Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kate & Rana 05 01 18 Part 3 (Last Part)

Difficulty: 0

Mind if I join you? NO.

I mean yeah.

Have you got anymore milk?


Where's Luke?

Last I heard he was boozing it up and then his phone died

Nice to know where his priorities lie

Hey he's had a tough time. He deserves a break

What do you think about the hate mail?

Spelling and punctuation very poor.

Maybe give it a c-minus. Just goes to show, all those kids at the back of the class not paying attention

Turns out they were the racists.

I don't find it funny

They're trying to scare you

They're succeeding.

Only if you let them.

Take a leaf out of Luke's book. Have a drink.



This is good

It's more evidence to help Luke's case. I'll be sending this over to the police

and to the press.

Sceuse a minute

I couldn't do it but I will

No..You won't

I thought you was getting us drinks

Fancy going into town?

Yeah why not

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