Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Luxus Hymer 2020: Laika Ecovip L3019. Wohnmobil 2021 Original auf Fiat Ducato.

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rajkovic today let's take a look

second model on

a little different and with the first leica

we were astonished how

the interior was really classy

and luxurious this really beautiful

us navy silver cab on

naturally fourth in tuscany

you have greyhounds built up here

we've seen that before so it

could be but it can also be quite

but for us it looks different

like greyhounds the power machine

wings 160 hp cool structure so completely

harmless but inside there it is

possible very noble and you can also see

fair prices 79 1190 we are

in the upper class list price here

92,000 482 euros and 160 hp

automatic transmission heavy question asks

4.25 ton fuel tank 90 liters and

and so you can see from the side

we look at ten men in the back

frame window so this flush


and that's really all alone

with a double camera in there already something quite

to do other things

this is how you see 32 inch telco televisions

already inside once intimately

navigation system and cars are whole

new come

resilient floor electric water

drain functions that over

there is the water pump

so a very small one

detail number on there is a compensation

vessel with it

So there's another one up here

So rather not equalizing vessel

then goes out continuously when pumping

So a lot of storage compartments and also

in the back again storage compartments the side

they're in here again and one

central control that means you have one

concluded that centrally because both then

That's why this big lever moves too

when you turn it does exactly again

then you see then both

closed up all of a sudden

cassette toilet

and here a double floor storage compartment

goes through so can accept

go straight in

pekovic l 30 19

with a pull-down bed and something in terms of design

other wood schufa illuminated are at

the free state unites us in sulzemoos

tv knows viewers can

we can go out right away

then you have to do it up here

bracket has a total of one level

construction door with gas pressure damper

outdoor lighting awning the classic

seating arrangement what time

noticeable despite the high standing height and

again this design was so whole

sublime it looks very noble knows that

leather big teeth

the new gear automatic 160 hp

we open

even ambient lighting in the horn

in there then this cushion that has him

already seen with the two

colors are in you and silver too

that can then be imagined more

I still have that people

seating area yes the tv biscuits out

the friends is two above it is that

Lift-up bed or we can go down first

to let

the bd underneath the switch is like that

don't have to do anything you should go dirty

that's it, you have to be up there now


stay here hello okay okay so big one

By the way, I refer to the lift bed

other video the same in there

that seems very popular with italians

to be

there you can separate

coface am high

and whoosh away that goes in

bit lost stereo but that is

also up here in this area you have

the again the standing height complete with

in there and then have the here too

isolation so now we can go

I had hoped for a television car

that this goblet passes her by

you see it's made in italy so

it has to go

otherwise they will take to the streets

so now it can take off here and then

turn once

jahns war doesn't fit and even

right one

So you can see a large 32 inch television

so more and more often that you die

smaller television the 24 inch that is

okay but we have 32 great people

home then already 70 inches yes then may

also a bit bigger its mobile

or 80 so here you still have how

with the cockpit it looks like in the


original or have a look at this too

here how it works too slipped

this is then also an announcement

venlos there is yes please cut it

that is exactly where the technology is

you want to know it again now


now it cracked

is locked somewhere

you have us before we are here now

ridicule passes

ok so i'll do ten minutes now

until you see what I'll do

little to have nothing to do

just turn around, I think I think

you just gotta turn really

just turn it three times

know the exact direction

nothing is supposed to be done now he's in and

then just press or that was it

it now

if so for advertising on youtube

high high as not with the cell phone

instagram here you also have as in

cockpit you have these shades

before these these clippings and then

press all the way up now

completely darkened so you can from

You can't look inside anyway

tried it is not so typical

italian spanish

the digestive system say that here in

the side is integrated to pull out

on both sides

God come on let's go to the kitchen

because with tuscany it comes like that

spaghetti bolognese

so this is this is the gas bottles

changeover if only two gas bottles

you can switch to control

with it or one cleared then goes

automatically the other to that is ours

Extractor to the outside so you can see

with a shaft to the outside like that

this time plane in silver


small three flames

right here with the funds fail

here a little different from normal


the deep play hello hello twice

but play really deep so it's deep

up here you are still so passive

lit or I'll tell you

backlit drawers

it's shooting day number 5 at the one time

firm press now yes that was so

that is clearly the recess for the basin

so also made by hand


because you can film inside

nice that this does the 2 1 itself


quite a few not at all what's under here

under that and in the appeal for appeal

is the place for a second battery

a yes and then next door is the first


could already see that

or a staufach servus and here was

already be there


I think that was his side

have just seen peeps report

then don't have cutlery again

we have even more storage space for 50 to

to 15 kilos we have a small one

pig on the other side

probably gas or something

again just something from the outside

not where we can not reach

because the vehicle is right next door

of this refrigerator answer of the

well-known Wednesday and the box ok so

big like marlene then here the subject for

the sweets where the son doesn't

So where is mine from bed


do you have a window here the mini

So the shut-off valves restrict that

whole bathroom at least excited

here too can get it right

So here means to do it

can but can go in and now you have

here no hitchhikers three pieces then

shower the wet area with one


the light for ski clothes or whatever

bush ranked three okay there she is again

toilet with window sink

Hiding waiting times completely is that

material is promise is that

plastics business okay here

then looks a bit again

storage space and becomes a paper comes from

inside and out hedge funds that is

the shower

exactly how she wants to shower is for him

nice draft this little one

window with it

you have the swivel bath marlene you have

1 look, I can have that out

I was amazed because it will

everything get wet

and now you can turn it around like

exactly that fits or every millimeter


I think look here for the answer

yes that could disturb what disturbs others

still had to move straight

then do that when you upstairs

just turn it

so and now it could be possible

that's it because the toilet was that

toilet and now you have one

have you here again in the

cover again storage space for

shower gel, shampoo, etc.

you just close it here with the

day so the magnets are closed

that there is dense own shower with

to make swiveling externally again

the bathroom now comes back to the bathroom

it seems like we're home

at some point no more space for so long

have you lived the panning for now

turn on everything you find light

here is how you turn everything on

what you can design and what

rescue men then we should

times very briefly

that will have because I wanted

namely show the ambient light once

without everything being slain with

my camera light how the whole thing

wraps up here still light come

I don't know

So that's what we think

televisions are practically here in the corner

long that now soon

there you have a lot of space

both sides okay here is one

the wardrobe underneath

I think we don't even do it all

briefly so that we can look exactly away

then we have that and now we have to

turn on the light

he has not yet sparked or even one

a bit down then what looks anyway

exactly how one is very clearly in back there

there is a large drawer inside

wardrobe you can see outside and

you can of course in the floor area

also store things again there is that

stromer finished with the fuse

directly from the power supply for approx

cool like that and there is that again

insert when I have a lawn

want to make it that can also be two

ladders are included and one due

Meadow once at risk of a rear

area is accurate and that is the view

then illuminates the ambience

vehicle that is slowly getting dark

outside 5 o'clock so we can do is one

Handy still with us that

control panel thoma 6 the control panel here

on the side here is the sat system

inside and we're going to make it out

moderation there is the eco witt l 30

19 model year 2021 in the motor version

160 hp with automatic transmission 579 1990


and so it looks completely out of many

thanks for watching

that was our session from sulzemoos at

the free state and we are coming soon

again a lot of videos again

turned it was liked very much

exciting exhausting exciting five

days exciting

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