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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THIS GAME IS TERRIFYING! | Visage - Part 2

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Top of the morning to ya, laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Visage,

Where I have no idea what I'm actually doing right now. I don't know what my my next-

Oh god..

(Your lighter is nearly empty.) Oh my god. I can't see anything

Whoa, that is supremely mega dark.

Not cool bro! Can't see shit.

Okay, so

Fuck, It sounds like something's following me. What's my n-next plan of attack then? Maybe I should just go back down and get the camera

The camera was showcasing stuff

When I found it- I already forget to fuckin lay out where this house, is it, it was downstairs, right?

I also need to pick up a second lighter somewhere


It's my sanity pills or the bulbs, I guess

(lights move) Why are you moving? Why are you freaking out? Stop!

(Radio static turns on) Ugh


Guess I could have replaced the bulbs upstairs that time

*Creepy Music*

Why do you do that? Let's drop you there just so I can pick up this second lighter

*Still some Creepy Music*

This management system is terrible


Down into the shithole we go, I guess


Is this area where the little girl showed up and rocked my socks?

*Creaking door*

Why are you slightly ajar? I don't like that. I would like that trowel though, looks like it would go a long way

Let's go through here. I can't remember where I am

*door creaking*

Yeah, this seems right.


Im a fuckin Idiot

Was i down here?

Yeah, this just loops to this place as well.

*Tweet sound*

Oh God It's so creepy

*Gurgle noise*

It's so tense like all the time

*More tweet sounds*

Uh, Oh it was here. Okay. So here's the storage room. Yes. Okay. Give me my camera

Thank you

Haha. ooh,


Okay, let's follow the trail

Unless I'm going the wrong direction

Ugh God! See?! Fucking Audio delay. When I get scared I just get pissed off.

Okay, still following it

Still following it. Okay. It went upstairs, did it? Yeah


*groaning noise*

*creaking door and groaning noises*

Is that where the thing was going? oh god

Uuuhhh The fucking Camera

*Door slams*


Oh God.

Fucking hate this!

This reminds me so much of Cry Of Fear

Uh do i have to go close to this?

*Worried laugh*

Oh (It's locked nothing indicates which key opens it.)

(camera stops working) Oh no, Oh No. Oh no

Okay this lighters out but there's another one right here

*roaring noise*

Oh God oh god, okay

Little girl taken by a big demon face man. Okay. Got it. Cool, uh, Bye! Okay my camera works again

*Fire crackling noise*

Okay, but like, what?

Lil- Little girl?

You show me these things and then act like... Oh God

Uh, What am I doing?

Show me these things and then say auto-saving... acting like some progress has been made

But I can assure you good sir, the progress has not been made. because I have no idea what I'm doing

The thing is still making noise. okay, that's good.

*squeak noise, fire crackling*

Oh...That's different

*Wind blows*

This is a completely different door

*Winds whistles, clock ticks*

What did I do?


I didn't like, finish it, did i?

Oh God

*tense inhale*

Welp, hey, let's go on a guilt trip


Let's just take pictures of everything, nice scenery. Wow. That's a nice tree, look at these bears, my daughter would love them... Oh right


So, is this, this dudes like, purgatory?

Because he killed the three people at the start and then killed himself,

Or themselves. I don't know actually who it was or what was happening

God there's a giant bear behind that one

This is perfectly normal

This is fine

Just keep taking pictures

Take pictures of the giant bear


Oh God it's so much more peaceful when you're out in the open.

God it's the little it's the little scary doll but gigantic version of her!

Hey yogi. Ooh a tree house, where all good childhood memories exist.

...I have to E and not click.

I'm Lucy. Hello, Lucy. I want to be your friend Lucy

Oh No

(reading) I'm Lucy

"hello, Lucy," the demon in the TV says

"I Want to be your friend Lucy," it says across the radio. Then it comes out of the TV when she's playing blocks

And she's like, "Nope,

No, it's block time, Not Demon Possession time!" And he's like, "I'll take your fucking tree house

if you don't listen to me, bitch" she's like

"Okay, fine possess me" and

Do something with my bird Peaco

Friend did it

(stops reading) Did friend kill your bird?

(It's locked you need small key) Oh.

Found a Mistrushca doll

There is a small key in the back!

Ha ha!

Oh so did she get possessed?

radio: Lucy.

radio: Listen to me.

radio: I'm with you Lucy

radio: Sing with me Lucy.

radio: It's bad Lucy

*board slams* Jack: *Screams*

radio:It has to go away.

Jack: No, my camera!

radio: There isn't anyone Lucy, Just me, and you.

Jack: Why is this a thing that's allowed to happen?

radio: I want to help you.

radio: It's not what it seems

Jack: Come on camera!

Jack: You can do it!

radio: Your parents wouldn't understand, Lucy

Jack: Fuck you game.

radio: Only you could understand.

radio: Get rid of it Lucy.

*Slam* Jack: Oh God, Jesus Christ. Fuck.

radio: Get rid of it Lucy

radio: Do it Lucy.

radio: Get rid of it Lucy

Jack: Get rid of it Lucy?

radio: Do it.

Jack: Do it.

radio: Get rid of it Lucy

Jack: Come on Lucy, fucking do it.

radio: Lucy

radio: Lucy

* Girl Crying*

Jack: Lucy?

radio: Do It Lucy

radio: Get rid of it Lucy

Jack:Oh god, okay

radio: *Your parents wont understand Lucy*

Jack: I want out now. I wanna go home

radio: Get rid of it Lucy

Jack: I'm just gonna hide the corner

radio: Do it

Jack: Do it

radio: Do it Lucy

radio: Get rid of it Lucy

Jack: Uhh, it's getting louder

radio: Get rid of it Lucy

radio: Lucy

radio: Lucy

radio: Lucy

*girl screeching*

*Wood breaking and crashing*

Jack: Guess I'm dead

So when,

She got possessed did people think she was like crazy. So they start injecting with stuff and that's why she gave me the syringe earlier

Where am I?


Bunch of light switches.

Oh God, What The?

God no, no turn that back on. It's the only light source here. I thought I like broke the game

Okay, I have the dynamic inventory still, I have a candle.

I Think the candles are just there so that you..

Lighters and candles everywhere. I want more lighters than I want candles. One two three lighters.

I think the lighters are there so they candles so that you put them down somewhere and then they act as like a light source because

they said that,

Well no fucking duh. They said that the lighter doesn't stop your insanity

So maybe I should do like this


Did I drop the- Don't- Pick up the fucking lighter.

*Heavy and pained breathing*

Lucy? Oh Jesus! Oh, fuck! What do I do? What do I do? Take some pills!

Take some pills! Take some pills! Eat the fucking pills! Devour them!!

Gah!! Lucy fuck off!

Okay. okay.

Oh God

She's in front of me, isn't she?

I hate this. I hate this. This fucking blows, man!

Okay, I'm near lights, I'm at lights.

Okay, no, I'm not. Everything is not okay! All the lights are out in the house

Where do I go?

Oh god

Can I go back to my progress room we'll be safe there

*Screaming from both Jack and Lucy*


*Tearing sounds*

She's got no bottom jaw. Does she take my bottom jaw? That's not yours


Man I'm feeling very directionless. I mean, I know it's supposed to like reminisce from PT

PT was directionless because it was one fucking room


Like where am I going?

Okay, I think she got after me because my insanity or my sanity got low

So like does this counts as lights?

Is my sanity going back to normal. I don't know, It's hard to fucking tell

*Aimless light switch clicks*

I need to figure out what's different

And where I can go next.

Lucy? Goh, fuck

Oh God oh God

Can I go in oh god, I don't know what I'm supposed to do fuck

Why did I , why would I want to go in Oh

God has that doesn't work. Okay it auto saved at least

I can duel-wield. Sick oh

I need a light source, man. Oh wait. Maybe you can get back into the room over here



Is there something on the wall over there. you can fuck right off and all



That's it, tear it down. Oh, wait, I can't jump. How do I go through?

Oh-ha progress

Oh no her bird Peaco


Where is she I hear her no, no, no

Avoid staying in the dark for too long. I fucking know that

Think I don't know that I am a person in the know all right

Some many fucking drawers and there's nothing in any of them

What do I do? Can I open the bird cages? No

I'm so like paranoid about my time limit Oh


Light Oh camera action

Speaking of camera

*Jack screaming*

Fuck this game

Hey Luc

You doing okay?

You need the cages room key

No, I don't fuck that. Just kick the door down

There's just gonna be a key in a random fucking location and we're here not happy about it

Where did that asshole go?


It's getting me good I love it. I haven't been this spooked by a game in a really long time

My lighter is about to go out fuck.

I do have a candilu


Is that gone forever? Tits!

Okay, this is the bad lighter take out this one they're all fucking bad

Okay, haha!

Come on give me a key somewhere


More light, the better. Key key key

Maybe its not even in a drawer

If I even found any keys and drawers in this entire game, oh

Fuck off little girl.

I've never wanted to punch a child more in my life

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

When'd that light go off? I didn't realize that shit

Where is this key?!

Ooh, crawl space

No, no, no, no. Piss off, litte girl.

Oh my god I actually lost her

There was the set of drawers here that I don't think I checked

And now I have no idea where they are coz now I'm lost again


Knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. Let me go

Let me go. Let me go. Let me go. Let me go.

Peace out motherfuuuuck this

Just go just just go. Oh god, there's so many

*Pained and creepy breathing*

Run! Faster dammit you're an adult


It's fine what were you freaking out about?


Or, you know. It's jammed... What?

She's still out there. Oh god, the door is gone.

Both doors are gone

Peaco help

*Scared Jack noises*

*Creepy breathing*

*Crunching and scared bird noises*

Is she eating the bird?

Don't make me get close to her

Use the lighter, burn her hair

Oh, it's mini things. Mini like TV live mini manikin as we call them mini-kins, oh you use

These the matroyshka dolls i've been picking up. No, I've no idea what these are. They're like dolls heads

Yeah, that is your demon friend for sure, oh look at the tiny little closet

Okay, well good hanging out guys. Oh thank god, never thought I'd be happy to see this fucking house again, oh

No, it's just like Cry of Fear the very beginning of Cry of Fear has a huge jump scare, oh

*Camera clicking* Oh fuck, that doesn't even do anything.

Can I do it?

*Growling coming from inside the closet*

No, oh no, thank you


Oh god, now, there's two of them

Well I didn't want to be in your fucking room anyway. The place sucks

Can I have lights back?

What the hell? Mannequin jaw?

Okay there's a mannequin downstairs. Should I just go back there?

Oh no...

Yeah mannequins back here... Here we go. You're in a different place though you weren't there before?

This mannequin wasn't here before. Yeah, you're fucking damn right it wasn't

Avoid standing in the dark for too long, I can't fucking help it

Can I-? Oh no, I can't go in there and stand in the light. Shit!

Okay, eyeball


God not again

I'm so tense

Fucking hate this! Well, I love it, but I hate it

Hmm down or up? This one has a light though

What was that? Something freaked out

Don't do this to me

I hate this, I hate this, I hate this, have I told you that I hate it?

*Scared Jack noises*

*More scared Jack Noises*

Cool? Will this one light up? Nope.

Just go

Just go. fuck it. Yolo. Oh God haven't said Yolo in a while.

It's been a hot minute. Okay, down here. So wait, let's check this

Oh it sucks


Fuck was that

It's locked from the other side. Course it is. That wasn't even a human!

Doh- fucking christ!!

There's just claw marks everywhere.

Oh... God.

*Jack losing his sanity*

My poor heart. Okay, save. I can't, of course.

Should I follow the claw marks?

I mean, I'm just gonna say this right now, that seems likes a really bad idea but...

*Clock chiming*

Yeah, it seems like it probably would be right but...

*Creepy growling*

I can't-...

*Creepy growling continues*

What's that?

*Growling continues*

What is that?

*Growling grows closer*

God, why am I walking towards it?

Oh fuck...

oh do you want me to go through the scary door?

*The growling becomes very close*

*Jack pissing his pants* Dud- Fucking! Grrrr...

*Pained and struggled breathing*

Were those his fingernails?! Oh, come on

My sanity was fine, why were paranormal activities happening?

That's what people said after number three was made why our paranormal activities still happening?

Okay, well you know what I'm gonna leave this episode here. It's about all my heart can take right now.

Man *Clap*

Fantastic game! I'm liking this a lot so far.

Super super fun. I mean I'm getting scared a lot. But that's the fun factor. That's what a horror game is supposed to do

So- and it's it has like a nice blend of like creepy atmosphere

Tense scares, but also like jump scares and everything. So it's it's woven very well together. It's just a little Directionless at times

I wish I had a bit more of that where it was like I

I don't know. I guess I'm still finding my way through it just feels like sometimes I have no idea where I'm going

But that room looked important that room looked like one that I wasn't in before

So maybe I'll head back there next time but for now, thank you guys so much watching this video if you liked it

Punch that like button, in the face, LIKE A BOSS!


High fives all around. WAPSH! WAPSH!

Thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see all you dudes...


[Theme Song Starts Playing]

Say Cheese.

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