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Hello everyone welcome to Familly life on Wheels.

I am Wilco.

My name is Martine. My name is Jonathan and this is my dog Cindy.

In this video you can see that we are pushing the boundaries.

And that not everything goes without a struggle.

But also how we are being helped again.

Get encouraged and watch the video to the end.

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Have fun watching.

We are going to get ready for a long journey.

We have been here wonderfully for a while, enjoyed the people around us.

We now hope to move to a completely different part.

Before that, we are going to check a few things, the liquids

I'll just open the hood - long journey, so we'll check the oil.

Usually I have a piece of paper with me.

Check out the new battery you saw in Vulnerable Update.

Ah, that's still there.

It's funny, it hasn't rotted away yet. -Max, yes, you can see it that way ...

... minimum maximum, he was nicely in between.

Listen, that little bird whistles so beautifully.

I'm just going to look for ... - The coolant.

Well then I'm going to get out of here for a while, because that could take a while.

This is the bin where all the lubrication stuff is in.

Then we have to arrange the oil right away, I think.

It is good that we just top up with extra oil.

Another mat is knocked out here.


"Just look at the arrowstick."

Look here you see the arrow stick, max and min.

He goes up.

"Are you shouting ho?" "Boom is ho, Dad."

Boom is ho pap. Jonatan Vos.

There is simply a whole bottle in 1 go, it is not yet at max.

The whole bottle in it and it is now just max.

Decently. -Well perfect!

Beautiful. -Can he move forward again?

Yesterday we pumped up the tires again.

-Yes, tires inflated, they were quite soft.

A little WD40 is still being sprayed.

The panacea.

We will of course go to the Sahara sand!

Just put it in the fat.


Brush a little like that.

"I'm glad we don't have to be bold."

This may go to the trash can.

So, I climbed this tall tree for the last time.

Below me you can see the camper, the Trailer and my mother and father cleaning up.

This is a really beautiful view, through the branches.

A wide view everywhere.

That is really beautiful. I have been here a lot.

Look, I am nice and relaxed.

You might hear it, an orchestra of birds around us.

It's lovely to sit here, at night, well, sunset.

Then you can see the sun set.

Then the first stars rise and then you can hear the blackbirds whistling all around you

But now we go, this will be the last time I have climbed this tree.

So last time filter water, water systems.

Roll out the hose.

- Start fresh. Then we leave.

You don't know where we'll be next time.

That's a handy way, throw the hose over the fence, take a detour ...

... and then you have the water system.

Hoepla. -So.

Look, it's made for it.

Exactly the same length. Click.


Great, if you buy such a thing in the store, you don't know at all ...

... that months later, I don't know how many 100 kilometers away a tap will find ...

... that is exactly the right distance.

Yes, that is special indeed.

We're going to drive the Trailer to the road.

Stuff for the Trailer, we now call it a trailer.

Here is the trailer.

We put these in our pocket for a moment.

Then we put it on contact.


Then we'll turn it this way.

Then we put it on this.

Just tighten it tightly.

We click on it.

Beep beep.

Let us insist on this.

What is happening?

Oh, the handbrake.

So, here we go, guys.

An hour later

'We hope to cross the border from Denmark to Germany in two kilometers.

We pray that we may be in rest and peace.

That we can cross the border in peace, that we do not have to experience any problems.

You lead us Father, in our thoughts and our emotions, let us be free in You.

Make us enjoy You, in Your peace, in Jesus Name, Amen '.

Hey, a German.

Yes guys we are almost crossing the German border.

We are curious about what is to come, or whether there is border surveillance.

Yes here is the limit.

Here it is.

Well this is exciting, so this is the German border. I am curious if we can continue in one go

Doeg, doeg Denmark!

On the left you will see police cars, we can happily continue.

But you will be stopped by the military ... - When you enter Denmark.

We are in Germany, we are in Germany!

Well, as a Dane you can easily go to Germany.

Well, Germany is not a problem. -How wait a minute!

Hey, yeah, we shouted too soon.

Oh we shouted a little too soon.

"Take your camera down, Jonathan."

Called too early.

Well, Hallelujah, we're across the border.

It is, of course, very special at this time.

It wasn't as easy as it seemed at first.

You heard us cheering that we were very easy about it, but there was another police post

Three police officers walking around the car and trailer.

All papers checked, driver's license issued, passports.

"You've got it back, right?" - 'Yes, yes, everything back'

We can continue.

Where are you going, they asked.

We said 'to Home'. -Home. -They laughed.

We're going Home, right? - This world is not our home.

We don't have a permanent home here.

Yes, great, well exciting, hopefully the following boundaries will go just as easily.

I have to say that it is something very exciting.

Yes, very strange, it really makes you sweat.

Yes, I have sloshing armpits.

But the next border is Switzerland's

So we are curious about what that limit will give us.

Hello everyone, we see the reversing camera here. Really super beautiful.

Good picture, 4k picture bought new.

Giant stabilization. And a very nice picture.

You can clearly see what happens behind the camper.

Kind of GoPro effect is included.

That is just funny that you can with this beautiful reversing camera.

Because the best thing is that I have my GoPro in my hand.

That I am filming what it is with my GoPro from the window in my room.

Look, then I show the camera, then we see the real reversing camera here.

So, now we are going to feed the life juices of the car.

This is very easy in Germany with just a tank ...

... you push it and the diesel will automatically come back in!

Only paying is a bit more difficult, but that will be fine.

In Vulnerable Update you saw how we were going to refuel gas.

All old, antique thing, but look: at least this is an LPG tank ...

... with normal normal syringes.

This is how it should be done and then they have a kettle in Denmark ...

... half of this and an antique thing!

Fortunately, this is a newfangled device.

That's just great, that we can now just fill up with gas in Germany.

Now we can disconnect the separate gas bottle.

As we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word ...

... what glory He gives on our way!

If we do His good will, He will be with us ...

... and with anyone who wants to trust and obey.

There you will see the Alps, that's where we go.

Yes, the mountains.

I was also suddenly thinking, it has been exactly a year since we got the camper.

We have the camper for exactly 1 year.

Last year on this day we were in Sweden and we got a call that we got the camper.

And now we are on our way to Switzerland with it.

Then we were very curious what the camper would look like.

Now it has been painted and has become our own home.

Now we live in it.

I'm a bit hoarse from singing.

Yes, we just sang, we also prayed and gave thanks.

Then you think about whether you can indeed live in this house.

Then you think back, what an awful lot of blessing we were able to enjoy.

In prayer we were allowed to mention the names of the people who made an effort ...

... to get this house into a real house.

Yes, great

It's so delicious. Thank you for your kind help ...

... taking care of you, your commitment.

I also want to thank everyone who supports us in prayer, but also in the means ...

... to make this journey that we are allowed to make possible to reach people.

It is such a great blessing to realize how many people have already been in this house ...

... how many prayers we have already been allowed to send here.

Nice encounters with people who already know the Lord Jesus.

Even people who do not yet know Him, who have become known with His Name.

It is truly wonderful to be able to live and travel in a house of peace, on wheels.

Yes, certainly, very special.

It's inconceivably big.


We are curious about what lies ahead, and we look forward to it with great anticipation.

We ask if you would like to participate in prayer.

With our God, we push through a mess, with our God, we jump over a wall.

He carries us across borders.

He takes us across the water.

He brings us where He wants us.

Where He has prepared the works.

What a blessing.

Oh drama!

You always experience fun things with the camper.

Because here is a vignette office, but there is a barrier ...

... so you are not actually allowed in here.

Vignettes CH was there. - Yes, vignettes CH, so that's next.

Then we can buy a vignette for ... -Look here!

Confederation, what's it called again?

Helvetia. - Helvetia.

Yeah look, CH.

Limit 20 kilometers.

Another 20 kilometers and then we are at 'that border'.

Exciting, it is dark, we have already been on the road for 12 hours.

Really long.

We also decided that when we have tension ...

... that then we will not cross borders, only when we are at rest.

Mighty God, Strong Rock, You alone are worthy ...

... nature and heaven praise Thee, Glory to Thy Name.

Lamb of God, Supreme Lord Holy and Righteous.

Shining Light, Morning Star, no one is like You.

Praise the Father, Praise the Son, Praise the Spirit that dwells in us ...

Praise the King of glory, Praise Him forever.

I think we can keep going, the counters are closed.

Well, the counters are closed ...

Zoll, Riehen (place name)

Is someone here? No, all shutters are closed.

Well we're in Switzerland guys!

Thank you, thank you - Father Hallelujah!

There is no one at all. - Wow, now I thought it was quite exciting.

There was not even a police, all the shutters were close to the counters.

Very special!

Well, we're in Switzerland, guys -Phoe.

day 3

'Boss, Boss, Palm Tree?

Do I no longer have to shiver?

Can I loose nice and warm? '

So, you can already see that I am completely ready for the warmth, great!

His father and mother still have to get used to it.

Yes, they are still wearing a sweater.

They are still sweating a bit

I have lovely short sleeves, sunglasses and a hat, perfect.

I am ready for the heat.

Take the camera away later.

`` Lord Mighty God, faithful Father in Heaven, we are almost at the border ...

... and it's exciting, we'll put it down for you.

It is our desire, Father, to enter the fields that are white for harvesting.

The desire is on our hearts, Lord, what You put on our hearts a long time ago.

These borders might hold us back, but we know that You are the God ...

... to which princes have to bow.

You incline the hearts of the princes like streams of water, Your Word says.

That is why we also pray that You will lead now and give us a safe transition across the border.

We place it all in Your hand, Father, Your will be done, also in this one.

We thank You, in the wonderful Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen'.

Well, things are different than expected.

We have to weigh, we had to hand over everything. We have to weigh the trailer.

They're pending now, well it's exciting.

I hope we get through and yes, what do you say father?

Ah, I think it's quite exciting indeed, we know we have a bit more weight than we should.

Hell yes.

Only, yes, we did what we could do, including technically.

We also tried to change it in the Netherlands, but that was not successful.

No, so we are a bit overweight and I hope they don't fall about that.

That we get a picture or something. We see, it will be fine.

We did what we could do, we know we don't do crazy things, say.

Exciting, really exciting, I am sitting in my father's chair.

Dad walked to the customs post because he had to come there from the guard.

So it's really exciting, and yes, really exciting.

Dad will probably have to receive a print.

We'll see what's to come, I'm curious!

Daddy just came in ...

"Hey, that's the police Jonathan, in that little car."

The police are coming and we get a big ticket, I hope.

Look there is the police.

Well, at least he talks authoritatively.

Well, it is taking a long time, two more police have already arrived.

Terrible this.

Yes, bizarre!

Really bizarre.

In the meantime a lot of cars have come through, Swiss, Dutch ...

... Italians - campers, even Campers!

We just stand here, why?

Nobody knows.

Difficult to understand at times.

Oh, we are finally in Italy.

We stood at the Swiss checkpoint for four hours. 8 man police.

Dad was in there for three hours or more.

Yes, that was really intense.

I sat apart from Martine and Jonathan for four hours ...

... behind a bare desk, in a bare shed.

Eight men have interfered and drawn up all kinds of papers.

Made all kinds of copies, yes, you name it.

Called back and forth a lot.

We just had problems, at one point ...

... after four hours of waiting, the police come to me wearing his mouth mask.

He says, 'We have the solution, you can go with your family ...

... and you have to leave the camper and trailer here, we will take care of that. '

So I looked at him like; Sorry??

Then he took off his cap and said, "Just kidding."

Well, you can just use a joke like that.

Yes, that is really great.

I am grateful that I could enjoy the peace, I have given it everything to the Lord ...

... 'Lord it is your project, it is your camper, we have done in the Netherlands ...

... what we could do and where we can't do things ...

... You take care of it, You take care of it.

Yes, then we were allowed to drive on and then you are at the Italian border the same ...

... we were also put aside again.

Then we said what our goal is and 'okay' he said 'go ahead'.

He spoke hardly any English.

He was an officer, he had an asterisk.

He was very benevolent, that's nice.

That took about five minutes, not even.

Then we were over.

During such a process you are also thinking of 'Lord what do you want to teach us with this?'

Watch all things work together for the better.

We must learn to remain at rest in these kinds of trials.

I was asked what my job was.

I have told that I may tell the message of God's grace ...

... and I had to provide a job description.

I see, "Evangelist, the Bible, God."

Then I had to go on my bike to see if there was a rental car somewhere.

I cycled past several places by bike ...

... there I was allowed to speak to people and asked if there was an opportunity somewhere ...

... to rent a car.

But, I was allowed to share the Word there, share the love of God, leave Bibles there.

Special, also talked to drunk men ...

... who misunderstood love and were also kissing in front of my eyes.

Then I told them what real love is, and they can also leave a Bible.

You can see that it is going wonderfully again, this way.

Now we're going to look for ... -A park for night spot.

We are in a very beautiful area in Italy.

Palm trees everywhere, beautiful.

Well Jonathan. -Delicious, we're in Italy, Italian ice cream.

Jonathan first got himself an ice cream.

He can lick away all the stress and tension he has experienced.

'Well, it would stress me, hello hey, I'll get a lick there too?


"Mmmmm, thank you sweetheart." Well, that's really good!

"Go get one for me too." -That's really Italian.

Well here we go again guys, we are going to try the Trans Atlantic.

Haha, Trans Atlantic.

Do you know how busy it is here!

'Hoho that's not a lick' 'no. -Mommy usually takes bites, right?

'That's nice, really Italian' - 'That's really from Italy'

Well, we're just going to find a place to spend the night.

-Yes that is good.

Day 4

We have arrived and you should not fall backwards from your chair now because ...

Watch out guys, I'm going to play it extra cinematic.


Well, as you can see, Italy, Summer clothes taken out ...

... put the chairs outside, nice seat-sac and cindy loves it.

This morning he was again strolling around in the sun.

I walk around in short sleeves in the morning, it is not cold.

It is warmer outside than in the camper.

Really delicious here, Italy is really delicious, all birds around us.

We are on a campsite, only we are the only ones.

Really the only one, there is no one, in connection with - you know.

We might just go for a walk, nice sun right here.

Tol 1


Yes that's good dude, yes that's good, yes thank you. Yes, thank you, have a nice day.

Tol 2

"Now you have to throw 3 in that thing." There used to be people in it.

"Yes, that poor woman, that she must be in this cupboard in here."

"Come along with your amount, hello, hello, yes, no, that's okay, yes."

'Great, yes thanks Arie!

Arie van Betsie was that, bye! '

Tol 3

"You have to look up" carte "here."

'Yes, Telepas, where is that, left. I can't get there anyway, it seems to me '

'No, you can only go through this, there is almost no telepas.

You just have to do this. Biligletto, Telepas. '

"Well, how is that possible, then I shouldn't have to go back here, I hope."

"Hello, what's this joke going to cost, mate?"

'Hey Hello?

What is happening?

This is really only Telepas hey! '

'Here what is that then? Biligitio? '

Actually biligitio - biligletto :)

"Yes, that's one yes." "There's just one."

"Well, tired, what a whining."


I hope you do, buddy, because I've had all the cupboards well ...

... and it wasn't much of a hassle for me to get back here. '

"But I don't see any amounts or nothing, what does he say?" "Primilio il biligletto?"

'Yes, you have to put your Biligletto in here, but we don't have any ...

Yeah, you just got it from the other one, didn't you?

You have to put it in now. '

'What others?

I did not receive anything!' -'Well, you get a bill there ...

... and you have to put it back in here. '

"But I didn't get that." "Yes, you left that one then."

"Yes, it will." -'That was the case last time ...

you get a ticket and you have to put it in it. '

'Then you just say: We forgot our bill.

Yeah, you know, because you've already paid for this piece ...

... you don't have to pay that again, because you're leaving now. '

"Then you get a card like that with your receipt and you have to put it in there."

'Well then you're the only biligletto ...

... so people who don't have Telepas can't get in here right now. '

What is this then, now I just get one thing!

'Haha, so you just had to ...

... "stampa on die knoppo", you have to stick it in the next one. '

It's unbelievable, this. Terrible, and that in 2021.

We had to press the button and then we got it.

Tol 4

HaiHai, -ja biligletto, introduces biligletto.

-'Yes now you have to put the biligletto in it. '

And then this one, look 21 Euri man, 'where will I just get that, ma'am?' 'Hey?


If so. Thanks girl! '

Arieverderserie or something -Arrivedercie.

'Can you imagine, you put your piece of paper in it and he eats it ...

... and then you put your card in the same hole. '

Yes, and he won't eat it! Phoe, it will happen to you! "

Now we are going to take it a bit more adventurous ... (keep watching)

Oh god, most people do this on foot I think, they are healthier.

"I think this is a hiking trail."

No, there are more cars so that is possible.

Look at those houses here!

We have arrived at a beautiful spot.

But, you see all very beautiful mountains there - a deep hole.

We have filled this up with stones now, I hope this will work ...

The camper must be able to cross it.

Especially this side because here was a very deep hole.

I'm curious if we'll get over it.

Probably yes, I'll just take a look over this side.

We have ended up on a rather crazy path.

You can see it, steeply down, about 700 meters, high.

It will probably also be a steepness of 700 meters.

You can also see it up here, it is an excavated path.

We are going to try it, I am curious what it will be!

Here it goes, the camper, let's try it.

Here we go guys!

Full speed, beautiful, well I am curious how he will keep it up.

Take a good look at the box, yes!

Father let it succeed, in the Name of Jesus, camper go over it and just fine.

Just get right over it, in the Name of Jesus ...

... get over it well and no accidents happen! '

"Yes, go ahead, it's the drawbar." - 'To go?'

"Yes, it is the drawbar hanging on the ground."

"Yes, but can I get through?" - 'Yes!'

And, and Hallelujah, super!

"Wait for me!"

'It worked!' - "Well huh ?!"

"Yes, really great!"

"What is he doing now?" - "Higher gear?"

"The handbrake is on or something."

'What is it?' -'Yes, I don't know. '

This cable is still completely intact, it still works.

"Huh, there's a trail all the way." "The spare wheel!"

Oh, the spare tire. He clicks off with every bite of snap.

It is unbelievable, isn't it, that we are tinkering here on those paths where we are now ...

... that the Waldenses walked and lived here.

That they have been persecuted for the Truth.

They went into fields that are white to harvest.

At the risk of their lives, those men ...

... translated and propagated the Word of God.

Respect for those men!

They all did that without a camper ...

... and they might have cared less in some areas, too.

I lie here with my head in the mud.

Oh how beautiful that is, through all those centuries God has used people to ...

... to carry His message of salvation and grace.

As long as it is still possible!

Sometimes I also lack strength.

I've run so much here ...

... through this area to see if we can continue.

But yes, now we have some delay.

'Yes stop, no, no, further back, further back.

"Well, now he has to do it."

I'm walking here with my hat and you know why? Because it is raining.

Then at least you don't get completely wet.

But you can see that the life of a camper is not always about 125 roses.

Because there are sometimes more difficult paths and roads in life that you sometimes have to take.

Only that does not go without a struggle.

So then you have to keep the courage ...

... and then you have to keep trusting that things will work out.

We will probably be in Rora before noon.

"Do you have the belt on all the way, that thing?" -'Yes, is the handbrake on too? '

'No that is not necessary.

But I don't understand why he doesn't go off.

Do you have to drive him a little bit forward, try.

"Very tiny piece!"

He should be on contact, then I have to click on it.

'Ho, ho, stop, stop, stop.'

Take shelter in this house, boys, please let there be a door!

Well, Joshua Janavel.

So Waldenses lived here.

Well guys, Waldenses used to live here.

That's cool!

I'm not sure, of course.

I think these are the supply sheds.

I wonder if the camper is coming.

Well guys, this thing's battery is dead.

You don't know if it's the battery. It can also be something completely different.

Yes, it can also be something else.

But we are standing here now and it is raining very hard.

'Come here.'

'Look if the battery was empty, he would have to give something here.

I hear a relay switching, but it does nothing.

With what will the young man keep his path pure?

If he keeps it according to Your word.

I seek you with all my heart; let me not stray from your commandments.

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.


You are blessed; teach me your statutes.

I have declared with my lips all the judgments of Your mouth.

I am more joyful in the way of your testimonies than in all riches.

I will meditate on Your precepts and consider Your paths.

I will delight myself in Your statutes; I will not forget your word.

"Ha, Cindy meissie, are you coming to the owner, are you going to sit with the owner?"

Well those were very adventures again, as you have seen ...

... with the crossing of the various national borders.

As we said along the way, we put a certain destination in our navigation ...

... but that's not to say you get there so directly ...

... arrives within the suggested time.

No, every border is exciting again, if you have ever crossed borders ...

... then you know that it is always exciting to cross a national border ...

... but in this day and age it is certainly exciting.

It is therefore also exciting for us whether the destination we have entered ...

... - while praying - believing that God has placed a burden on us.

And at the same time we say, "Lord, you send us left or right."

As you saw in the video, the navigation points us in a certain way ...

... we listen to the navigation and then we get stuck completely.

That was very exciting for a while.

Then there are all kinds of things that are against ...

... it looks like material is breaking.

Then you are in a dire situation repairing things.

And then it is very important that we realize at that moment that there is a 'Navigator'.

Which transcends the earthly technique and the earthly materials.

If we find our footing in that, if we find our peace in it ...

... then we're fine in whatever circumstance.

Likewise, we believe that even those kinds of situations ...

... mold us and mold us and prepare us for a higher purpose.

Through all those stressful situations, we can learn to be quiet and at ease ...

... and to trust that the Lord leads us.

Just like you are going to carve a statue out of a rock ...

... chips fall there and that is getting better and better ...

... but it does need to be edited. This is how our lives are to be worked out.

Yes, and that is not always easy, because sometimes you get into situations ...

... that you don't like at all, or that you didn't think of at all beforehand.

It will work out the good and work together for good, it says in the Bible.

We hope you are encouraged, you have followed us on the journey ...

... and it is exciting which further doors will open or which will close.

But, thank you for our compassion in prayer.

Very nice that you support us in the work that we are allowed to do.

We are very grateful for that.

Again, our compass, our navigator, it's got to be the Holy Spirit, it's got to be God.

By His Word and by His Spirit He wants to make the path clear to us.

With what will the young man keep his path pure?

If he keeps that to the Word of God.

The Word is the compass.

You can always carry that with you, you can always read it, you can always take comfort from it ...

... drawing courage, guidance, that is the compass of life.

What a blessing to have that Word guys.

We also talked about that when we were on the road, when we got stuck.

We were there with the Waldenses, who really paid a lot for it.

They gave their life that we might have that Word.

It is our desire that we may bring that Word across borders and it is also very special ...

... that we are now far beyond the borders, with you the Dutch ...

... the people who speak the Dutch language, the people who are most dear to us ...

... that we can also share these messages.

But now also people from all kinds of different countries, really great ...

... that you all sympathize, that really does us good.


It is great that we can also subtitle like this and that you sympathize with us.

Yes, don't forget to subscribe to our channel and my channel; Nature From Above.

Then you can enjoy our life.

And watch beautiful Drone videos.

The Drone has been out of the running for a while due to a technical problem ...

... but in the meantime it is again ...

Yes it's back, here it is, that's my Drone.

He is doing it perfectly again.

Great, yes I am happy with it, it is really doing great.

We hope to see you across the following boundaries, it remains exciting for a while ...

... but thank you for your compassion.

Thank you and goodbye.

Bye Bye.

The Description of Family life on Wheels-verlegt haar grenzen, gaat dat lukken? [English subs]