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Our next guest is a hilarious comedian

you might recognize from my old show, or David Spade's

old show, or David Spade's new show, or Kenan Thompson's

new show, or her stand-up special, or that Kristen Wiig

movie, or the Jennifer Aniston movie.

You get it, she's been in a lot of things.

Please welcome my friend Fortune Feimster.


Ellen you look so different.

Thank you.

It's so nice to see you.

I've never seen you on a Zoom before,

so normally when I see Fortune I physically attack her.

And so this--

That's right, Chelsea and I give each other big, big hugs.

You usually jump in my arms.

And then you hold me like a baby.


Now, we've known each other for a long time

because you were a writer and a panelist on Chelsea Lately,

which went on for many years.

So we worked together for many years.

And I wanted to see if you could remember the time that we first


I'll never forget it.

I had a meeting with you, it was my final round of my interview

for hopefully writing on your show, and I was so intimidated,

and I don't know why but I was very intimidated.

And I was telling stories, I'm sure, probably

about being a Hooters waitress in my past life,

and all of a sudden you just abruptly stood up.

It maybe 10 minutes into the interview,

and you go "OK, thanks for coming

nice to meet you Fortune" and I was like I blew it.

I called my agent, I'm like I didn't do a good job,

Chelsea left the meeting.

And then they called me the next day

and said you had seen what you needed to see,

and you hired me.

It was a huge opportunity.

Oh that's such a sweet story.

Yeah it truly changed my life.

It opened so many doors for me.

So thank you for that.

Well, Thank you for being here, because we had some good laughs

on that show together.

And we also had a really good time

when we shot my Netflix documentary series.

We had a cannabis infused dinner prepared for us, and like four

of our friends, and that was a night

that I will also never forget because I peed in my pants

from laughing so hard on you that night.

Chelsea, the problem is when you put food together

with marijuana, the part of me that loves food, I'm fat first,

so I'm always going to eat too much food

and the food was delicious.

The chef made this food and I kept

forgetting that there was weed in this food

so I'm eating every single bite, I'm talking like five courses

here and you're just eating little parcels of food

and I just kept going.

And by dessert, inside I'm like OK, I

can't keep eating more weed, there's

weed in everything even the butter.

And then the dessert was bread pudding,

two of my favorite foods bread and pudding.

And I couldn't resist, I ate all the dessert

and then within like 30 minutes I was trying to walk

and I look like a pony that had just been born,

I couldn't see straight.

But we just laughed for like two hours.

Yeah I can't remember what you were--

you had a bit going that night about military fatigues.

And for the moment, it was so funny

and the next day we tried to bring it up again,

we're like not so funny the next day.

It wasn't as funny next day.

So tell me about your year.

Because first of all you've had an incredible year

during COVID, you have a million projects out,

you have your stand-up special, which is incredible,

that's out, and you got married.


Yeah it's been a great year.

I filmed a bunch of stuff right before the pandemic hit,

and it was supposed to come out in at different times

in increments.

And then all of a sudden in October,

they were just like, release the movies,

and all this stuff started coming out.

And it just made me look a lot cooler than I am,

but I'll take it.

And it just ended up--

there were some really cool things that happened.

It was such a hard year for so many people.

So I'm grateful for the good things that came into my life.

And one of those certainly was getting married,

I'd been with my partner, we've been together

for 5 and 1/2 years and just we're

like, what are we wait on, let's just do it.

We rented a house, and got married up there by the beach,

and had a couple of friends, and we ended up

zooming our families.

It was very small because we wanted

to be safe and keep everybody safe,

and it was really special.

Look at that, and then look at the one

where they get splashed with water.

Yes we went way too close to the water.

Because in the first picture, you

can see how beautiful the setting was.

We were like, this is the perfect place

to take a picture, and then suddenly we

felt this shadow looming beside us, and all of a sudden

we just got pummeled by the water.

And somehow our photographer, she's

amazing, Lauren Hurt, she sat on this rock

and she caught this entire series of pictures of us just

being all cute, and then just getting smashed with water.

But it was the very last shot of the day, Thank goodness.

And it's something we'll always remember, that's for sure.

Yeah not everybody gets baptized on their wedding day Fortune.


We'll be right back with Fortune after the break.

OK Fortune you have a pretty big following on Instagram,

and I'm guessing it's probably because of your ice cream


So can you explain that to our audience,

for those people who haven't seen it?

Yeah, for sure.

I was hoping to have a following from my hair modeling

but not in my house, so it's from dancing with ice cream.

I was at Disneyland with one of my really good friends, Jillian

Bell, and the parade was about to come and it was super hot,

and I'm like I'm sitting here watching the parade I'm

eating ice cream.

So I got some ice cream and I realize

that just eating this ice cream made me want to dance,

so I started dancing and they took a video of me dancing.

I was like, that's funny and I posted it on Instagram,

because we need content, and then every time I

approach people are like, where's the ice cream dance,

and I was like, Hey come down.

So it was relentless, so when I went on board

I started going to different ice cream shop,

carrying the ice cream, dancing and there you go.

It just kept getting more and more elaborate.

Well it brings a lot of joy to a lot of people.

So I would like to say thank you, for me personally.

I'll eat ice cream and dance anytime.

I love you Fortune.

It's so good to see your face.

Oh it's so good to see you.

I was going to wear that dress, I'm

so glad we didn't end up looking alike today.

You can find out when Fortune is performing stand up near you


And her podcast, Sincerely Fortune,

is available everywhere you listen to podcasts.

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