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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 8 Unity Indie Games That are Awesome [2018]

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Calling all solo game developers and small teams!

We had a great community response to our video featuring GameMaker Studio games made by solos

and small teams!

Weve decided to continue with the series and focus on different engines for each video.

Today well be looking at one of the most-used game engines in the world, Unity!

Unity is one of the best engines in our opinion because of its versatility!

Want to make a 2D-game?

Check! 3D?


Android, iOS, PC, Linux, Mac, PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch?

Checks all around!

And weve only named a few!

Unity has been used to make big games like Hearthstone, Super Bomberman R, and Pokemon

GO, so it might seem like a tool designed for large, corporate developers at first glance.

If you start going through the list of games made with Unity though, youll see a lot

of hits coming from solo developers and small teams!

In todays video well be showcasing some of these great games made by independent teams,

and well also talk about the developers creating them.

These games are a testament to what small teams can pull off with Unity and we find

their stories just so inspiring.

We are Ask GameDev, AKA Chance the R.N.G., AKA AG 10 S MAX, AKA The Hall & Oates of ints

& floats, and these are 8 hit indie game made using Unity!

Welcome back!

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Hollow Knight by Team Cherry

Hollow Knight is a hand-drawn, atmospheric metroidvania game that takes place in an insect


Playing the game, the first thing youll notice is the amazing character design - The

game is filled with wonderfully imaginative characters that breathe life into its world.

Aside from being a first-class platforming experience, the artwork in the game is extraordinarily


Any frame from the game would look great as art on a wall.

Hollow Knight was created by a team of 3 people that initially formed around a game jam!

With the concept of Hollow Knight in hand, they launched a Kickstarter in November 2014,

raised AU$ 57,138, and the rest is history.

Hollow Knight is available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Steamspy estimates that the game has 1,040,000 owners on Steam alone!


Snipperclips by SFB Games

Snipperclips is a game where you and a friend snip each others characters into different

shapes in order to solve puzzles.

It was a launch title for Nintendo Switch, and with its simple controls, and pick

up and play game design, it was the perfect example of showing how much fun you could

have with a friend using the Switch hardware in local co-op.

The original concept of the game was designed by two brothers, Adam and Tom Vian, in just

8 hours, during a one-day game jam!

Once they discovered what they had made had real potential, they decided to start pitching

it to publishers.

The games aesthetic was a perfect fit for Nintendo, and soon enough, they signed a deal

with the big N.

Snipperclips is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and did extremely well on the eShop!

In the month after it launched, Nintendo reported that Snipperclips had over 350,000 digital



Altos Adventure by Snowman

Altos Adventure adventure is a 2D endless snowboarding game available on iOS and Android.

Now there are a lot of side scrolling endless runners on mobile, but none are as beautiful

to look at, and as elegantly designed and polished as Altos Adventure.

Its a game thats an inspiring example of what you can achieve when you take a common

concept, and massively elevate the visuals.

The game was made by a team of 3: the founders of Snowman (an indie studio), and artist/developer,

Harry Nesbitt.

Harry had little game development experience at the time, but learned Unity over the course

of the games development!

The team took 2 years to build the game, carefully crafting every detail.

When the title launched in 2015, it reached #1 in the App Stores Top Paid charts worldwide!

The game has since won numerous awards, dominated on other platforms, and even spawned a line

of merchandise!

The sequel, Altos Odyssey, launched in 2018 and won an Apple Design Award!


Night in the Woods by Infinite Fall

Night in the Woods in an atmospheric adventure game where you play as Mae, a college dropout

that returns back to her hometown to resume her life and reconnect with her old friends.

Dont let the storybook-perfect character design fool you - the game is an amazing experience,

but can get also get heavy, and maybe even a little dark.

Oh, and theres something in the woods...

The game was created by a team of three: Designer Scott Benson, Programmer/Musician Alec Holowka,

and Writer Bethany Hockenberry.

The team announced their game on Kickstarter and hit their goal in just over a day!

In total they raised more than $200k on Kickstarter!

The game has done tremendously well since launch, culminating in a BAFTA award in 2018!

Night in the Woods is available on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Android, and of

course, Nintendo Switch.

Steamspy estimates that as of today, the title has 175,000 owners on Steam.


Overcooked by Ghost Town Games

Overcooked is a co-op local multiplayer game where you and your friends run a kitchen!

You work together cooking food, keeping the kitchen clean, and fulfilling orders in kitchens

that get increasingly crazier and crazier - ranging from kitchens built across two food

trucks rolling down the highway, to kitchens in space.

Overcooked is a unique game on this list because it manages to be the most fun, but also the

most stressful at the same time!

The game was developed by the duo of Ghost Town Games that is Phil Duncan, and Oli De-Vine.

The concept was partly inspired by Phil Duncans past experience working in a kitchen, where

things like teamwork, shouting, working against a clock, and maintaining quality were all

part of the day-to-day routine.

And if youve played Overcooked, you know that all of this translated well into the


The game is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and is must-have if youre

throwing a game night at home with some friends and family.

Steamspy estimates that the game has 665,000 owners as of today.

The sequel, Overcooked 2 launched earlier this year and is just as much fun as the first.


Pony Island by Daniel Mullins Games

What can we say about the 2016 story of the year, Pony Island?

Well for one thing, its not about ponies!

In Pony Island you are trapped inside a possessed arcade machine and must solve your way out.

Its one of the most smart, suspenseful, and satisfying, puzzle games that you can

find on Steam.

The game was developed by solo studio Daniel Mullins games.

In 2014, Daniel launched a Kickstarter campaign for a game called Catch Monsters, and it did

not reach its funding goal.

Rather than letting that stop him, Daniel continued his Gamedev journey, eventually

landing on the concept for Pony Island during a gamejam.

Pony Island was released in 2016 and was immediately the talk of the town.

IGN gave it a 9 out of 10, and Rock Paper Shotgun called itThe smartest game of


The game is currently rated Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam with over 7000 positive


Pony Island is available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Steamspy estimates that the title has 433,000 owners on Steam as of today.

Were eager to try out Daniel Mullinsupcoming game, The Hex.


Bendy and the Ink Machine by Kindly Beast

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a free-to-play, episodic, first-person puzzle action horror


The game takes place in the 60s and you play as Henry, a retired animator who returns

to his former cartoon studio and discovers something sinister!

The characters in the game are inspired by the cartoons of the 20s and 30s like

Betty Boop, and early Mickey Mouse.

The first chapter is free while additional chapters can be purchased via DLC.

Bendy and the Ink Machine was created by Mike Mood, and the puppet, theMeatly, and developed

with a small team.

Since launch, the game has become a cultural phenomenon, as Bendy and the Ink Machine merchandise

like Funko pops, action figures, and plushes can be found on toy shelves around world.

The game is available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Steamspy estimates that the base chapter has 856,000 owners on Steam.

The latest chapter for Bendy and the Ink Machine will be available later this month.

Before we can to final game on the list, lets look at some honourable mentions.

Ooblets by Glumberland.

Only an honourable mention because its not out yet, Ooblets has been Dubbed Stardew

Valley meets Pokemon!

We can wait to play it when it releases!

Florence by Mountains.

Florence is a short, but sweet, experience by game designer Ken Wong, of Monument Valley


and, Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy by Bennet Foddy.

A game where you get over it, with Bennet Foddy.

And finally, our favourite game on the list….


Cuphead by Studio MDHR Cuphead is a tough-as-nails run & gun platformer

that focuses on big boss battles.

The art is inspired by rubber hose cartoons like the works of the 1930s Fleischer and

Disney studios - and just like those studios, the art in Cuphead was made using traditional

techniques including completely hand-drawn cel animation!

Every frame of the game is outstanding on a technical level, whimsical, and such a treat

to look at!

We feel lucky to be able to play experience a game like this!

Cuphead was created by StudioMDHR - a duo of brothers, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, who

had been wanting to make a game since they were kids.

They came up with Cuphead in 2013, and by 2014 Cuphead was featured in Microsofts

e3 press conference.

As the years went by, the team grew, but the game also hit delay after delay, eventually

pushing the project to 5 years in development.

It was worth it in the end though as the title sold 1 million units in its first two weeks!

Polygon has an excellent illustrated history of the development of Cuphead.

Well post a link in the comments.

Cuphead is available on PC, and Xbox One.

The game was released in Sept 2017, and less than a year later in August 2018 the studio

announced that Cuphead had sold over 3 million copies!

A DLC pack has been announced for 2019 - and we cant wait!

And there you have it: 11 games made using Unity including a few made with just a solo


Next time you think your team is too small, or that the tools you need are out of reach,

just take a look at this list, and get back to writing your freshly authored game code!

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