Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Vedic Astrology and Nadi Astrology

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I have spoken to you about Nadi Astrology. These leaves, Palm Leaves, written 1000s of

years ago are called Nadi Leaves. And these carry information about people who go to them

about their previous life, this life, and their future. This is a mystery.

Modern Science will never be able to figure it out because we dont have a methodology

for it. The leaves come to a person by Providence also. So these came to me through a mysterious

process and I just gave it to a few people, and I told them that you just keep them and

then you will be able to read it, maybe after 5 years. So until then, you keep worshipping

these leaves and then they will become alive.

You just look at them and I was trying to read what is in there; there were only scribbles

there; you cannot figure it out, unless there is some Divine assistance that comes to you

by constant worship of the leaves, you cannot do this reading. And there are only very few

people who can do that. And these particular leaves are very, very powerful leaves meaning

that they can give you information about whats going to happen and amazing information.

Later on I am going to show to you the process of how it takes place in India. We have that

all on video, but we have to get permission from those people who have been filmed of

how this person is able to come with the fathers name, mothers name, husbands name, how

many siblings and what works he does and what are her diseasesall these things are

not an accident. When were they written? 1000s of years ago. They were copied and recopied

and then thats how they have been preserved.

I am very happy to introduce this and I am not the first person to introduce this. There

are National Geographic attempts to go there and film it. Discovery channel has put out

many videos on this phenomenon. But I will show you some of the things that I have done

on Nadi Astrology.

The Description of Vedic Astrology and Nadi Astrology