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( music playing )

I just ate a bunch of beans,

so now I have the power to blow you away...

with some really dumb celebrity tweets.

It's time to play...

Link Neal! Come on down.

You're the first and only contestant on "Celebrity Tweets."

Oh, right.

Okay, here's how this is going to work.

I'm going to read you a celebrity tweet.

I'm gonna give you two options for how many retweets.

It's a dumb celebrity tweet.

Always dumb, but how many retweets did it get?

Those are the two numbers you're choosing from.

And as always, we have Stevie to help reveal the answers.

This is the park ranger on a weekend version of Stevie.


Howdy to you, too, Stevie.

First up...

Don't look at me when you say that.

Howdy, Stevie.

- Where is she? - Billy--

- Billy Ray Cyrus. - Yes.

He's known best as Miley Cyrus' dad

and for his song "Achy Breaky Heart,"

which was a one-hit wonder,

and I one-hit wonder why

he tweeted this dumb tweet...

2013. "What to heck?"

Man, his icon face is very airbrushed.

Is that him in, like, "Grand Theft Auto" or something?

No, that's a glamor shot.

Uh, did this get 18,989 retweets

or 187,989?

"What to heck?"

Does this mean he thinks "What the heck" is "What to heck"?

- I think-- - Or is it a typo?

I think it's a brilliant move to get 187,989 retweets.

Is that your answer?

I thought I made that painfully obvious.

Is it right?

- You're right, Link! - Yes!

Yes. Yeah, it turns out this was his response

to finding out that Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana

were the same person.

"What to heck?"

( grunts ) "Dang, I see 'em around a lot."

"What to heck?"

Great start, Link.

Former member of One Direction and current member of

Ellie's Best Person Ever to Exist On Earth Club,

Harry Styles,

tweeted something dumb about his bum...

Very Shakespearian.

Deep Heat. I've had deep heat on the bum.

- Really? - I've had--

I've had pointed pressure on the bum.

What-- I don't wanna give you any insight,

but Deep Heat is a brand

- of, like, cream-- - Oh, it is?

- ...icy-hottish type thing-- - Oh. the UK.

It-- it's for, like, a hamstring pull.

Yeah, apparently he had a sore-- sore buttocks.

This guy's so popular, how could--

that it would be a disappointment to only get that many,

especially when it's about his bum,

and you got all these, you know, chicks going nuts over the bum.

- Okay. - I'm going bum over the--

Okay, so 188,108 is my answer.

Is he right?

You're wrong. It was just 38,000.

Dang, Harry was slippin'.

Yeah, interestingly, this tweet was geo-tagged

to the Taco Bell bathroom.

One person who is no stranger to social media

or dumb questions

is Kim Kardashian West.

In 2010, she tweeted this gem...

- Seriously? - Seriously.

That's the thing I love about Kim, she's always learning things.

You know, she's, like, so curious,

taking in so much information from the people on Twitter.

No, hold on, I meant

seriously, a pickle is a cucumber?

( laughter )

Ah, yeah, you and Kim.

Just learned that.

She doesn't get 27,000 retweets on anything.

She's always in the six digits.


Especially for something as retweet-able as this.

The word needs to get out.

Almost half a million retweets is my answer.

Is he right?

- No, Link. - No.

I mean, 27,000 is still a big number.

I guess it is.

That would be, like, a super, super viral tweet.

I think that that one deserves it.

Well, the thing is

that I just feel bad about using this one

because I really don't like making Kim the butt of a joke.


Did you know that a pickle and a cucumber--

I knew you-- I-- I believe you.

I believe in you.

- Thank you. - I believe about you.

You didn't just learn that. You're joking, right?

- I am joking, too. - I have to confirm this sometimes.

Stevie told me a few days ago.

Okay, when it comes to rappers,

Lil Jon is known for his ability to...

- Hey! Yeah! - ...yell stuff out,

which is probably why

in 2010 he tweeted this dumb tweet in all caps.

You can say this one in Lil Jon voice if you want, Link.

( Link imitating Lil Jon )

Now, there's a joke in here

because dropping kids off at the pool

is taking a dump,

but there's no pool. It's a school bus.

I thought that this was a setup for a great joke.

He's dropping the kids off at the pool,

but they're dropping kids off at the school,

I guess the kids were home pooled. I don't know.

"Longest 30 minutes of my life!"

Okay, is it 1570 tweets

or 15,700 retweets?

I've been giving everybody so much credit,

but now we're in reasonable numbers

Well, Lil Jon has a little smaller following than Kim.

Yeah? How many people follow him?

- Uh... - ( screams ) What?

He has 1.03 million followers.

People don't like throwing kids under the bus

for dump jokes or tweets,

so I'm going with this. Can I push that?

- You can push it. - You're right, Link!

If you push it, you get it right.

You just learned that after all this time.

You could've just been pushing the bulbs.

I could've been pushing it.

And, by the way, if a bus is traveling at 60 miles per hour

and you have to take a poop, the answer is always number two.

Next, Will Smith's son Jaden Smith

has been known for tweeting a lot of dumb tweets,

and this one definitely fits the equation,

because it is an equation...

Gary Busey is his math teacher.

Wow, first of all, I'm feeling like that's kind of true--


I think he's got a point.

When my dad-- when I got married,

my dad told me this.

Years before Jaden existed.

And then he told Jaden.

It's like, "50-50. You both bring a hundred."

And don't touch the bulb, remember,

'cause that'll make it come on and you'll just be right.

Well, I need all the advantages I can get.

I'm gonna go with this one, 11,000.

And before you do that,

if he gets this one right,

he wins, and this is your last chance.

I mean, there's a lot at stake

because you get what's in the mystery box or a dollar.


I'm pushing it. Is that it?

- Give it to me! - You are right, Link!

- And you know what? - Congratulations.

I'll take the mystery box.

Well, there's a dollar on top of it.

You can kee-- I get them both?

- No, I get the-- - You can keep your dollar.

'Cause I want to know what's--

a blue chicken wing?

What is this?


It's a-- it's a blue chicken wing?

It's a blue chicken wing.

It was the Twitter bird.

Oh, my woodness.

I just said "woodness."

We've killed the Twitter bird,

and we've consumed all of him except this wing.

Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing.

You know what time it is. "Woodness."

- Hey, it's Tibor. - Hey, it's Frank.

- We are in Málaga. - Spain.

And now it's time...

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