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Today we're going to look at doubles net cords and more specifically how to hit a net cord

every time even if your opponent is right there.

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In this video on the doubles net cord we'll be covering the technique and how to practice

it with a special guest appearance from Olympic medalist and expert net player Chris Langridge.

So your racket should be pretty much horizontal when you're playing the shot. This means that

you can play a tighter net shot and also gives you options to play other shots like the push

This is so that your opponents don't know what's coming. If your shaft is angled downwards like this

then your only options are to play a net shot or a lift making it much easier for your opponents

to predict. This is okay in singles but not in doubles and is where a lot of people go wrong.

Now there are three more quick points to help you play this shot successfully. So the angle of your

strings depends on where you're taking the shuttle. If you're taking it around this height then your

string should be flatter whereas if you're taking it later, around this height then you should angle

your strings more towards the ceiling so that it goes over. And you need to have a really relaxed

grip. A forehand grip on the forehand side and a relaxed backhand grip on the backhand side

and this is really important for your quality and consistency in the shot. If you're really tense in

your grip then you just won't have any control and before we move on to our final point here's what

Chris, or Lango as we call him believes is really important when hitting a good quality doubles netshot.

You need to make sure when you're striking the shot you're on balance, you want to take it as

early as possible but you have to believe that you have touch to be able to play a tight net shot. If

you come in tense, if you're coming in off balance if you're coming in you know where you're like

jabbing the shuttle in an aggressive way it's not going to work. Feel the shuttle over the net and

as i said you have to be on balance, you have to be stable and it's a lot of practice. I mean

I've been practicing this for 20 years. As Lango's just said, your balance is really important and

our final technical point will help you with this, and this is your foot timing. You want your lunging

front foot to land as you're striking the net shot. Landing before you hit the shot means you can no

longer adjust your body and landing after means that you aren't in control of your body like this.

So as Lango also said this shot is all about practice practice practice.

So to practice net cords, you should get a feeder to throw shuttles from a variety of angles

and they can also racket feed. Getting your confidence high in a controlled environment

means that you're more likely to play the shot and play the shot well in a match. It's

of course also important to practice when moving at speed like we would in a match.

Now we're about to have a three-way doubles net cord challenge but before we do this

here's Lango's concluding thoughts on why the doubles net is such an important part of the game

For me definitely doubles net is really important because some of the best players

in the world have the ability to be able to take the net away from their opponent. Now the big thing

about this is generally when you get the net your opponent has to lift. If you're attacking

it's the best formation, it's the best style to have because when you're attacking

it gives you the best chance of trying to win the point so if you can take the net

away from your opponent you can play a tight net shot in front of them so they have to lift

or even that you're there so early you can get a net cord they can't even get it back

or you know you can come in you can turn the shuttle away by having good touch. All

these things are such advantages because if your opponent's in a low position if they're late they

can't do anything to hurt you as a partnership. There's so many things and so many advantages and

I think it's such a massive thing in all doubles events and men's doubles especially.

So we each have 10 shuttles and whoever gets the most net courts wins!

If i don't get seven i'm gonna be sad.

If you're lucky enough to be on court at the moment then have a go at that challenge and

let us know how you get on. Tag us in your attempt on Instagram using the hashtag #10shuttlechallenge

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