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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Which football fans are the most obnoxious? We put them to the test

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Welcome to I'm Matt Stanmyre here with Sophie and Chris. Today is not

any normal day, because today we are Patriots fans for the first time.

How are you guys feeling?

I hate this with the passion of a thousand suns.

And Sophie? You're feeling good?

I'm a little nervous, but I'm more worried about understanding the football game than being yelled at.

Out here, I'm just having some fun out here.

Once we get in there, it's a whole different story.

F*** the Patriots. J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

Go, Jets, go! Go, Jets, go!

Are you a Jets fan, or a Pats fan?

We walked around for about an hour and a half and

we found that people were pretty tame for the most part.

We got very few curses, most people were pretty nice and wanted to like end up

chatting afterward.

Max Stanmyre here again with Sophie and Chris. We're at Metlife Stadium for the

Cowboys against the Giants. We're getting ready to go see what these Giants fans

are like as Cowboys fans walk through the tailgate. I don't know guys you think

this is going to be rough we'll see.

I guess that was mean?

Cowboys! Go Cowboys! Wait, you're so friendly.

I am. I'm very friendly.

Why'd you give her a burger, sir?

What's the difference between Giants and Jets fans, would you say? Class.


As a sign of friendship!

I hate the Cowboys.

But you're still nice to me.

You think the Jets fans are worse than Giants fans? I think the Jets fans are more

zealous cuz they care about their team more. Where as the Giants, ah you know, I guess

that's more of a lackadaisical nature about their team.

Making our way into the

stadium so far. There's Metlife right there. Pretty weak. No jeering. No no


No one has said anything to us.

Too friendly. It's too friendly.

Everybody is too nice right now.

Hey, guys. We're here at Lincoln Financial Field for today's game for the Seahawks

vs. the Eagles. You see we're in Seahawks gear. Guys, what do you think is gonna happen?

I mean, so far we stepped out of my car we were yelled at about ten times by rowdy Eagles fans.

so I'd say that the fans here are very passionate but fun so far.

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