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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation!

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what's up guys welcome back to Stauffer Garage

today's detail is not only a disaster interior detail but it is also a

subscribers car Caitlyn who is the owner of this and her husband she reached out

to me and showed me pictures of it and I could not resist detail on this one

because the car has never been clean on the inside and a little bit of back

story behind a car her husband he got the car from a friend who was a

restaurant owner and has food and grime and all that stuff from a restaurant

inside of it but that he is also a mechanic which means that it is full of

grease as well from cars and dirt and everything else so we're gonna be doing

a ton of extraction today we got our work cut out for us oh and before we

move on make sure you guys stick around to the very end because we're gonna get

the owners reaction of the final product always makes it worthwhile so if you

guys are new hit the subscribe button down below and if you are subscribed

make sure the notification bell is turned on let's go and get started all

right so as we get started guys the one thing that you're going to notice is the

owners of the car actually picked up their stuff out of the car and only left

a few things which made my life a lot easier to begin with and immediately

allows me to jump right into the vacuuming now for the vacuuming process

I definitely started with the seats getting a lot of the debris off the

seats where the difference seams started but then also vacuuming all of the seat

cushions themselves and you do that because it helps when you're doing the

extraction process to get some of the dirt out of the fibers before you get to

that point one thing I do like to do is when I vacuum the carpets is try to get

as much out as possible because you run the risk of clogging up your extractor

it's just excess dirt that's larger than once you want to actually get out of the

extraction process it's just it's one of those things that I try to do as much as

I can in the forefront so that way I can focus on more of the embedded stuff that

gets stuck in carpets I'm sure you guys noticed in the before shots that the

shifter console the cup holders in the ebrake was probably the dirtiest part in

my opinion and because of that I wanted to try to vacuum as much of it up as

possible so that way my actual detailing brushes aren't getting completely caked

with goo and gunk and debris

when it comes to vacuuming I have several different attachments with this

new vacuum it's just the basic hose it's this claw type tool and then you have

the tiny nozzle crevice tool and they all have different uses that you'll kind

of figure out as you vacuum your own car but for me personally not using any

attachments good for getting a lot of the larger debris up very quickly the

claw is good for kind of when you're doing that second pass to get a lot of

the carpet fibers clean faster and the crevice tool is obviously more for a

crevice and if you're trying to get in between the seams on the seats or

hard-to-reach spots if you're not pulling out your seats when you're just

doing a typical vacuuming that's where those tools kind of come in handy

speaking of tools if you have dog hair or a lot of embedded fibers or hair from

anything whatsoever a lily brush is actually a really

awesome tool to pick up you can use it on the inside of your car you can use it

in your house if you have dogs and cats it's just a really really good tool at

getting those fibers and those hairs pulled out of them because it's got that

rubber edging on them so if you guys are interested in checking any of the

products out in general that I use in my videos I have them all linked in the

description box below

now that all the carpet is done being vacuumed up I'm moving to the rear seat

bench vacuuming in all of the seats themselves getting behind the seats to

the trunk and then vacuuming on that rear decklid that is probably an area

that a lot of people miss as well vacuuming that rear decklid is kind of

like wiping down your dashboard in the front it's just the opposite if you will

so wiping that down vacuuming any of the dirt and debris up it gets dusty back

there especially if you're driving around with your windows down in the

summer or in a warmer climate you get a lot of crap back there so go ahead and

vacuum it at this point

for the rear seats we're gonna be pulling those out as well because there

is a good amount of staining on that bottom bench pulling it out just makes

it easier for anybody to access them and they're really easy compared to the

front seats I think the rear bench is typically a lot easier to pull out in

any sedan and this is also a treasure trove of fun stuff because everything

kind of falls behind this area you'll actually be surprised what you'll find

underneath this especially if you have kids

now that all the seats are out of the vehicle this is the point where I kind

of just do my last passive vacuuming before we move on to extracting the

actual seats themselves and I try to do the seats first before I do the carpets

inside the car is because they take the longest to dry and even if they don't

take longer you never want to give it back to the customer with wet seats I

mean that's just like common sense and it makes it kind of hard for them to

derive at home without getting soaked so I always try to do the seats first now

for the front seats I'm starting with cleaning the rails and I'm just using my

all-purpose cleaner and my bristled brush and I'm even using my drill brush

on the plastic for some of those harder gunk on spots and the reason why is if

you get this area clean when you're using your extractor a drill brush on

the actual cloth seat itself you're not bringing some of that dirt and debris

over into it and causing an additional staining one thing not to forget is when

you're doing this put the rails forward and back I actually didn't show it on

camera here but if you put this rails forward and back you'll find a lot of

dirt in those rails that you wouldn't typically be able to get to

and if you guys are looking to pick up a set of detailing brushes as well head on

over to Fox clean comm that's my own personal brand and you guys purchasing

these detailing brushes help support this channel helps make these videos

possible and make sure you guys tag me on Instagram that way I can share your

posts of you guys using the brushes as well and thank you to everyone that's

already purchased that's a brush as it does definitely help support this


so inside my sprayer I'm just using ten to one ratio and off-the-shelf carpet

cleaning solution that's aloe foam from Home Depot it's just typically generic

there are more specialty ones I do have a Chemical Guys one that I like as well

that has a little bit more of an odor to it that helps kind of make everything

smell better once everything dries in general you can use LA's totally awesome

you can use an all-purpose cleaner for doing this sort of thing you're

essentially looking for some sort of solution that helps get the grease and

everything in the dirt and all those different substances in your carpet

fibers or your floor mats or your seats lift it to the surface so that way your

extractor can do the work and now that the seats are saturated it's time to

bust out the drill brush and I've been kind of experimenting with different

types of drill brushes and they have these crinkled ones that are more of a

medium and then the soft ones with their straight fibers and I've kind of come to

a balance that the medium ones are sometimes a little too stiff and it

causes the drill to jump around too much and I haven't seen those perform better

than a soft one so the soft one is what I typically recommend it does a much

better job of being gentle when you're trying to do door panels or if you're

doing the seats on a cloth seat or even leather seats in general it's just the

best all-around solution I feel and I'm going to be carrying those odd Fox

cleaned very very shortly as well so kind of be on the lookout for those new

products it'll be carrying

now in my extractor I'm just using plain old hot water there's no special

solution in there it's just purely for a rinse and sucking up all of the solution

that we've already sprayed into the seats themselves to get that dirt and

debris and grease in any oils out of the surface and into the extractor tank

these vertical seat shots are honestly like the best thing in the world for any

detailer and I'm sure for you guys that like watching these for satisfaction is

just seeing the extraction lines where you see half of its completely clean and

the other half is still dirty and just that's what you want to see as a

detailer and it what's what makes my heart happy

and every one of my videos whenever I do extraction I do the dumping process I

usually get a lot of comments on what kind of drink it is so I'm gonna need

you guys to go in the comments below and comment what do you think it is does it

look like a coffee a Coca Cola a chocolate milk there's or you know

with when it came to the the goat motel that one just looked like fruit punch

but yeah let me know in the comments below what you guys think this is

personally I'm gonna go with a cold brew coffee

and in my videos I use the sandia extractor and in general I only pick

this extractor up over my Bozell little green machine thing that I used to use

because of the amount of extraction that I'm doing in the volume of it when

you're using the tiny ones it just takes forever compared to these larger units

to get all of the carpets all of the seats cleaned for some of these details

so that is the main reason why I picked this one up and in general if you guys

are looking to get an extractor for kind of spot cleaning your seats something

you can use in the house the little green machine or anything that you can

pick up at Walmart or Target or anything those do a fantastic job it's more of

the prep when you're doing the extraction before it then makes the

difference so the right solution using a drill brush letting it sit and soak into

the fibers that sort of thing is what matters the most and it even a shop vac

can get the extraction portion done it really doesn't matter as long as it's a

wet/dry vac or you have a mean green machine or whatever extractor it all

does a great job so that's something to keep in mind if you're looking at

picking one up for yourself

now for the door panels themselves I'm just using my all-purpose cleaner I'm

using my bristle brushes and my drill brush in certain aspects and then I'm

using Folex for the actual cloth insert that's on the door panels itself to get

the panel completely clean

because there is a lot of grease in this car on every panel and on the carpets

multiple passes has typically been the trend across this entire detail and the

main reason is is when I spray my solution on I use my brush to try to

foam up and agitate and get that stuff loosened up is it so greasy it doesn't

want to like foam up and come off the surface so I do a light first pass wipe

it clean and by that second pass everything's kind of coming off the

surface and you can get it to be cleaned

one thing I recommend is kind of start with the top of the car and in certain

aspects by vacuuming I didn't really do that but in general try to start from

the top and work your way down and because I pulled out the seats like I

mentioned I'm trying to get those dried first before I get to the rest of the

stuff and just get them out of the way but starting with the door panels

cleaning the windshield doing the dashboard doing the center console and

get in all of that cleaned up is the right method to do it so that way you're

not introducing additional dirt you know after you've done the extraction on the

carpets moving all that dirt around is always going to cause it to contaminate

the lower parts so just start at the top work your way down and then when you get

to the carpets it's kind of like the last thing that you do

one thing I do want to mention is if you guys do not have notifications turned on

go ahead and hit that Bell down below and make sure you turn it on all

notifications so that way whenever there's a new community tab post there's

a new video uploaded you guys are the first ones to know

for the center armrest I used the full ex solution which does a really good job

as just a spray-on carpet cleaner and after doing about I think I'd end up in

four or five passes but after the fifth pass I was actually really baffled that

I was able to get it all entirely out but it just kind of proves that the

right process and the right chemical solution really can make a difference

all the gunk on the shifter and the cup holders in the ebrake was actually

honestly surprising how easily it came off the surface

definitely allowing the solution to soak help the ton and then just using my

bristle brush to move it off the surface and get it out of those different

corners and cracks and crevices and then just wipe it clean with my microfiber


now for the juicy part which is the floors and to be honest I'm gonna say

that just looking at the floors during the vacuuming process I was a little bit

pessimistic on the entire cleaning process when it came to the carpet

because not only were we talking about a lot of grease and dirt that was embedded

in the fibers themselves especially on the driver side but because the car is a

little bit older the entire fibers had been worn off to a point where it was

almost just like a hard plastic surface that's the bottom of the entire carpet

so I did as much extraction I did two passes on the front driver well and then

I went around and did one pass and the rest of the carpets it just didn't make

sense to continue to work on it because it was kind of diminishing returns at

that point and that's something to keep in mind when you're also cleaning your

car if your carpets are old and there's holes and it's really really caked in

there the best solution is honestly pick up some nice floor mats you could always

put that on top of them but the better solution is to go to like Rock Auto or

find somewhere online that's selling on a replacement carpet and you can usually

pick them up for less than 150 bucks for the entire floor carpet of your car and

there's videos online that you can find on how to do it but typically in general

it's not that hard to do and if you replace that carpet it usually makes a

huge difference on the appearance of the inside of your vehicle and making a look

you know a little bit new again

now that the extraction is done I'm kind of going back around the panels after

the drill brushes kind of kicked up some of the dirt and debris from the floor's

wiping down all the door sills cleaning those up cleaning the rest of the door

panels and the center consoles on the side before I do my final vacuuming

process and I do the final vacuuming because no matter what you're always

going to introduce just a little bit of dirt or debris throughout the entire

extraction process so just going one more time over the carpets before you

put the seats back in ensures that when the customer gets the car back

it really is clean it just doesn't have anything lit remaining on the floors

and the final step is get all the seats and everything back in the car and make

sure you torque them down based on the specs that you find online or in your

service manual to ensure that everything's tightened properly in the

car turned out incredible I actually was really really happy with how a lot of

the pieces turned out honestly initially based on being all oil and gasoline and

just car goo I was a bit pessimistic like I said that some of this stuff

wasn't going to come out but it definitely transformed the vehicle and

the owner was super super happy with the end results so if you stick around to

the very end I have the owners reaction which is a subscriber and if you guys

have vehicles that are located in the Columbus Ohio or Central Ohio area and

is a disaster or if you want to get your car cleaned

go ahead and shoot me an email at the Stauffer garage at send me

some pictures of the car and I'm happy to see if we can get you featured on

Stoffer garage thanks again guys and I'll see you next time bye guys

oh the seats are actually great I'm not brown anymore oh this is

wonderful they actually feel like fabric again and

I got the armrest completely cleaned so it's not black at all it just has all

the marks from yeah there you go fix your muffler and I'll let you drive oh

there you go thank you

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