Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Wesport Virtual Summer School Games- Week 2- Around the World

Difficulty: 0

Hi everyone, I'm Rachel Shaw and I play for team Bath,

I'm Wing Attack.

I'm going to show you a challenge called Around the World

You can use a netball, a tennis ball, or a pair of socks

Or a cushion if you don't have that.

I've got a netball so I'm going to use this.

The challenge is you have to pass it around your waist,

for 60 seconds

and you have to count how many you can do.

So, let's see how many I can do!

I did 64, see if you can beat it!

If you drop the ball at any point just pick it up quickly and carry on!

Good luck!

Hello everyone, I'm Elif from Ashton Park School

Welcome back to the Virtual Summer Games

I hope you're all safe and well.

Today's challenge is the Netball- Around the World.

You need to get a ball, socks, any household items

that are soft, to use.

What you need to do, is go around your body, using both hands.

You can sit against any flat surface

and get the item that you want to use,

and go over and under your legs.

You need to get someone in your household

to get a timer, and count with you

Good luck and I hope you're all safe!

That was my attempt, can you guys beat it? Good luck!

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