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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ladylike Answers Questions About Love IDK

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- Welcome to another episode of IDK.


- So love is one we are talking

about today. - Yes. Already crying.

- Love! - Lips that touch

liquor will never touch mine.


- Without liquor many lips would not have touched mine, so.


- Yeah let's do it. - Alright cool.

- Yeah yeah. - Yay.

- Have you ever been cheated on?

- I've been cheated on before. It sucks.

- I like to say and think like, "I haven't been cheated on",

but like y'know.

- It's possible that I have,

I feel like though most dudes don't cheat on me,

they just like break up with me

like they - which is better.

- Which is much better. - Yeah.

- If it's happening to you,

if you suspect it's happening to you,

like it's not about you,

it's a problem that they have with themselves.

- How old were you when you started dating?

- I was 14 when I started dating.

I went to an all girls middle school

so I just kind of fantasizing and imagining

what it would be like to have a boyfriend

and then once I got to high school

which was co-ed I was like


- I was 14 when I had my first boyfriend and first kiss

and with all the people I've dated,

I've like seen them from across the way

and then I say I'm gonna date them.

- (gasps) Really? - Yeah.

- That's powerful.

- And then I do.

- Oh wow that's powerful. - Across from what?

- It's been across halls.

- It's been over yonder, okay?

- Across sidewalks. - A bridge.

- I started dating at 14 and I dated for about nine months

and then not again until I was 22.

I spent all of high school being like,

"I will always be alone, I might as well be a nun".

- I started dating boys when I,

honestly when I was probably like 13 ish,

I think I gave one of them a mix CD

with the song The Hamster Dance on it.

I was like, "Pretty spicy".

And the first time I ever like sort of dated a girl

I was like a senior in high school

and then I didn't really start dating fully

until I was like 19.

- What's the most awkward way

you've broken up with somebody?

- He had like picked a flower for me and so he was like,

"Here's this flower" and I was like,

"I think we should break up".


- Why'd you break up with him?

- It just kind of like fizzled out.

- What are your dating deal breakers?

- Laziness plus five.

- No chivalry.

- I can't be with someone who doesn't have a sense of humor.

- You should have things to talk about,

people who are like boring,

who don't really have opinions on things,

I'm not dating celery. I'm dating peanut butter.

- Hell yeah!

- What's your worst online dating/blind date experience?

- I dated one guy that I met on an app for like three months

and it was really nice and then he stopped talking to me.

- Never been on a blind date,

I have gone on one Tinder date and it didn't end well.

- You've only been on one

Tinder date? - Yeah.

- I've never really been on an awkward date just 'cuz

I know how to really hit the escape button.

If it's not going well I'll just be like, "gotta go".

- The one tinder date that I went on ended weirdly because,

it went really well at first and then when it came time

for the date to be over he wanted a kiss

and I just like wasn't ready.

I was like, "nah".

And then he was like,

"Are you serious? You're really not gonna kiss me?"

And then I was like.

Pew! And then I ran away.

- If you go on a date with someone

you don't owe them anything, like you just,

you owe people politeness and kindness

and all you have to say over a text message if you want is,

"Hey I wasn't feeling the chemistry,

but you know I hope you have a good life".

- What's the best date you've ever been on?

- The best date I've ever been on was one time

I went to an all you can eat buffet

and I don't really even know anything

that happened other than the buffet.

- I went on a date with this guy,

it was actually my first like serious boyfriend as an adult.

It was a very chill date, we went to the movies

and then we just like walked around Union Square afterwards

at night it was like a hot summer night

and that was a really nice night

and we ended up actually dating for a while after that

and it was great.

- My first date with my boyfriend.

We made out in the car to like alternative pop songs.

And it was like very cute.

- We just made out to Beyonce for the rest of the night.

- I'd like to change my answer.


- Buffet is so funny.

- Yeah she took me to this Argentinian restaurant and I had

(laughs) - delicious sausage sandwich.

- Kristin, what is it like being a married woman?

- We've been married for a month. It goes so fast.

I mean maybe like ask me in a year I'll be like,

"It's so different". But it doesn't feel different.

It's just kinda feels natural.

It's the same as dating someone

except now I can be on his car insurance.

- Describe your first kiss.

- My first kiss was

- [Both] At a mall, outside of Red Robin

- Freddi and I have very similar stories.

- It was cute, it was fun.

It wasn't a peck, but it wasn't like makeout sesh

it was like a cute in between.

- He did the little kinda like lizard lick.

We were each other's first kiss so

we had no idea like how things were done at all and so like

(nose blowing squeakily)

- I'm sorry.

I'm uncomfortable.

- Have you ever been in love?

- I've been in love like two and a half times.

- One and a half times.

- Really? - Yeah.

- Three times.

- Aw, you're a lover Dev.

- I think I was in love with basically every person

who looked at me nicely between the ages of 14 and 22

I was just like, "You're friendly, I love you now".

- I think you should fall in love every chance you get.

You only have so much time in life and yeah

you're gonna get broken hearted but like

you grow from it and you get stronger.

- Sometimes you just gotta sit at that slot machine

until you hit the jackpot.

- Cha-ching.

- Just keep jerkin' the slot machine.

- What's love got to do with it ladies?

- Got to do with it.

- Got to do with it.

- You've got that love.

- Thank you so much.

- Yeah guys.

- Thank you for subscribing

and if you haven't we'd love if you did.

- You, the best.

- Rock.

- Until next time, IDK.

- Bye! - Woo!

- When I have nothing else to say, Jimmy.

- Your love language is to be like hi.

(funky jazz music)

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