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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: IDIOM - The Cat's out of the Bag - American English

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Well, the cats out of the bag. Several of you have guessed my secret.

That cats out of the bag. What a great idiom. In this American English pronunciation

video, well go over how what it means, how to say it, and how to use it.

It would be hard to keep a cat in a bag wouldnt it? I imagine it would struggle, it would

move around a lot, and would want out.

>> The cats out of the bag.

The cats out of the bagis an idiom in English that means a secret becomes known.

For example:

>> Hey, are you coming to Renees surprise party tonight?

>> Yes, but its not a surprise anymore. The cats out of the bag, she overheard

me talking about it.

Now, theres something that Ive been keeping from you, the Rachels English audience.

Its gotten harder and harder to keep you from knowing, and in my last video, quite

a few of you noticed. The cats out of the bag. Its not a secret anymore.

Im pregnant. Over the course of our trip this summer, and this fall, Ive been getting

bigger and bigger. And now Im about two months away from my due date. Im due December

30, with a boy. This is my first baby. And my husband and I are really excited.

Ive had a lot of fun over the past week reading your comments on Facebook and YouTube

as some of you figured out that Im pregnant. Thank you for your well-wishes.

So there it is, the cats out of the bag. Interestingly, I got a request this week to

go over the phraseout of’, so the timing is perfect for this idiom.

>> The cats out of the bag.

The cats out of the bag. We have six words, and only two of them are stressed, which means you

want the rest to be really short. Since all of these words go together to make one idea,

they should all link together.

The first word isthe’. Voiced TH, schwa. Because this is a function word, its not

very important. We dont have to bring the tongue tip all the way through the teeth,

th. You can instead press the tongue behind the teeth, the. It will squish through the

teeth a little bit, the, the, but it doesnt take as long as bringing the tongue tip all

the way through the teeth, th, th, the. Th, th, the. The cats, the cats.

Heres a stressed word. Weve made it a contraction withis’. ‘Cat is

becomescats’. K sound, the AA vowel, aa. You might want to lift your top lip a

little bit to get the right sound, aa. The tongue lifts high in the back and then comes

down in the front. AA, ca-, ca-, cats. The TS cluster. Close the teeth and put the

tongue to the roof of the mouth, cat-ts, stop the air, then release the air and the tongue

tip down, keeping your teeth together for the S, ts, ts, ts. Cats. Cats. Do you

hear howcatis much stronger thanthe’? The cats, the cats. Thats because

theis a function word. Its less important. We dont care about it as much.

Cats is a content word. These are more important for the meaning, so they have clearer.

That means well make them longer. The cats, the cats.

Now we have three function words in a row. Out-of-the will be pronouncedoutta the’.

So the V inofis dropped, and we want to link it to the wordout’. Outta, outta.

What do you notice about the T? Outta. Its a Flap T because it comes between two vowels.

Just bounce the tongue once against the roof of the mouth, outta, dont stop the air,

outta, outta the. Outta the. Anotherthe’, pronounced just like the firstthe’.

You dont need to bring the tongue tip all the way through the teeth.

Outta the. Practice that a couple times. Outta the, outta the, outta the. The cats, outta

the. The cats out of the. The cats out of the.

And finally, one more stressed word, ‘bag’. Another word with the AA vowel. Drop your

jaw and lift the top lip slightly, ba-, ba-. Back of the tongue is high, tongue tip is

down. Bag. What do you notice about the pitch of this word? Bag. It goes down in pitch.

Bag, bag. Thats what we want with a stressed syllable.

The cats out of the bag. [3x]

You can use this idiom in any setting, casual or business. We do use idioms in more formal

speech and in work situations.

I hope this video has helped you understand when and how to say this idiom. If theres

an idiom youd like explained, please put it in the comments below.

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Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.

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