Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dynaudio LYD: Meet LYD

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We are here in the Dynaudio factory in Denmark

and this is where we do all our drivers,

final speakers and also where we produce our new personal reference monitor


In the end, we really work

everything inside the speaker redefining how we make studio monitor.

With LYD, we looked at the whole history of our acclaimed, BM range of speakers

and wanted to take it one-step further.

Our goal was to create the best near field monitor

for musicians and producers sitting in their small studios or home studios

and all that without blowing up the budget.

An important aspect of Dynaudio speakers has always been

a consistent frequency response and wide listening.

With the LYD series, we wanted to produce a reference monitor

that sounds the same at any listening level.

So if you are listening to the monitor at low volume

you have the same precise listening experience as when you turn it up.

In addition, a more steady off axis frequency response

creates a wider listening window.

So if you sit in front of the monitors with two or more musicians

everybody can have the same listening experience.

The Description of Dynaudio LYD: Meet LYD