Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Polyend Seq - Chords, Scales and Transpose

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Hi, we have just released an updated version of Polyend Seq firmware. The new

version is numbered 1.3 .The first new option that you'll notice will probably

be a per step polyphony. Now you can choose from a set of 29 predefined chords.

The set follows a logical order and provides a very wide palette of chords.

By holding any step button while operating the note knob you'll get

access to the chords list. This upgrade also brings musical scales. When you

combine them with the randomization function you will be able to create

melodies on the fly. Simply use one of the track buttons with the note knob to

access the scales menu then choose the scale and starts randomizing notes.

Notes will get scattered on the track grid in a range of two octaves. When you have

your chords and melodies ready you can transpose them by holding the track

button and changing the root note using the note knob or by sending the desired

root note from an external controller.

The Description of Polyend Seq - Chords, Scales and Transpose