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So Lar Si DoSolar's New Challenge


This is Solarsido Solar~

So where am I?

I'm right here in Hawaii! [Solar in Hawaii]

(This video was shot in early February, before the high alert level for COVID-19)

I'm at a beach called Hanauma Bay.

Let me show it to you real quick

Today's challenge is

filming a video that makes you want to Subscribe & Like.

Until now, the 'subscribe, like' video

For over a year...

It's been this, "subscribe, like."

So I wanted to try changing it..

I can't open my eyes that well right now, because the sunlight is too strong. (Ah, hurting my eyes)

I need to put on sunglasses... (Talk path that's strayed from the topic)

You have to be careful of cataracts. (Talk path that's strayed from the topic)


Oh, bee bee! (In the midst of that, a bee appears)

Oh... It's flying away.

Anyway, today, at Hanauma Bay

I'm going to try making a 'subscribe, like' video.

Because the weather is nice

If the video in between is nice, it's good^^

If the weather is slightly nice, too.

So, I'm going to try to shoot it here.

I'm going to go to this spot. [Go]

[One-Day Filming Director: Big Yong unnie]

[Nominee. 1) Classic beauty-filled sandy beach scribbles]

Subscribe, like!


[You need to shoot the water coming in and erasing it!!] [Why are you suddenly doing that???]

Oh, really..? (Got in trouble for erasing the writingㅠㅠ)

(Big Yong unnie frustrated)

[Nominee. 2-1) Running on the beach]

Subscribe, like! (Noticable fingerprintsㅋㅋ)

Was it okay?

- Again. - Do it again?

[Nominee. 2_2) Running on the beach]

Subscribe, like~

(Director Big Yong satisfiedㅋㅋ)

[Nominee. 3-1) Solar-hermit crab behind a rock] (t/n: 'Hermit crab' in Korean is 'so-ra-gae', which sounds like 'Solar'. 'Stairway to Heaven' parody)

Subscribe, like!


[Nominee. 3-2) Solar-hermit crab behind a rock]

Subscribe, like!

(Shadow appearance)

(Apology is quick and accurate) Yongsun, sorry, it's the opposite lighting, I'm showing.

Subscribe! Like! [Nominee. 4) Peeking Solar-hermit crab]

Subscribe! (Ack)

I'm going to do it again.

Now, let's change the spot!


- Unnie!! Come here!! - This is tiring...

(Big Yong unnie) The vibes here are good, Yongsun.

Come here, unnie. Come here from there.

Zoom in and come here.

(Big Yong unnie) I'll go.

[Nominee. 5-1) Looking at the beach...]

Subscribe- (Cough)

One more time..


[Nominee. 5-2) Looking at the beach...]

Subscribe, like

[For a great angle, Big Yong unnie entered the water]


(Not getting flustered...)

[Nominee. 6-1) Sunbathing]

Subscribe, like


Up, up!!

Come over like this, then, when I do [Solar requesting a detailed angle]

the 'subscribe, like', move it up. [Solar requesting a detailed angle]

- To here? - Yeah.

[OK got it] Action!

[Nominee. 6-2) Sunbathing]

Subscribe, like

(Pant pant..)

- I'm going to rest for a bit. - No, one more time. - Just 5 mins

Nominee. 7) Subscribing comes back (t/n: 'Stairway to Heaven' parody)

- Subscri.. - Just pass by!

(Left for now)

You have to just pass by for it to be funny!!!

[Nominee. 8) Really the]

Yeah, it came out.

This is pretty.

Big Yong unnie shot this.

I can't do this where there are a lot of people, I can't>_<

I'm thankful to Big Yong unnie who shot this.

Which one do our Yongwangnims think is okay?

I will try making a fun video with it.

I will show you right now.

Right now.

Now, right now.

Subscribe, like

Now then, everyone,

thank you for watching today's video.


[Subtitles by ch0sshi & LilySUBS]

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