Practice English Speaking&Listening with: พูดคุย มิวกลัฟ talk mewgulf cut

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Q: Please introduce your self with caption

G: Hello (Sawadee krub)

G: I'm Gulf Kanawut. I roles as type.

G: Can I speak out of my slogon instead of the caption?

Q: Yes Yes

G: Get five for the confident.

G: Get ten for handsome.

G: Get more than 100, His husband is very passion in him.

M: This Slogan is very strong.

M: Hello (Sawasdee Krub)

M: I'm Mew Suppasit

M: I roles as .......... ( Ask the viewer to say for him) The viewer: Tharn.

G: There are someone shout that You are Type.

M: Ouuuuu

M: Is it another series?

M : Slogan is ............

M : Don't ever have anyone........

M: sleep with me only one time.

G : I give up. I give up

Q: I feel like I was the air

Q: How do you feel about the Tharntype fanmeeting today?

M + G : (They stare at each eachother and laugh) 55555

G : I'm very grad that Tharntype the series's Fanclub was gathering here in a large amount.

G: We are very intent in every show. Please stay tune for that.

M: I was very excited. I didn't ever have very big fanmeeting.

M: I can tell you that we have the big surprise at the end of the show.

M : I can tell that It was very nice.

Q: Are there still have something nicer than this?

A: They talk about that they didn't met after the filming.

Q: Another Day, I saw mewgulf was met together. They are together all the times.

Q: Didn't another person met up? Only two of them met eachother?

T: I was a little bit jealous. A little bit, They will buy a house and stay together?

K : All of 15 person didn't met up oftenly. But Both of them (Mewgulf) met up very often.

K: But today, everyone will saw the great show for every person for sure.

Sorry It was repeat the before cut about their met up . So I'm not translated again.

Q: If anyone have the pet. Please talk about him?

H : Jackforce.

H: Jackforce bacame a beef strew.

H: Let's talk about marble.

H : Who knows Jackforce?

H: I just adopt the new cat name Jackforce. He is Persian cat.

K: How about the golden fish?

Q: golden fish, golden fish

Q: They are still alive?

T: The golden fish isn't at home today. The golden fish are here.

Q: Still have another person? Mew also have one.

M : (Asked the fan) What is his name?

F: Chopper

M : Didn't named gulf?

G: I amn't a Dog.

M : I will change to take care of cat insteads.

G: Chopper will be sulking.

M: So, I willnot take care the cat. (Cause he afraid that Chopper will be sulking.)

Q: But Cat and Dog can stay together.

M : Can or not?

G: Can (His sound was very whining)

Q: Gulf also have one?

G: I have the cats at house.

Q: Gulf have a cat. and Mew have a dog.

Q: But the two of them take care of eachother.

Q: What is your favourite corner inside the house?

G: I like the bed.

M : What do you do in the bed?

G: Sleep Sleep

M : What do you do another than sleep?

G: I was the person that like to lay down on the bed.

T: Are you a sick person? ( According to gulf used wording stick, Gulf uses wording "stick with the bed". It sound like he can only sleep in bed cannot move.)

G: I had Bedsore.

Q: Why are you like bed?

G: Because I like to sleep

Q: Are you can sleep another place?

G: Can But Sleep on the bed is very comfortable.

G: sleep with the bolster

Q: bolster

Q: Is the bolster tall?

G: Long, Long (he demonstated how long is it?)

Q: Sometime, It doesn't me.

Q: I just asked only Is your bolster tall. But you answer long.

Q: How about Mew? What is your favourite corner? Don't tell me Gulf's house.

M : I don't have the favourite corner.

Q: You like every corner?

M: I'm very lonely right now.

M: I want to have someone stay with me in my house.

G: Chopper will bite me.

M: I didn't said who is it?

G: I have a guilty conscience

Q: Today I head that There are a special surprise for fan too right?

Q: Can you tell me abouth the surprise that mew already talk about it?

T: Don't you listen him first,

Q: Don't you just take care eachother. Didn't listen to another.

M: About the special surprise

M : Don't you just keep it and look by themselves?

Q: Just tell us a little bit.

M : There are the Dance Stage.

M : There are the live band.

M : There are one song that will used the special equipment.

Q: Thai's law didn't allow.

M : You have to wait and see.

Q: As I know, Thai Laws didn't allow this one yet. (He refer to sextoys)

M: What did the laws

Q: The equipment.

G: What is the equipment that you refer too?.

M : What do you refer too?

Q: you just said equipment?

M : You have to wait and see. Don't break the Law.

Q: Just smuggle them to this show.

M : You has to ask P'May (MAME).

Q: P'May (MAME) said that This show was full performance. She was dreamt to have the show like this.

M : Are you have the preesure on this.

G: Should be said exciting instead of pressure. We can perform what did we practised to everyone.

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