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I swear you spend more time lazing around this house

than you ever do writing.

No wonder you have not had a hit in over 10 years.

No wonder you are always after my sweet money.

(COUGH) Are you ok, Ross?


Call an ambulance!

Call call an ambulance?



[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] It looks pretty fucked up, doesn't it?

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] But don't judge until you know my story


You're serious?

It was a no? On all these designs?

[MANAGER] Arabella between us,

you were never truly in the competition for this job.

But you you showed them all of these, right?

And it was still a no?

Look, you can't take this personally.

[MANAGER] I've been in this industry for over 15 years.

[MANAGER] And the one thing I can tell you first hand is this

It's very difficult getting a fashion designer off the ground,

especially when you're unknown.

But when does it get easier?

[ARABELLA] It's just this industry isn't giving me anything.

[ARABELLA] I can't even buy a meal these days.

It's taken everything from me -

my time, my friends, my money!

And for what?

Listen, Arabella, honestly

I do think it will turn around.

However, have you looked at other jobs that need designers?

(EXASPERATED SIGH) Oh I mean, kill me now!

I couldn't work for a designer, Ian!

It would destroy me.


Take a look at this.

Personal shopper?

[MANAGER] A lot of designers look at different sideline jobs.

[MANAGER] It's a good way to earn some money.

[MANAGER] Plus it's an easy job too.

[MANAGER} How about you go to this meeting?

(DOOR KNOCK) [MANAGER] It could work, until we make something happen.


[WOMAN] Yeah, they like everything I've done,

my fashion designs, all my advice yeah.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Before I tell you my story,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I suppose you need to know my truth.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Truth is, I have always been a bit different.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I never knew how, or what, it was

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] it was that set me apart from all the other girls.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I felt like I grew up so fast.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I felt like I was missing out on big life experiences.

Arabella Childs?

You're up.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I didn't know what in my life I was craving so badly.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Not until I had that meeting.



Take a seat, lovely.

I'm Arabella.


I know. So go sell yourself.

Well um

I studied at St. Frank's College of Fashion.

[ARABELLA] Graduated last year, I've been working on my own fashion line.

I don't want to see your designs.

So, a fashion designer is what you want to be?

Yeah. That's the main goal.

Why are you here?

[MARILYN] I mean, everybody else in that waiting room

actually wants this as a profession.

Because fashion is all I know.

Because I know I can do just as good a job as anyone in that waiting room.

Your parents.

What do they make of this life choice?

They're well, they died when I was younger, so

Well I have my new novel coming out in the next few months.

I need someone to dress me for every publicity occasion.

[MARILYN] So how are you at taking orders?

I think I can take guidance really well.

I don't just mean the odd job.

What if I want a change of dress in an hour?

[MARILYN] How are you with that?

I'm more than capable of taking orders.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Marilyn had a way of making me feel small,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] feeling worthless in just seconds.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] It was a weird power she had over me.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] It was like she scooped me up,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] and squashed me to the ground


Thank you.



[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Little did I know

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Marilyn would unleash the real me.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Whether you agree with the actions of my story of not,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] it is the girl that was within me.




So, I've been working in the City now, for like, 2 years.

And, um I'm moving on up, at quite a pace. Yeah.

[MARKUS] I got my apartment, which is just mine.

[MARKUS] I go on about two holidays a year.

(MARKUS SIGHS) Majorca Ibiza

[MARKUS] Blackpool So yeah, I can't complain.


Looks like everything's going great for you then.

Yeah. Yeah, it's going great.

What I need now is the arm candy.

Arm candy?

Yeah, you know a little missus I can call my very own.

[SAFFIE] Lovely, where are you?

[ARABELLA] That's my room-mate.

[ARABELLA] One second.

[ARABELLA] Saff, the plumber's here.

What, those taps aren't fixed yet?

Getting there.

Is he hot?

His personality is as vibrant as a hippopotamus' asshole.

Yeah, but, like is he hot though?



We have such similar minds. You know that, right?

You dirty girl!

Is that him?

Oh my God!


Oh, hey.

(MARKUS SIGHS) Right, I think that is it.


I'm just too good at my job.


I'm Markus, by the way.

I know, yeah. Well, I live here. So

We have a problem. In the bedroom.

Yeah? What's the problem?

[SAFFIE] Yeah, the taps are dripping in the bedroom.

Will you check it out? Please?


Show me your taps. (GIGGLES)

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] My flat-mate Saffie was a wild one.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I think she was the first girl

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] who tried releasing my 'inner girl'.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] However, she never truly held the key.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] She just made me aware. (SEXY MUSIC)

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] There was something inside, itching to be released.






[MARKUS] Yeah!













So yeah, I'm like, pretty sure

that friends don't do things like this.

What? Share guys?

Yeah, exactly.

Saff, he was a total dick.

Yeah, he was.


No, but seriously though.

It's like we've shared over four guys now.

Right, come on. Lean up.

Up, up, up! Come on!

Up, up, up, up, up! Up! Up! Up!

What's going on?





Yeah. Same.

Why is it though when we hook up

there always has to be a hot guy in the room?

It's like we're a perfect match if it's written.

(GIGGLES) Maybe because we're not lesbians?

Yeah, maybe it would be so much easier if you were a guy.

Ah fuck my life! (SAFFIE GIGGLES)


So, I had this job interview today.

[SAFFIE] Oh my God, that's amazing!

[SAFFIE] Is it with that design company?

Mmm not quite. Personal shopper.

Oh dear!

She made me feel like total shit. (SAFFIE LAUGHS)

Ok, if this is an old bag, that can't be bothered

to go shopping at Prada for herself,

and is obviously being a cow to you,

then I will say, ok, that you are better than that.

Ok? And don't listen to her shit.

No, but she had this way

to control me, if that makes sense.

[ARABELLA] Whenever she spoke,

she just made me feel so powerless.

Well, fuck her and fuck her job!

[SAFFIE] Yeah.

Hug? Hug, come on.

[SAFFIE] Hug! Hug time! Come on!


[SAFFIE] Yeah! Yay!




Yeah. Who's speaking?

[MARILYN ON PHONE] Marilyn Blacklock-Charterhouse.

[MARILYN ON PHONE] You interviewed for the personal shopper job yesterday.

Oh yes! I did, yeah!

[MARILYN ON PHONE] You start tomorrow.

[MARILYN ON PHONE] I have an event tomorrow night,

[MARILYN ON PHONE] so I will need a selection of dresses.

[MARILYN ON PHONE] Have some for me to chose from tomorrow midday.

Yeah. That's absolutely fine. Ok, see you tomorrow.

[MARILYN ON PHONE] Bye for now.

(EXCITED WHIMPER) What the hell?!




Hi. I'm Arabella.

Oh, yeah. Personal shopper.

I'm Ross. Her husband.

Where's the bedroom?

To put the gowns.

Top of the stairs, last door on the right.

Join me for a coffee after?


[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] There was something about her husband.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] He had 'cheat' written all over his face.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] No wonder she had this power trip over me.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] She probably wanted her own

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] form of release from this nightmare.


Yours is getting cold.

[ROSS] So, what's the deal then?

[ROSS] You're here for how long?

Well my contract said three weeks.

But it could be continuous.

Well, that woman does know how to blow her cash, doesn't she?!

Well, for that I should say my cash.

It can be hard, when you have an event,

to find the right clothing.

Yeah, or just pure fucking laziness.

I'm styling what she wears for her interviews, for her new novel.

Have you read the other one?

[ROSS] Absolute filth.

[MARILYN] Good morning, Arabella.

Ross you're here.

I am.

I thought you were working.

Scared I'd see the new habit?

Wasting the cash on someone buying your gowns?


Lost something, dear?

I'm just looking for my manuscript to give to my publisher.

"His finger slipped like butter inside me."

"It was like my whole body welcomed him, eager for his touch."

"It wasn't like my husband's touch, it was more."

"My husband didn't know that "

Why are you reading that?

"It wasn't just his touch I desired."

"No, it was the need to feel wanted."

"To feel important, instead of how my husband treated me."

It's fucking personal.

So personal that you're going to publish it?

To be read by millions.

Feels a little bit close to home from what I've been reading.

Arabella. Ignore my husband.

He can be quite the cunt sometimes.


[ROSS] Marilyn a word


[MARILYN] Why did you have to embarrass me like that? Why?

[ROSS] I know you like to act like a big shot in front of your friends,

[ROSS] but do not talk to me like that in this house!

[MARILYN] What have I done to upset you?

[MARILYN] Don't talk to me like that! [ROSS] It's my house!

[ROSS] You don't bring money in. [MARILYN] Fucking coward!

[MARILYN] You bastard!

[ROSS] You don't bring a penny into this house!





Is everything ok?

[MARILYN] It's fine. Yeah.

If there's anything I can do I'm here.

And not just as a personal shopper.

It's ok. I said everything is fine.

It doesn't look fine.

We've all got our problems, right?


[MARILYN] Hello?

[MARILYN] Oh, hi! Yeah!

Ok, great, yeah, yeah. I'll be on my way, ok?

Right, thanks a lot. Thank you.

[MARILYN] Right, bye.

Well, my publisher has some notes for me, so I've got to go. Ok?

I can iron the gowns. I may have to leave though.

Yeah, that's fine, that's understandable.

[MARILYN] Just lock up when you go.

The book - can I ask what it's about?

It's about a woman who's housed by her husband,

who won't allow her freedom.

[MARILYN] She starts a passionate affair,

and he stops at nothing to control her.

And what happens to the woman?

She kills him.


[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I always liked girls.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Not as much as guys.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I'd watch both the girl and the guy

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] when I would touch myself at night.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I'm watching all kinds of videos.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] The sort of stuff you would not expect a girl like me to watch.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] But then again, the best secrets come

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] from those you don't expect, right?

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] There was something about Marilyn

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] that had awoken something inside of me.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] It was like, that yearning

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] for the mother figure that I never had.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Or was it that I enjoyed being put in my place?

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Surely not. I mean

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] In my career, it was all about finding the control,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] ensuring people listen to me.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] But something about Marilyn,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] the way she looked at me,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] the way she tore me apart

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] within seconds with her look.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] It turned me on.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I know it's messed up.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I can't even begin to explain why.

"I own you. You are so below me."


[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] This is where everything takes a turn.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Don't judge me on what I do next.


[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Just understand that my actions

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] were being controlled, in a way,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] puppeteered by an unknown force within me.






[MARILYN] Take off your top.

[MARILYN] Unbutton your top.



[MARILYN] Get on the ground! (SMACK)

[MARILYN] Like a dog on all fours!







[MARILYN] That's the little puppy!




[MARILYN] Get up!


You're a crazy bitch, aren't you?


[MARILYN] Take your hands off.

[MARILYN] I control everything.

Lay on the bed.

[MAN] Let's see what she's got, huh?



[MARILYN] Do you enjoy knowing that

[MARILYN] you're sleeping with a married man's wife,

[MARILYN] in her husband's bed?



[MARILYN] Do you enjoy knowing that

[MARILYN] he sleeps with me passionless,

[MARILYN] loveless every night,

[MARILYN] and you're me fucking better than him?



[MARILYN] Oh yes yes!

[MAN] Shut up!



Show me how it's done, yeah?


Do you like that?


I said, do you like it?


Do you like it here? Do you like it?





How the hell did you manage to get yourself out of that situation?

I had to wait for her to get a shower, then I sneaked out.


Oh my God, girl! That's, like, super risky, you know that!

I can't believe I did it.

I didn't plan for it.

But he is so unfaithful.

He slapped her before I left.

All guys are unfaithful.

But everyone's entitled to their own opinion, yeah?

Look, I want to know,

when are you going to go peeping again?



[SAFFIE] Oh my God!

[SAFFIE] You're going to go, aren't you?

[SAFFIE] You're going to do it again, aren't you?

[SAFFIE] You dirty little girl! [ARABELLA] Shut up, Saffie!



[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I couldn't help it.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I'd go back there

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] and wait for her to return home.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Some days it would never happen.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Others, it would.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] And it was incredible.






Oh my God.



[ROSS] You're here early today.

Sorry. I can leave if you like.

[ROSS] No skin off my nose what you do.

So, how's it going then?

Buying Madam's clothing?

Well, I think.

She seems to be enjoying what she's wearing.


Well, she should be here by now.

Must be exhausted from her heavy workload.

She must.

You know, I watched this program yesterday,

about how relationships can break.

[ROSS] What an uplifting thing to watch.

What was interesting was, those who control a relationship

always lose the control at some point,

always become the one who is lower.

[ROSS] Is that right?


They say that if you are weak enough to control your partner,

the other will always find strength to react.

A confidence to leave the other.


I love the dress you bought for last night's event.

What sort of event was it, Marilyn?

It was quite a get together.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] There was something that excited me.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] The fact that I knew what she was really talking about,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] that I knew the truth.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I had one up on her,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] even though she held the power.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I knew her dirty secrets.



What do you think?

[MARILYN] I can't see the tag.

Who is the designer?

Well, I don't know if you remember I told you in the interview

I'm a designer.

So, I thought that maybe you might want to wear

I don't give a shit what you thought, darling.

I didn't hire somebody to try to promote me their cheap crap,

[MARILYN] some designs which were put together

in an apartment block building. Ok?

Look, the Hollywood Network guy is here in an hour and I'm stressed.

I hired you as a personal shopper.

[MARILYN] Now, in the nicest possible way,

[MARILYN] could you try and present me with something

[MARILYN] which doesn't make me look like a travesty.

I have this one.

That's better.

I can iron it for you.

[MARILYN] I should hope so. I've got to go.

Dylan, the interviewer, is going to be here in an hour.

I've got to do my hair.

Marilyn, I'm sorry.

I am.

[MARILYN] Oh, darling, look

I was just teasing you, ok?

I was just seeing how much you could take before enough is enough.

[MARILYN] Some girls can't take it.

Good on you, girl! You're obedient.


[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] This is what got me about her.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] These moments where she would destroy me

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] to the point of tears,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] then leave me feeling warm.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] No one could do this.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] She had power over me in a way that I can't describe.




[DYLAN] Right, I'm thinking we got it.

[DYLAN] Thank you so much for the interview.


Thank you for having me.

[DYLAN] No, it's my pleasure having you here.

[MARILYN] No problem.

[MARILYN] Oh, well, thank you very much for the

the interview, you know

[MARILYN] the exposure the interview will bring.

[MARILYN] It will help a lot.

[DYLAN] It's alright. I'm happy to help you, so no worries.

[DYLAN] So, when's the book coming out?

Oh, it'll be coming out in a few months' time.

We might bring the date forward

[MARILYN] with the publisher, if there's huge demand for it.

[DYLAN] That's good.

So, you know

I was really nervous about meeting you.

[MARILYN] Why so?

Because when I was young, and I read your first book,

I really felt like I know you. I mean

The the way you spoke made me feel like

like I know you.

You don't know me, I mean

you know me from the fantasies I once had.

Well how do you feel now?






Look, I I think I'll let you calm down.

[DYLAN] Why?

Dylan, I don't know what sort of interview you call this.

[MARILYN] This is not professional.

[DYLAN] Well, there's no one here.

[DYLAN] So, no one can say it's not professional.












[MARILYN] Fuck me.






[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] That was the first time I wanted to be involved.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] The inner 'she' was growing,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] becoming more confident,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] yearning more than ever before.



[SAFFIE ON PHONE] So you're just walking around her house?

[SAFFIE ON PHONE] Dude, how did you even get in?

It's harmless fun.

[SAFFIE ON PHONE] No, it's risky. Ok? Dangerous.

It doesn't feel dangerous.

[SAFFIE ON PHONE] Is the danger what's turning you on?

I don't know I guess so.

[SAFFIE ON PHONE] You know what month it is, right? Arabella?

Yes. Of course.

[SAFFIE ON PHONE] Is that why you're going crazy?

[SAFFIE ON PHONE] You're not drinking or doing drugs?

No. I know it's the week that mum died,

and I'm not doing this because of that.

I'm just enjoying the moment. Ok?

[SAFFIE ON PHONE] Just be careful, yeah?


Got to go, ok? (HANDCUFFS CLINK)




[MARILYN] I'm just going to set the mood.














[MAN] I'd better grab a shower.


[MAN] Won't your husband be back soon?

[MARILYN] No, he won't.




You like watching, don't you?

[MARILYN] You've been watching for a while.

What I can't figure out

is why haven't you joined me?



[MARILYN] Stay down.

On all fours.

[MARILYN] You treat others like an animal,

[MARILYN] you deserve to be treated like an animal,

and behave like one, and act like one.

[MARILYN] All that time, you thought you were in control,

[MARILYN] playing around, watching me.

I was in control.

I knew.

What does this mean?

Are you going to call the Police?

Of course not.

You're my Submissive now.


You do whatever I tell you to do.


Yes, Mistress.

Yes, Mistress.

Get back inside.


Round two?

[MARILYN] Just a minute.

(WHISPERING) Sit on him.

(WHISPERING) Sit on him.







[MARILYN] I want you to ruin me.








[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Now she knew, all limits were off. Right?



[ARABELLA] That was amazing.

Absolutely incredible.

How long have you been into that sort of thing?

I've never been into this sort of thing.

Don't lie.

I'm not.

This is extreme for me.

I've only ever messed around with my girlfriends,

experimented with men

What sort of experiments?

[ARABELLA] Sharing men.

Public places.

What's the most public thing that you've done?

Um ok, when I was seventeen,

I was catching the train home, and I saw my best friend's dad.

We were headed in the same direction,

and he'd had quite a few to drink.

So, we sat next to each other, and he put his hand on my thigh,

[ARABELLA] and up my skirt.

[ARABELLA]And I wasn't wearing any knickers that day

[ARABELLA] because I'd just been to my boyfriend's,

[ARABELLA] and I'd lost my virginity.

My knickers kind of got a bit lost.


[ARABELLA] I guess I was still turned on,

and he touched me in all the right places.

And that's when I had my first orgasm.

On the train, by my best friend's dad.

Did she ever find out?

No. She would've disowned me if she knew.

Were there other people on the train?


[MARILYN] Did they know what was happening?

A few of them were aware.

Was it his touch you liked,

or the fact that people watched it happen?

I liked the fact that people were watching.

You are going to do everything I tell you to do from now on.

If I tell you a place and a time, you will abide.

Yes, Mistress.

You will be paid the same as that of a personal shopper.

Do you understand?

[ARABELLA] Yes, Mistress.


[MARILYN] What do you think?

I think this one.

I think you look divine.

Oh, what are your plans for tonight?


Yes, what are you doing tonight?

Not a lot.

Right. Take one of my dresses and put it on.

I want you to be a guest at

one of my husband's business meetings tonight.

Your husband's business meeting?!

I I don't think that's a good idea, Marilyn.

Hush. I need a guest.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] And just like that, I had butterflies.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Just like a young girl on her first date.

Well, I think the business is going to go under.

Wow, coming from you - someone who's never had a business deal before.

To be fair, he nearly landed the last account.

Until I got my hands on it!

Fucking prick!

I see the business relationship's still going well

Yeah, the usual bollocks!

He's going to get the call.

He needs to get the call.

[MALE GUEST] Got a lot riding on this.


Come on!






[MAN] You ok?

Yeah. I'm alright.

[MAN] You look so beautiful.




























I can't believe he didn't wake up.

Can you imagine ?

What would have happened if he woke?

Something inside me just wanted to wake him up.

The other day, the way he spoke to me about you.

Such spite in his tone.

No, it's been that way for a long time.

Why do you do it?

Why do you stay in such a loveless relationship?

It's pointless.

He won't let me leave.

He says he can take everything from me.

[MARILYN] My home, my money, even my career.

So, you're trapped by him.

That's how he makes me feel.

Trapped in this emotionally black place.

[ROSS] So you're still all good for this, yeah?


[ROSS] Are you sure?

[HOODED MAN] Yeah. [ROSS] Fine.

[ROSS] Everything you need should be in here.

[ROSS] You got names, you got numbers, times -

[ROSS] so whatever you need to find her,

[ROSS] it's going to be in here. Alright?

[HOODED MAN] Great. [ROSS] There's a start for you.

[ROSS] You'll get the rest when the job's done. Yeah?

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Who was this guy? Should I tell Marilyn?

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I didn't want to rock the boat -

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] especially now, being her Submissive.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I decided I'd keep an eye on the strange guy.


Wow! Nice work!


Are you feeling inspired?

I guess so.

There's some pretty dark colors going on here.

What's it for?

My manager got me another go at this campaign.

If I get it, it will be on all the billboards, shop windows

could really push my line.

Well, if you get it, I guess you're going to have to give up

the personal shopper gig, right?

You don't want to?

I don't know what I want, Saff.

But are you ?

Have you got feelings for that woman Marilyn?

No! No, of course not!

It's not like that.

She knows.

What? Knows what?

About me watching.

No way!

I've joined a few times too.

Oh my God, stop!

No! Arabella, what about her husband?

He's so ungrateful. He doesn't deserve her.

And you do? What...?

[SAFFIE] You silly girl!


[ARABELLA] Marilyn!

[ARABELLA] Open up!



[ARABELLA] Marilyn...?


[MARILYN] Don't look at me.

What happened?

Where is he?

[ARABELLA] Who wrote that?

[MARILYN] He's left.

[MARILYN] He won't be back until tomorrow.

What happened?

[MARILYN] He didn't know what he meant. He's

[MARILYN] I tried to walk out and it turned violent.

Marilyn! How many times has he hit you?

[MARILYN] I'm a big girl. I can handle myself.

[MARILYN] It doesn't matter.

[MARILYN] I just want to be set free - from him.

[MARILYN] I can't go on like this any more.

[MARILYN] How'd I how did I turn into such a weak person?

[MARILYN] How could I let him do this to me?

You are so much better than this.

[MARILYN] Screw it! Let's go out!


[MARILYN] Yeah. Let me show you where I go when I'm in pain.


[MAN] Good evening, Marilyn.


Sorry, Miss. It's members only.

She's with me.

Relation to you?

She's my daughter.

You may leave your coats inside.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I've never been anywhere like it before.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I mean, I'm not nave. I know these places existed, but...

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] going to one? Now, that was an experience.


[MARILYN] Do you like what you see?

You come here when you're in pain?!




Welcome all.

Thank you for coming.

[HOST] What a thrill with this intimate little group

[HOST] we've brought together tonight.

Tonight will be all about the Master taking control.

The Master, of course


[HOST] is the one who'll show the ropes to those less familiar.

Don't worry. He likes it.

Don't you, doggy?

Yes, Madam.

[HOST] Good doggy.

[DOMINATRIX] Get on the floor, doggy.

[DOMINATRIX] Kiss my shoe.

[DOMINATRIX] Where you belong. (SMACK)

[HOST] I want you all to relish tonight.

[HOST] Enjoy yourselves.

Take advantage of the many rooms we have in our chamber.

[HOST] But most of all, take advantage of each other.

[HOST] As always, no photography to be had in the chamber.

[HOST] And as ever, whatever happens in the chamber

stays in the chamber.

[HOST] We are strangers outside but lovers inside.

Let the night begin!

[ALL] Hurrah!

[HOST] Ah Marilyn


[HOST] So glad you could join us.

You know what I'm here for.

And what have you brought us?

[MARILYN] My daughter Bella.

[HOST] Bella

First time?

It is.

[HOST] We'd best show you the ropes.




[HOST] Go ahead.

[HOST] You can touch him.

[HOST] He's my Sub.

[HOST] Show my Sub who's boss.


[MARILYN] Don't embarrass me - harder!

[ARABELLA] Are you enjoying this?

Yes I am.

Are you?

Does it not hurt?

I enjoy the pain.

My master only inflicts these scars when needed.

[HOST] Are you not used to the pain, Bella?

[MARILYN] On your knees!


[MARILYN] On the floor!





Get down on the bed! (WOMAN MOANS)








[MAN] My turn!








[MARILYN] Stop moaning!


[MARILYN] Now it's time you should watch.

[MARILYN] You watch Mummy work.




[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] For the first time, I was jealous.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I hated the fact that the others were seducing her

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] and I was strapped to some contraption,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] and I was made to watch.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] It gave Marilyn some kind of kick.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] She enjoyed knowing how much I wanted her.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] And by now, I felt like I was a little bit too obvious.

Wake up.

Would you do anything for me?

Yes, Mistress.





I would do anything for you.

I mean it.

I am your Submissive now.

How far are you willing to go?

[ARABELLA] I'd do anything so you have full control.

[MARILYN] I fear for myself.


[ARABELLA] The day you revealed to me that

[ARABELLA] you knew I was watching the whole time,

[ARABELLA] I saw a man in your house.

[ARABELLA] A hooded man.

[ARABELLA] I've seen him talking with your husband.

What man?

He was creeping around your house.

I thought it was just one of your men, but

[ARABELLA] I've seen him since.

I think I'm in danger.

[ARABELLA] I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe, Mistress.


[ARABELLA] Good morning, Marilyn.

Ah, not just an excellent personal shopper

and a very pretty face,

the girl can make an excellent breakfast too.

Arabella, you should show my wife the ropes some time.

She could do with learning a thing or two.

Oh, no Marilyn. Yours is this one.

I made Ross' extra strong. Just how he likes it.

Plans today?

None as yet.

Ah, I swear, you spend more time lazing around this house

than you ever do writing.

No wonder you haven't had a hit in over ten years.

No wonder you're always after my sweet penny.

I have just submitted my manuscript to my publisher to be reviewed.

I needed downtime. A holiday.

Christ, your whole life's a holiday, isn't it?

[ROSS] Oh, it's the life of luxury that you lead, isn't it?



Call an ambulance!(RASPING)

(SPLUTTERING)Call an ambulance!

Call an ambulance?





[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Seems fucked up, right?

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] But the truth was, her being free

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] was one of the sexiest moments of my life.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Knowing that my mistress had complete control.

[DETECTIVE 1] So, when he fell, he was facing this way,

[DETECTIVE 1] with his back to the garden.

[DETECTIVE 2] Forensics confirm he was faced

[DETECTIVE 2] three feet away from the table.

[DETECTIVE 1 WHISPERS] What do you think about her?



So you have no indication of anyone that wanted

to harm your husband, Mrs Blacklock-Charterhouse?

No. No one potentially. No.


I do have something to confess.



There was a man.

A hooded man.

And when was this?

The other day, I was dropping gowns off for Marilyn,

and he was in the home.

I didn't think anything of it. I thought

I thought maybe

[ARABELLA] he may be a visitor, who had easy access.

My husband did allow entrance to people.

So, this could have been somebody that he knew.

He knew a lot of people.

He had a lot of ties and he owed money.


[MARILYN] We can't see each other for a while.



I can't risk the truth coming out.

They won't suspect me.


[MARILYN] We can't know who they will or won't suspect.


[MARILYN] How did it feel, to have the control

[MARILYN] to take away a person's life?

My husband's life.

You're dominant.

[MARILYN] You took away a massive part of my life.

[MARILYN] How did that feel?


I liked the fact you couldn't do anything.

You were completely unaware of the fact that

I had done something to end his miserable life.

[ARABELLA] And allow you a new chance at everything.


There's something deep inside you which

well, it scares me.

What do you mean?

In that moment, you you had control, and

you were dangerous.

It's like you would do anything for me.

[MARILYN] Anything.

I have had men in my life treat me

just as bad as he treated you.

[ARABELLA] I was scared of having control for a long time.

I guess in a way, I still am.

Who was that guy?

You remember, I told you that story,

about my best friend's dad,

[ARABELLA] on the train?

[ARABELLA] It was hot at the time.

[ARABELLA] But, looking back, it was completely messed up.

Then what happened?

I was underage.

I was fourteen.

[ARABELLA] The memory I had of it was all I wanted.

He would fuck me whenever Saffie wasn't in.

Fuck! I'd even go round to his,

just knowing she wasn't there,

[ARABELLA] just to get more of him.

What changed? What stopped you from ?

He pushed me away.

He led me on for just over nine months.

Then when I told him I wanted something serious,

[ARABELLA] he pulled back. He cut me off.

My messages, my calls.

[ARABELLA] He even made Saffie avoid me.

[ARABELLA] I saw him out one day,

and I told him that I was telling Saffie.

[ARABELLA] He freaked out.

[ARABELLA] I knew at the time, I knew how much he wanted me.

He begged me not to.

I probably wouldn't have done it either.

[ARABELLA] Two days later,

he hung himself.


I was alone, isolated

For the first time in my life,

I suffered the first death and heartbreak all wrapped up

[ARABELLA] in one big secret.

[ARABELLA] I couldn't tell anyone.

I was scared of what I was able to do with control.

What I was able to make somebody do.

[ARABELLA] Ever since then, I never took control of the situation.

But today you had control.

[ARABELLA] Yeah. In a different way.

Under the power of you.

Under the control of you, my Dom.

That's what makes you a good Sub.

(SIGH) I guess.

I guess being a Sub is a way of how I can

avoid what happened before.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] A week had passed,

[ARABELLA] and still nothing from Marilyn.

[ARABELLA] I had to take my mind off this.

[ARABELLA] Turn this emotion into something.


I think your work is dark, mysterious

There's something about it just pulls at the heartstrings,

(WOMAN) and wants me to know your secrets.

(WOMAN) It's like these designs

have been written with secrets behind them.

All the clothes telling the whole story.

How long would it take you to deliver some sample items?

We could have them to you by the weekend, right?

Yeah. We could.

I'm interested in making an order.

(WOMAN) Let's see where this goes.


[MARILYN'S VOICEMAIL] This is the voicemail of Marilyn Blacklock-Charterhouse.

[MARILYN'S VOICEMAIL] Please leave a message after the tone.

Hey, Marilyn. It's me.

I've got some exciting news.

I was wondering if you want to go out for a drink later?

To celebrate.

We could celebrate a few things.



Don't move!

You tell me who the hell you are or I'm calling the police.

Answer my fucking question!

I am working for the deceased, Mr. Ross Charterhouse.

You're here to kill her, aren't you?

You're here to kill Marilyn.

I was hired by Mr. Charterhouse. I'm a private detective.


Mr. Charterhouse feared for his life.

He paid me to do research into Mrs. Charterhouse.

Find out about her plans, where she was going,

who she was doing

We're both used to a little sneaking, are we not?

What do you mean, he feared for his life?

He wasn't so innocent. He was abusive.

Marilyn Charterhouse is poison.

You have no idea who you're dealing with.


[HOODED MAN] She's got you hook, line and sinker, hasn't she?

I don't know who the hell you are, or what you think you're doing.

But you are breaking and entering.

As are you.

[HOODED MAN] He wanted me to find out what she was doing.

Force Marilyn to expose her plan before

it was too late,

which was the case.

Get out of here!

Be careful around that woman.

I don't know what she's told you, but

[HOODED MAN] the lies she has spun.

[HOODED MAN] She will throw you under the bus,

[HOODED MAN] just like she did with Mr. Charterhouse.

She took him for all he was worth, made a joke of him,

and made a quick escape.

[HOODED MAN] That woman will trick you into doing just about anything.

[HOODED MAN] She has that power over people.

[HOODED MAN] She will give you the control, but, believe me,

you will never, ever have the control when that woman is present.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Something hit me.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] In this moment, I began to question Marilyn.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Had I been played this whole time?

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Like a mouse in a cage, a python had lured me in,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] wrapped itself around me,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] and taken my life away.



Going somewhere?

[MARILYN] What are you doing here?

What's going on?

How did it feel to have the control to take away a person's life?

[MARILYN] My husband's life.

[DETECTIVE ON PHONE] Hello, Detective Lucinda Morely speaking.

[DETECTIVE ON PHONE] How can I help you?

I've told you.

Did it make you feel good inside, taking that away from me?


Oh my God! Is that why you're here?

Are you here to kill me too?

Is that why you're in my home uninvited?

I spoke to the man who broke into your house.

[ARABELLA] He was a private detective.

[DETECTIVE ON PHONE] Marilyn, is that you?

He was hired by your husband, because he was fearful for his life,

[MARILYN] of what you might do.

Good! Because he should've been!



You always planned to kill him, didn't you?

Don't act like that's big news.

Did you ever plan to kill him yourself,

or was it always going to be me?

It was always going to be you.

I like to keep my hands clean.

Poor little puppy!

[MARILYN] Never saw it coming.

[MARILYN] This whole time you've been submissive,

and now you think that you've got the confidence

to put me in my place?

I don't think so!

I'm the one with the power in this relationship.

You've played me. He was right.

You played me.

Oh, don't cry!

Somebody had to be chosen.

I mean, to hell did I ever need a Personal Shopper?!

I don't think so, no.

[MARILYN] I needed someone in need, desperate,

[MARILYN] and you were the perfect person.

The way you came to that interview, I ripped you apart in seconds.

Look, why are you here?

[MARILYN FLASHBACK] Everybody else in that waiting room

actually wants this as a profession.

So, how are you at taking orders?

I think I can take guidance really well.




[MARILYN] Don't look at me.

What happened?

[MARILYN] I tried to walk out and it turned violent.

I would do anything for you.

How far are you willing to go?

I'm your Submissive now.

I think I'm in danger.



Be careful around that woman.

[HOODED MAN] She's got you hook, line and sinker, hasn't she?

You will never, ever have the control when that woman is present.

It's not like you made it hard for me.

[MARILYN] I just had to supply you with a few leads

and you took the bait.

[ARABELLA RECORDING] I liked the fact you couldn't do anything.

[ARABELLA RECORDING] You wanted so badly to be free of him.

[ARABELLA RECORDING] Completely unaware of the fact

[ARABELLA RECORDING] that I had done something to him.

[ARABELLA RECORDING] That I am the one to end his miserable life.

[ARABELLA RECORDING] And allow you a new chance at everything.


Don't be so sad.

He was a complete dick anyway.

You did something good for society, and for me.

People don't want scum like that around here.

[MARILYN] Besides, you've given me a great ending to my new novel.

You tricked me!


I guess it's showtime.








Take this.

There's a good Sub.


She's in here! Come and get her!

[MARILYN] She's crazy! Please! She tried to kill me! Please!

[MARILYN] Please!

She killed my husband! Come and get her!

Help! Help! Help!

Hands over your head! Put them where I can see them!


[MARILYN] She tried to kill me!




[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Just as she planned the entire time,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I was sentenced for his murder

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] and faced six years behind bars.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I was released early for good behavior.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] All those years, locked in a caged room, made me realize

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] who I really was, where my fit was in the world.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] And on my release date, I was surprised

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] to find Marilyn waiting for me outside the jail.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] Ready to take me back to my home,

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] to where I belonged.

How are you?

Answer your Mistress!

I am well, Mistress.

There's a good Sub.

How does it feel, being locked away in there,

[MARILYN] knowing that I'm outside and I can sleep with whoever I want?

Who's in control now?

You are, Mistress.

I control you. Nobody else.



[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] And so the story continues.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I had found my place.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] I had found where I'd always belonged in the world.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] It wasn't in the fashion industry.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] It was as her pet.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] You probably think I'm crazy.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] And, I guess, in a way I am.

[ARABELLA VOICEOVER] But there's nothing I would have changed.

The Description of Dirty Work