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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pescuit pe Neajlov si la Cernavoda, doua partide esuate!

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Greetings dear fishermen

Here's a new video

Unfortunately we are not on the water's edge

but I will immediately explain why we are not there

first of all I'm sorry i didn`t upload anything

the previous week

and I'll explain why

Well last weekend

there were many degrees in thermometers

and I, like many fishermen, went fishing with big thoughts

I thought that

fish will revive a little and

we will have fishing opportunities

so I chose to fish on the Neajlov reaver

and I noticed that many fishermen have prepared this river

after predator fish, after roach

after bleak. I have gone fishing

I prepared a wip pole for bleak fishing

and two feeders and for the begining,

i start fishing river Neajlov on feeder technique

in the area where I usually fish and I tried to fish on feeders.

I was very confident that I would have results

at least one or two fishi

I thought I would catch

I have prepared the same groundbait that I have been using for some time now

Van Den Eynde Groundbait

although I do not receive any sponsorship

from its manufacturer

or from some fishing goods store

i used cage-feeders which is suitable

for fishing on such rivers

dosen`t have a stron flow

0,12 hooklink, small hooks nr.16

unfortunately I did not have

not even a bite

I realized that

it is not a good technique,

it is not a very good fishing style

I moved

on the channel that is

comes from Neajlov. Arrived on this channel

I searched for a few spots

where I have been fishing for a long time, and I knew the depth

I knew I was going to find fish over there

unfortunately not even the bleaks made their presence

I searched for areas with deep water,

with running water, with standing water

but unfortunately

no results


i used Bolognese

on the far bank

on maggots

but no results

resigned, I left

the fishing gear at home

I took the camera and left

looking for quality photos

I had seen in the opposite forest

about four deers

I have been trying to photograph them for a long time

However, they did not want to

show themselves in front of the camera

nor any other animals as they appeared to me

in other sesions

and I managed to make some interesting photos

Saturday was almost over

and in the evening my good friend, Boris, called me

who suggested that we go together to Cernavoda

it didn't take me long

long and I accepted his proposal

Around 21 o'clock

we left home to Cernavoda

with high hopes, but John our friend,

who accompanied us in this session

he said, a friend of his

who had left there, he didn't even have a bite

I got there early in the morning

around 2 o'clock

and, as we expected, the channel was very crowded

We hardly found a spot

at the tiles from the river channel into the Danube

I had only one bite that night

and Boris caugh a vimba bream

At dawn,

I was very confident

that we will catch, even if it was a stream of water high

I tried with the same groundbait,

Boris and John also had different groundbait than mine

I have alternated

hooks and hooklenghts, distances

unfortunately without results

John had a sigle bite

and the only one who managed to catch an extra fish

compared to last night, fas Boris

who had two fish in the net

in almost 24 hours of fishing.

well, this is why I didn't upload

I didn't have much activity

I went fishing but,you know what fishing is like

you don't always catch

trying in so many places

to make nice content

I was a little demoralized

I could shoot interesting pictures even

i didn`t manage to catch fish

I wanted to make a good content that week

because there were very good weather conditions

and unfortunately I did not succeed

Now comes the first snow of winter

rivers and lakes are not frozen

it was not very cold

but this weekend we have no way to go

there are some conditions that I think are not optimal for fishing

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Thank you, and see you next time, until then I wish you

stretched lines!!

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