Practice English Speaking&Listening with: M&G Katy Perry Prismatic

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Hi, I'm Alemanrey and I'm going to show you in this video how the meet and greet with Katy Perry

and the Prismatic World Tour concert went

Here we are in Palau Sant Jordi. We are finally going to the gig and we'll get to meet Katy Perry.

I've brought a little present for her, a part of me for her -- this rose.

And well, let's see how this experience goes

Right now we're on our way to the meet and greet. We're listening to Charli XCX,

In a few minutes I'll be meeting Katy Perry!



how are you? what's your name? Álex

Alex, nice to meet you. This is for you, a part of me for you.

[Laughs] Thank you So lovely

Hey Cameron, he looks like Scott. And can I have a photo...? Sure

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and I hope you liked how I shared my experience

in the Prismatic Tour with you guys.

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