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(heart beating)

(camera clicks)

- All the prep work is done, kids are almost home,

it's almost time to party.

Welcome to Dracula's Diner!

How many people at your table?

- [Stephen] One, two, three, four.

- Four.

- Four.

- [Jamie] Your menus are at your seats.

Please have a seat.

- [Child] Whoa!

- Look Jordan, Jordan!

- [Child] Wow, (laughing) that's a big dog!

- Oh Stephen this (mumbles).

Stephen, this is yours.

- Wait what's in here?

- We have place settings.

- [Jamie] It looks like we have a sleepy guest!

- [All] Dracula's Diner!

- It's time to order.

- At Dracula's Diner, you never know what you're gonna get.

- Dracula's blood?

- Ghost a la mode, that sounds good!

- Anytime I eat eerie eyeballs it goes straight to the hips.

- Mm that's good.

- Shh!

I know what you guys are ordering.

Delicious, guys.

- [Steve] Menus, please.

- Here you go.

- Menu please.

- Make sure my spiderwebs are well done please.

- It gets a little stressful back in the kitchen

at Dracula's Diner, we have a lot of orders to fill.

- Guys I think our appetizers are coming!

- Thank you, oh!

- [Steve] Your appetizer is served, ma'am.

- What is this?

- [Stephen] That was perfect!

- [Steve] Sir.

- That looks good.

- Did I get a, oh!

- Enjoy your appetizers.

- Interesting, is this the eyeball?

Bring on the main dish.

- Ma'am, your meal.

- Spiderwebs, I can eat spiderwebs all day long.

- [Steve] Enjoy.

Enjoy your meal.

- What, this isn't what I ordered!

- [Steve] Dinner is served.

- [Girl] That's actually good.

That actually turned out great.

- Someone's sleeping through a delicious dinner.

- No sleeping at Dracula's Diner!

- My favorite part, dessert.

- Dessert is served.

- Am I going to get a main meal this time?

- [Steve] Enjoy your dessert.

- What?

- [Steve] Enjoy your dessert.

- Holy smoke, this is awesome!

- [Steve] Your dessert.

- Finally.

- Dracula's Diner gets five stars from me!

- And you know what, me too!

- You know what it gets?

It gets google plus stars!

- [Steve] Enjoy your dessert.

- Great customer service.

(slow spooky music)

- Check please!

- Um, bus boy!

Where's the bus boy?

(paper rustling)

Dracula's Diner is done now it's time to party

and go trick or treating.

- [All] Trick or treat!

- Um, I don't have any candy for you guys.

(slow spooky music)

(Stephen screams)

- Where's Waldo?

- This is how I do Halloween.

Heater, fire, another heater.

- And Waldo chili.

- [Both] Meet our boyfriend.

- Candy!

- [Jamie] Where's Waldo?


- [Steve] Look she's so strong!

- Guys we're having a pumpkin decorating contest.

Come and vote which one's your favorite!

(slow spooky music)

- Who wants some candy?

- [All] Candy!

(children screaming)

- Candy!

(catapult squeaks) (Derek grunts)

- Looks like Uncle Derek's gonna be busy for a while.

Real quick,

before all of the trick or treating fun happens,

can you find all of the Waldos in this picture?

(slow spooky music)

- [All] Yay, candy!

- Now did they get a handful?

I got lots of candy

- Baby Waldo decided to wake up and join the festivities.

- Are you ready to go trick or treating?

All right guys, real quick,

can you see the baby Waldo in this picture?

- [All] Let's trick or treat!

- This is Blake's first time trick or treating.

She's so big!

- [Steve] I'm so proud of her.

- She's not gonna get any candy though.

Or maybe she will and I'll eat it all.

- I got, I got this.

- [Jamie] All right Waldos, real quick, hide!

(slow spooky music)

- [Jamie] More candy for me!

- [Stephen] Hey! Hey! Hey!

- [Jamie] You can do it.

- [Stephen] All the candy in the world!

- [Jamie] Stephen?

(children laughing)

- They're not blending in very good, huh Blake?

Where's Parker Waldo?

- Right here!

- [Jamie] Oh there she is!

(slow spooky music)

We look like a bunch of candy canes walking around.

Hey guess what Waldos?


- [Child] Camouflage!

- Trick or treat!

- Let's go!

- [Jamie] Where's baby Waldo?

Before you guys can trick or treat, Waldos hide!

Can you see all of the Waldos?

We should go trick or treating at that house right there.

- That's where all the cool kids are.

- I wish I had the cool house.

- Or do we?

Guys, you're not going to run away.

- [Jamie] Where's Stephen Waldo?

It's getting cold guys.

I think it's time to get back and get warm.

- No, more trick or treating!

- I have tons of beans in my pocket!

(children cheering)

(slow spooky music)

- She had too much sugar.

- All right now it's getting dark,

so it's time for the real trick or treating.

We're gonna go to the scary houses.

- And that's the graveyard house,

that we always drive by after school.

- [Steve] Stephen's had a costume change.

- And I'm gonna stay behind with baby Blake.

I'm too scared.

(electronic growling)

- Dad, this one's not spooky.

- [Child] This is not a spooky house.

- [Stephen] Look how spooky this one is.

- [Girl] Daddy!

- Now that's a spooky house.

- People are running out of candy!

We gotta hurry!

(Stephen growling)

- And now for the house that Taylor's been waiting for.

- [Girl] This house is creepy.

(gasps) Look at the garage!

- All right guys, Parker's scared,

it's time for us to head back to the house.

Party time.

- Even though trick or treating may be done,

we still party.

(upbeat techno music)

(camera shutter clicking)

- It's time to see who won the pumpkin decorating contest.

- It's time to announce the winners!

There were 252 beans in all!

- 252 trick or treaters?

- The first place winner with 89 points was number eight!

Captain Underpants!

(children cheering)

- Second place with 38 points is number two!

The spooky carved one!

And third place with 30 points is the caramel pumpkin!

- Hopefully you enjoyed today's Halloween Special!

- Our question of the day is,

how many pieces of candy did you get from Halloween?

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- Give us a big thumbs up!

- And we'll see you guys tomorrow!

- [All] Bye!

- [Jamie] Waldos, hide!

- [Girl] Stephen already got that.

- [Jamie] How many Waldos do you guys see?

(slow spooky music)

(upbeat guitar music)

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