a choice...

- So we maximize our chances,

wait for the amputation to clot, and for all those infected to disperse.

Suicide, otherwise!

- Aye...

makes sense. So, what you thinking?

- 48 hours.

- What? We need to wait here for another two days?

- Certainly Major Gibson must.

Everyone else has... options.

[ Crying ]

- Eh? Check it out! Sharp as fuck!

- Very nice.

- Don't you just know it, Bad Man.

Right, children. Listen up. Me, Bad Man, Big Daddy be gone for one hour max.

Soon as we're through the door, get it shut, wedged and monitored.

No one leaves. Understand, yeah?

And you, no midnight dining at the all-you-can-eat pussy buffet.

Safe and quiet. Right?

- No, Mackie, no. You not.

- Your fuckin arsehole?

- Stay, Mackie. Orders.

- Don't act the fucking scrotum.

- Sergeant, It's OK.

I'd feel considerably better if you could stay here and look after my daughter.

- You two? A pair of skippy homos? No chance of you not dying.

[ Crying ]

- I'll go.

- Fuck me! The whole Bolshoi ballet!

You couldn't look over your vagina earlier, lady-boy.

- Fact finding only. No danger.

- That's easy for you to say. You ll be dead next week.

- Please. I need to go.

[ Dramatic music ]

- Last shot.

- No, thank you, Sergeant.

- That stake would come in handy.

- Right!

Let's go and have a little look around, shall we?

[ Ominous music ]

- Do you think that was the only one?

- I'm not talking to you.

- Unlikely. Probably more.

Over there, look.

Definite signs of lividity.

Still squelchy.

- Magic.

[ Tense music ]

- Ah!

This is less good.

- We need to go.

- Anybody curious?

[ Murmured vocalizations in background ]

Looks like we might have a problem.


Are they all new infections?

- I don't care. Let's go.

- God, it stinks in here.

Christ almighty!

- Ah...


Get the doors!

No! Over here!

Lock it!

- Is everyone OK? Anyone get bitten?

- I'm OK.

- I'm OK. You?

- No...

No, I'm not OK.

I once drove straight onto the green on the seventh at St. Andrews. 370 yards.

I'll never see another club like it.

- Guys... What the fuck?

What did we see back there?

- You mean the guy that got caught, and got eaten?

- Yeah, before he got caught, got eaten... got better.

Then he got caught; got eaten.

- Thank Christ for that! I thought I was imagining things.

- Impossible. Infection is 100% terminal.

Believe me, I'd know if a cure were possible.

- No. That's right.

- Yeah, but he definitely got better.

Come on, Dr. Sykes. What did you see?

- I... I don't know. Too far away.

I mean, it looked like... - Like what?

- Come on! There's got to be a rational explanation.

- Ha! You saw it too!

- Jesus. Back from the back from the dead.

- No such things as miracles.

- Well, whatever's going on out there, something is keeping them ripe.

We need to go and warn the others.

[ Faint screaming ]

- There's someone else alive.

- Whoa! You're not going to help her, are you?

- You're not going to leave her to be eaten, are you?

- She might have some answers. We need to find her.

- Oh, shit.

[ Dramatic music ]

- Mr. Beaumont. Get back to the chapel. Get everybody packed.

- What about you?

- We're going to get her out.

- Fuck! Really?

Shit... Ok.

- Wait for twenty minutes maximum. Then you leave. Ok?

- Alright. Be safe.

Don't be late. Please.

- What the fuck!

- Where am I going?!

Look, this place is a bloody maze.

[ Ominous music ]

- Fuck. There's quite a lot of them.

I'm guessing you've got a plan?

- Distraction?

- Sounds the most humane way.

- Sounds the least like immediate suicide.

- Ok, what have you got?

- Three...

Four. Turn right. Yes. Yes.

[ Tense music ]

- Keep em pinned back!

- Be swift.

- Shh. Shh. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down.

- Oh, come on!

- Not your lucky day, pal.

[ Sound of skin and bones being hacked ]

- Do you understand me? I'm Sykes. I'm Christopher Sykes.

What s your name?

Are there any more like you?

Is there anyone else alive?

- Alive.

- How's it feel, Big Daddy? Not getting bitten?

- Oh Sergeant! Thank God you found me!

Why have you left the others?

Did Major Gibson send you?

- Eh?

How did you get round the back door?

- Sykes! Get a fucking move on!

- Listen. We've got to go. Come with us, Ok?

You ll be safe. It'll be ok.

Where are you going?! - Sykes!

- How's this helping?

This way, come on!

- You fucking with us, Big Daddy?

- We... we were quite far away.

- Ah fuck! Seventy "ripes?" We re out of here. Right fucking now.

- No, Sergeant. You're missing the point. He brought him back to life.

- What? Like Jesus?

- So? This is the end of days. Every second cunt thinks they're Jesus Christ!

- Well, yes. But you don't expect one of them to be right.

- Jesus H. Ripe my fucking tadger!

One false move and we're arse-fucked by the whole pack.

- Oi! Don't go scaring Becca!

- Scaring fucking Becca? You sleep through the show this morning?

These aren't the fall-to-fuck shit-sacks, these are big bullet-in-the-head cunts.

Get that, girl? Bullet-in-the-head cunts.

- Sergeant...

- Not going. Find the Jesus H Ripe.

- Look, he's not Jesus, and you're not helping, Major.

- Jesus can fix my leg! Cured.

- Finished?

- Yes!

- Right, everyone else kit up. We're outside in fifteen minutes.

- There is one God, and one mediator between God and men,

the man, Christ, Jesus.

- Yes! Coming to see me!

- Hypocrite!

- Put the gun down, you crazy bitch!

- Christ Jesus is returned! You have ears but you still don't hear!

Take me to him.

- Yes! Take her there!

- Me? Well I...

- Put the fucking gun down!

- No! It's my gun! She can have my gun.

- Don't go back out there!

- I'm sorry, I'm not standing for this!

- I will smite you with the rod that is in mine hand upon the waters,

and they shall be turned to blood.

And then your daughter may prove more willing company.

- Oh! Yes! The little scrubber too!

- You wouldn't dare! - Daddy!

- One last time, Mr. Beaumont. Take me to him.

- One more fucking step and this last bullet

has God-bitch station as its next stop.

- Go, God-bitch! Go!

- Please! Don't hurt my Dad! - All right everyone, that's enough!

Becca! I'll come back.

- No! I don't want you to go!

- Katrina will look after you. I'll find you, I promise.

- Stay! Stay! Fix my leggy. Fix it.

- Get the fuck off me, you head-raped cock-park.

Ah, shite!

- You are lost!

- Look, I'm doing the best I can!

- Choose!

- No, I don't recognize any of this at all.

We must have gone wrong about two minutes ago.

- I will smite the shepherd!

[ Faint screaming ]

And the sheep shall be scattered. This way.

[ Sound of zombies moaning ]

[ Eerie music ]

[ Dramatic music ]

- You are one extraordinary cunt.

- Just making friends... Hello nice Mr. Jesus H Mendy. Chat, chat.

[ Faint screaming ]

- Daddy! Daddy!

- Whoops! Not friends!

- Ah, shite...

- That might be my Dad!

- Aye, it might be.

- They're coming through!

- Then give us a fucking hand!

It's coming down! Get out of here!

- Where?

- The back door. Go! Just get the barricade down!

- Right! Fuck! Come on, a bit of fucking help, please?

Right! It's down! Let's go.

- Mackie? Going? Leaving me? No, don't leave, Mackie.

- Come on, Mr. Mac!

- Go on. I'll catch up.

Ouch, ya fucking!


- No!

- Ms. Harden! Becca!

Where are the others?

All of them!

- Shit, we need to go.

- Yo. You here. Down low.

- Becca! Quickly.

- And who the fuck is that when she's at home, eh?

- Get a fucking move on!

- Fucking oi!

If you ever touch my bum again,

I will punch you in the cock so hard

you'll be fucking your own arse from the inside.

When are they gonna fucking go?

- When you stop showing them your face every two minutes, you stupid bitch.

- I wanna get out of here too, you know!

- The Major's dead.

Whatever happens, we're lost.

Wandering in the wilderness.

- Yeah? Well I'd take that over where we are now.

Why are you in such a hurry to get to Empyrean anyway?

- Are they gonna hang you in private, or can I come and watch?

- I think they were planning to surprise me.

- Nice surprise, like coming home to find your dad

noshing down on your boyfriend.

Oi... Oi!

You know it was him, don't you? Made the virus.

Infected your mates and your family.

- Well, he infected the army, really.

- Yeah, but he ain't stupid!

He'd have known that it'd spread like the plague.

It's a fucking virus, innit? - It's not a fucking virus!

- What?

- It's not a virus.

It's a vaccine.

- That's a fucking vaccine? Against what?

- Biological warfare. Chemical weapons.

Wars in dangerous places.

We never knew this was going to happen.

- Never knew? It's not a particularly subtle side-effect!

- There was a six month incubation period.

Then it got really bad... really quickly.

- I don't get it... Are you a cunt, or not?

- My dad's still dead... Killing you won't change that.

- Why aren't you trying to escape?

- Death amongst the living. It's better than life amongst the dead.

- They've gone.

- We're getting out of here!

- Another one. Found another one.

- Another human?

There are more alive?

- Oh no! No fucking way! Through this hole and we are gone! Alright?

- Gets my vote.

- There's been enough death here already. Come on.

I'll handle this.

[ Tense music ]

- I fucking hate this plan!

- No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no.

- I still say we get the fuck out.

I mean, how's this fucker meant to cure Gibson anyway!

- I'm sorry, but I don't understand it myself.

I'm not even sure if I actually saw what I think I saw back there.

- So how do you know it's going to work then!

- Faith.

- Oh, fuck off!

- He's not going to help. Not going to save you.

- Have you seen him? Do you know who they re talking about?

- He's all I remember. Before the monsters... I can't...

- What can you remember?

- My stomach, opened. And blood... My arm...

Monsters... eating... all over me.

Then awake. He's standing there. Always standing there.

- She's having a laugh, isn't she?

- Maybe this isn t such a good idea.

- I really fucking hate this plan.

- Believe me, no one is going to know we're there.

We'll be... invisible!

[ Coughing ]

Not my best idea.

- You've had worse.

[ Creepy music ]

[ Dramatic music ]

- There's a gun there.

- Leave it. No one needs to get hurt. Especially us.

- Stupid fucking plan.

What we gonna do when they don't come back?

- I know. Safe place. Safe room.

- But we have to stay here!

- Others there! Hiding. Safe.

- Why the fuck didn't you mention this earlier?

Fucking great advert for staying dead.

- I think we might have had a flaw in the plan.

Shit, shit. Shit!

- Come back for me.

- Gandhi! Get back here!

- I'm over here! La la la la. Come on, ya fuckers! Come on! Come on!

What are you waiting for mother fuckers, come on, come on...

[ Screaming ]

[ Dramatic music ]

[ Messiah zombie groans ]

- Men are monsters. Monsters coming.

- Harden! Barricades! Quickly!

- They re alive!

- Monsters, eh? Dozy bitch!

Oh fuck!

Fucking... fuck! Have you seen who you've brought with you?

- Gandhi?

- Barricades!

- Fucking hell! This works and you are going back to find him.

Thank you, Dr. Fuck-wit. Well, go on then, get him busy on the cripple.

- Maybe if we give him back they'll go away.

- Back? We can't give him back! We need to take him to Empyrean!

- What?

- You never fucking said that!

- Don't you get it? He's the cure. The savior. The end of the plague.

Don't let the crazy woman have this. She might do something stupid.

[ Ethereal music ]

No... No!

- Go... fuck... yourself.

- Oh my God. What the fuck you done, pumpkin!

- It's all over.

- What do we do now?

- Wait.

- Fucking hell! What, wait to get eaten?

- Eaten, resurrected, eaten again.

- And end up like that fucking loon? No way!

She knows somewhere! She knows where the others are!

Oi! Where are they? The others? - Safe room.

- Yes, I fucking got that. Where, you fucking retard?

- Machine room.

- You know where it is?

Go! Take the cure!

- Just give him back!

- No! He's our only chance of salvation!

- Fucking hell! You're sounding more like God-bitch all the time.

Come on!

Come on! They're fucking gone!

[ Screaming ]

- Harden!

- Where are we going?

- Oh Christ!


Oh fuck. No!

[ Dramatic music ]

- Faster! They're coming.

Not again, not again.

- No! Open the door! Please! No!

- Open the door please!

Daddy... No... No.

[ Screaming ]

- I'll be back for you.

Is this it? Is this the room?

Where are the others?

This is you!

This is all you.

There aren't any survivors, are there?

[ Tense music ]

Get off her!

[ Ominous music ]

[ Quasi religious music ]

- No!

Oh God... It's Ok, I can fix this.

- No. Kill me, Sykes.

- We can stop this. - No!

- Esther?

Esther can you hear me?

- You! You!

- Jesus Christ! It's real!

What have you done?!

- Blasphemy!

- No! He was sent to save us!

- No!

- What are you doing?! - No!

He forgot my baby!

- No, Christ no!

My God...

Why have you forsaken me?

[ Ominous music ]

[ Dramatic music ]

[ Sound of glass cracking ]

[ Rock music ]

Suffocate... your final thoughts

Running away... though corridors

I'm heading back without a firefight

Out on a limb, I will not crawl

Trapped in this room now with hindsight

The walls are thin

They cannot not fall

This is my resurrection... I've been waiting for so long

This is my resurrection... I've been waiting for so long

Crying out, crying out

For salvation

Crying out, crying out

I'm not the last one... ♪

Suffocate... your final words

A heavy weight... you can't reverse... ♪

We re reaching up out of the divide

Where have we been, I can't recall

Our lives have turned into a landslide

You'll take it all... ♪

This is my resurrection... I've been waiting for so long

This is my resurrection... I've been waiting for so long

Crying out, crying out... ♪

For salvation

Crying out, crying out... ♪

Darkness... ♪

Oh... ♪

The Description of Zombie Resurrection