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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SparkNotes Interviews Students About The Great Gatsby

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one of the things I took away from the

Great Gatsby was that being rich doesn't

mean you get everything you want hey


changed his name became a bootlegger

smells bootlegging money on wild parties

in a rolls-royce but in the end he

doesn't get what he wants which is a Z


Gatsby has no doubt that they are but

Daisy doesn't really convinced me so

they were meant for each other I think

that they were really I mean because she

doesn't wait around for gasping poor she

married some rich jerk instead then he

finds her in New York you think she's

gonna leave town for Gatsby but I don't

really ever think she was gonna leave

her rich husband okay thank you being a

little harsh on Daisy

she's like a hundred years ago I had a

baby it's not like today she couldn't

just leave her husband and run off with

an old boyfriend


I think she's think sarcastic I think

that she means women or girls don't have

any power in the world so I I think

she's saying that she hopes for her

daughter's sake that she isn't smart or

clever like Daisy as herself because

she'll just end up being disappointed at

how little agency she has in such a

male-dominated world so that's a trick


he says a way more than three thousand

times so my answer would be I like that

it has really clear explanations on all

the literary devices that authors use

you know like setting tone symbols

anything like that it helps me with

class discussions tests and when I need

to write a paper on something that I



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