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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pokemon Cakes

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Every year,

thousands of cake decorators, sugar artists,

and chocolatiers

take part in competitions across the country.

Born out of this world came "Food Network Challenge,"

the series that produced some of the most amazing creations...


...and hair-raising moments of all time.

[ All gasp ]

Watch yourself.



And now we're back.


[ Laughter ]

We've invited only the best of the best

from the competition world.

Some of the other contestants.

Let's do this!

Wish us luck.

Here we come.

They'll need to create their best culinary creations

inspired by some of America's favorite pop-culture icons.

We're going to get ready to move.

Today, let Battle Pokémon begin!

Once they finish their behemoths of buttercream...


...they're gonna have to move them

to the judges' table.

Oh, shoot!

Tin Man's going back! bitter.


You're talking more than you're listening.

But victory is oh so sweet.

[ Laughter ]

I'm Ian Ziering.

This is the all-new "Food Network Challenge."


So, we got all of our bags in the back.

As you can see, we're loaded.

Did you bring the keys?

[ Laughs ]

Did you bring the keys?

[ Laughs ] I got pizza.

We are ready for our flight to come out.

Today is the day.

Kind of exciting.

Wish us luck.

We're ready!


Look at everything!


Oh, my God.

I can't believe this, Ray.

This is a rite of passage for me.

"Food Network Challenge" is the one that I want to go do.

Hello, bakers. Come on up.

It's time to preheat the kitchen.

Hi, guys.

Morning, guys.



Ian is gorgeous!

I know we were making cake,

but I didn't know y'all had eye candy.

[ Laughs ]

Welcome, challengers, to the biggest battle there is

when it comes to food competitions.

Today we're taking inspiration

from the animated series "Pokémon."

You want to battle?

They breathe fire.

They shoot water.

They blast electricity, and they're as cute as can be.

These adorable little monsters

fight epic battles for supremacy...


...just like the four of you.

If you manage to impress our judges and come out victorious,

you'll take home $10,000

and the title of "Food Network Challenge" winner.

Now let's meet our judges.

She's animated to the max...

[ Laughter ]

...and a champion in her own right

when it comes to food competitions.

Claudia Sandoval.

Hi, guys!


He's got the skills that pay the bills -- Keegan Gerhard.

Bring your best.

And Internet baking sensation Matt Adlard.

Pressure's on, okay?

I can't wait to see what you create.

Now, there's gonna be two rounds of competition.

In the first, you'll be asked to create

an edible version of a Pokémon character.

This is an elimination round,

so one of you will not continue on this quest.

If you're lucky enough to move on to round 2,

the three remaining challengers

will use their Pokémon from round 1

as part of the battle scene

featuring another iconic Pokémon character.

You've got two hours to complete your round 1 piece.

So let the Pokémon battle begin!


So, in the Pokémon universe,

there's a lot of storytelling going on.

What are you expecting to see from these people?

CLAUDIA: I'd really kind of like them

to almost seem as though they're in motion.

When it comes to just re-creating a Pokémon character,

you don't have a lot of latitude because they are what they are.

MATT: Yeah. The color-matching is gonna be difficult.

I agree.

So, I'm making the ganache. It's almost set, Ray.

Alright. Perfect.

I already got body pretty much layered.

Awesome. Get it going.

So, Sobble is different shades of blue. He's very cute.

It just looks like a squishy little fun thing

that you would want to have around you all the time.

Sobble will be sitting on a lily pad.

I want to make sure that it looks as realistic as possible.

Let's airbrush this. I'm gonna get the airbrush machine.


When you do that lighter airbrush, pull the gun away

so that way you get, like, a soft mist

and it's not so heavy.


I'm Manuel Miranda, and I'm from San Diego, California.

My assistant is my husband, Ray,

and we decided to start a cake business,

which is Mr. Cakes -- "M" for "Manuel," "R" for Ray.

We're the power couple.

We're the Beyoncé and Jay-Z of the cake world.

I'm a champion, everything I do is great

Can't stop now

You have the head done. The body's in there.

You're doing final coat on that.

I'm gonna start on the tail right now.


I think we're good on time.

If you think you're moving fast, move faster.

Yeah. Move faster.

Got it. Yes.

'Cause you know I'ma rush you.

My name is Vanessa Sampson.

I served in the Air Force for seven years.

I think that that's one of the most helpful things

for me being a cake maker, ironically,

because that discipline and willingness to work

groomed me to be in business for myself.

If I don't do it, it doesn't get done,

so of course I'm gonna get it done.



How's it going?

Good. Where's your apron?

I hate aprons.

[ Gasps ]

I never wear them.

I'm not wearing an apron

because I want Drake to see this shape.

Yeah, I got a little bit of ego

[ Laughs ]

Why do you want to win "Challenge"?

I need a delivery vehicle for my company.

I am here to win that $10,000

so I can leave here and go to the dealership.

Oh, yeah.

That's the plan.

Litten is a simple character

that has bold colors.

I want to include fire because that's his weapon.

I want to include a special effect

because I want to have a little edge up

on the first challenge to make it to the second.

So, Litten will be standing in ash and having flames,

and they're gonna be remotely controlled

so I can just go, "Foof! Na-na!"

I am adding a coat of isomalt to the torso

before I wrap it and cover it in modeling chocolate.

Just for a little added security,

I can't trust cereal treats. They've failed me before.

All right, Missy.

I am gluing the structure into place

so we can use a lot of force to smash cereal treats.

Chikorita is a quadruped,

and when Chikorita is in battle,

it moves its leaf on the top of its head.

It is going to be made out of rice cereal

and a modeling chocolate/fondant blend.

They have to be soft enough to mush

but not so hot that they won't cool down

because I have to hold them in place while they cool

in order for them to keep their shape.

My name is Allison Stamm.

I am the owner of Cake Done Right

from Redwood City, California.

I currently juggle three jobs.

My cake business is just one of them.

I want this to finally be my day job.

Winning this would allow me to spend more time

being the person that I want to be in the world.

Honestly, when I heard there was an elimination round here,

I am so nervous because I want a redemption.

I don't want to go out in round 1.


I was actually lucky enough to be on the last season

of "Food Network Challenge."

It didn't pan out the way we wanted.

We came in fourth.

Every other competition I've been in,

I have come in first place

and I've had, you know, some second-place ones.

This is huge for me to come back

and say, you know, "Look at what I can do now."

In the cake world, I am known for kind of crazy,

out-of-the-box, sculpted, custom, gravity-defying cakes

I am applying my color to the exterior of Mudkip.

I sculpted him out of modeling chocolate.

Why did you choose Mudkip?

We wanted to kind of provide an extracool,

special element to it.


Mudkip is a water Pokémon, so he's gonna be squirting

some water out of his mouth, hopefully.

I know we don't have to do an effect for round 1,

but why not?

I hope that you get this water element going

because that's your way of going big, in essence.

Yep. Yep. So you can still bring something extra to the table.


MATT: Howdy.

Hello. How are you guys doing today?

Well. How are you doing, more importantly?

Doing very, very well.

Tell us who your Pokémon character is.

His name is Sobble.

He apparently cries tears, and they smell like onion.

I don't think you guys want to smell onion.

I have literally my Pokémon expert right here.

You know it. I am like, "You want any gym battle? I'll tell you.

You want to see any episode? I will tell you."

I had the trading cards. I had plush toys.

I had a full bed set.

I had everything.


If we do win the $10,000 -- Me and Ray have been married

for, I want to say, at least six years.

You want to say or you know?

There's a big difference.

This is how divorce happens right here.

And I've always wanted to have a child,

so this would definitely help the adoption process

'cause adoption is not cheap at all.

Good, Well, you guys seem confident.

Keep up the good work, boys.

Thank you very much.

Okay. 90 minutes left in this first Pokémon round.


90 minutes is not a lot of time.



How's it going?

It is...



So, at this stage...


...I'm not really sure --

We're losing the undercarriage.

We scaled up a little bit too big, and now the rice cereal

is falling off of all of the things.

I am so embarrassed.


The rice cereal is falling off of all of the things.

I'm concerned about this a little bit.

I am concerned, as well.

The cereal treats can be tough to deal with.

I just want to make sure that you start to really think

about what you could possibly do to solidify this

so that it doesn't continue to shift on you...


...because if it does...

It's gonna fall apart. Yeah. [ Sighs ]

This is not gonna hold the belly up.

This is a setback.

I need to fix this.

Can I get cold spray?

Ooh, smart.


Good job, good job, good job.

New strategy is to keep adapting.

Just keep moving.

Come on, Dory. We can do this.

They're using a lot of freeze spray. Ohh.

Challengers, you've got one hour left

to complete your first Pokémon character -- one hour!

If you fail this challenge,

there's not gonna be any round 2 for you.

Alright. So, what do you got going on right now?

I'm covering Mudkip's head right now.

I'm gonna put the tongue, then the eyes...

Okay. Okay.

...then the orange things.

Yeah, the hole is too far back.

We have a slight little problem.

His head is coming up, so it's poking through it.

That's not gonna work.

This is the back of his head, so I was like,

"Let's cut a piece out,

and we're gonna screw the locknut

and the washer into place."

We had to cut the back of the head off, reveal the pipe,

now add the wrench and everything,

and now we got to go back and fix it.

30 minutes left to complete your first Pokémon character!

We got 30 minutes. We can do this.

It's literally getting fixed right now.

It's not going anywhere anymore.

No. Perfect.

The head wasn't moving anymore,

and I was like, "Take our cake scraps,

fill it, cover it with fondant,

and try to seam it."

Look at the back of his Sobble. I mean, that fondant is messy.

VANESSA: Him wobbling is pissing me off.

He needs to be more secure than this.

He's not secure enough.

He needs to be tightened, like, all the way.


See? He's wobbling.

Okay. Let's take him off until you finish covering the board.

No. I have to build him on there.

The board that I am using has not been secured.

Every time you're pushing this around, it's making him rock,

and it's stripping this -- the rod outside this.

That's [bleep] I don't have time for.

Okay. Just be careful with it.

Ain't no being careful.

I got to do all this to him repeatedly,

which you're saying is gonna be problematic for the PVC.


Just take him off.

I can't risk having Litten being built

and wobbling and toppling over.

I don't like that surprise.


Erin, isn't he so cute?

Oh, that's so cute.

[ Laughs ]


There we go.

There you go. Okay.

ERIN: I have a gigantic syringe attached to a hose

that is going through Mudkip, and it squirts out water.

Get ready for a hosedown!

I think she should put it in front of Ian

and she should hit the pump and...

[ Laughs ]


ALLISON: [ Sighs ]


Okay. So, the fact that Allison's character

is a little bit slumpy in the center --

Does the character have that? Are you okay with that?

The character isn't slumpy.

Is there any texture on the characters when you see them?

No. Yeah

They're flat?

Usually, they're very smooth...

Very smooth.

...which I think lends itself to fondant, right?

For sure.



[ Sighs ]

Ready? Ready?

Yep. Bam!

Five minutes. You got five minutes left

to get your Pokémon characters on your cart.


We need eyes and necklace.

Get it done, guys. Get it done.

Okay. Let me do the mouth.

Oh, theirs is so [bleep] cute.

Ray, that looks so cute. It's adorable.

It might be okay.

Three minutes left.

Yes, Chef!

MATT: Vanessa's putting her character up.

This is the concern she had. Was it gonna stay up?

Get under that leg.

This one, yeah?

One minute remaining! Move those Pokémon to your cart!

CLAUDIA: They're moving. Manny's moving.

MATT: Erin's moving. Here we go.

Erin is moving it to the cart.

Oh! First one on the cart!

Oh. Got Manny going on.

30 seconds!


Vanessa's also on the cart with her Litten.

1, 2, 3.

[ Groans ]

Allison went on the cart.

That's time.

That's it for the first round of the Pokémon challenge.

Great push, guys.

ALLISON: [ Groans ]

I absolutely do not feel

that Chikorita is an accurate representation

of my work or my skill set.

Challengers, you were asked to create

an adorable yet tough Pokémon.

Now it's time to see what you did.

Okay, Erin. You're up.


So, we created Mudkip, and Mudkip is a water Pokémon,

and I have a water element, too.

Alright. Let's see it.

How far should I squirt this?


How far should I squirt this?

It's water, guys. What are you?

Let it go?

Are you sure?

Come on. Yeah. Come on.

No, no, no, no.

I'll block him.

Go. Hit it. Hit it!

Hit it! Hit it!

Hit it!


[ Laughter ]

That was good.

CLAUDIA: I am obsessed with the colors.

I'm obsessed with the sheen you got on it.

It looks like it just came out of the water, right?

It is a stunning piece, and you should be incredibly proud.

Thank you. [ Chuckles ]

Your fondant work is probably the best-handled fondant

in the room today,

and as such, the flaws that you do have

stick out more, unfortunately, right?

The replica you've built there, the homage to Mudkip,

is amazing.

Thank you.

You've thought about every detail

and really understood Mudkip as a Pokémon.

Thank you.

Manny, come on up.


Tell us about your journey in creating Sobble.

Sobble is a water Pokémon, very new to the Pokémon family.

Sobble is a very timid character.

He tends to be invisible when he is scared.

Obviously, I can't do an invisible cake.

If I did, I would win.

[ Laughs ]

I think you captured the essence

of this newly discovered Pokémon perfectly.

Thank you so much.

Now, I have to be a stickler.

Go for it.

The back of your Pokémon...


...really needed a lot of smoothing,

even where you connected the tail.

I think it's in the small details

like fixing seams that are superimportant.

Manny, #sobblesquad's gonna be lit right now

because you nailed that.

Thank you.

The key was the detail and the color.

The lily pad is fantastic,

and the shine on it, as well, gives it that water impact.

I would have liked that same shine

using shortening or steaming or whatever

on Sobble itself

because it's a water Pokémon.

Sobble is just completely on brand --

very lifelike, very small, very compact --

and you captured its personality, as well.

Thank you guys very much.

Vanessa, you're up.




IAN: Vanessa, tell us about your Pokémon.

Litten uses fire.

It has flammable fur,

and it licks itself

and creates the furballs,

which it's spit out on the board to ignite.

I do have special effects. Y'all ready?

Ready or not.

[ Laughs ] I'm so excited.

Here we come.


How fun.

[ Laughs ]

Wow. Wow, wow.


Fire and a show. I love it.

The fact that it looks ready for battle, that it looks lit...

[ Both laugh ]

...that, to me, just captures the essence.

You know, unfortunately, for me, the thing that sticks out

is the lack of smoothness

in relation to what Pokémon characters actually look like.

There's a lot of finger marks. There's a lot of fingerprints.

Litten, the character itself, is fierce, and you've brought that.

I love the position. It's battle-ready.

The proportions are off.

Its legs grew a little bit faster than its arms.

The board -- it just looks sloppy.

But my biggest critique here

is the fondant here is just so messy,

and, unfortunately, at this level of competition,

it's just unacceptable.

I think if we move you through to round 2,

we need to tidy things up a little bit...


...and you need to bring

even more fire than you brought in round 1.

So, good luck.

VANESSA: I'm just hoping that I still did better

than one of my competitors.

Man! Look at this piece!

I feel like I'm in an amusement park,

looking at these characters.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

Yeah, I'm gonna be ducking for cover when that thing goes off.

[ Bang ]


I blow my nose. I see glitter. Maybe I'm magical.


IAN: Allison, it's your turn.


So, today we have a rice-cereal Chikorita,

and the large leaf is layers of modeling chocolate and fondant

with some copper wire in there for shape.


For me, there are a few essential details here,

like the toes.

The toes should be white triangles,

and we've got kind of little stumps.

We're missing the necklace.

Chikorita is a little bit stumpy,

and you actually made it

much bigger than you needed to do,

and, as a result of that,

you've got krispie treats collapsing.

Rice-cereal treats and this type of heat just are treacherous.

I will start by saying that the use of color is excellent

because it's very important that the leaf on Chikorita's head

was a darker green than the body, of course, right?

But from the shape to the lumpy fondant

to the collapsing belly,

I just think the execution on Chikorita

is hugely disappointing.

Thanks so much, challengers.

Unfortunately, one of you won't get a chance

to fight on in round 2.

If I go home now, I never get to show you what's next.


We really had to get down to the nitty-gritty

on sugar-crafting work and into the detail

and real finesse with the medium

to be able to choose who would have to go home.

And that person is...



Best of luck to you, and stick to your vision.

Work on your medium, okay?

Thank you so much.

Unfortunately, the medium just was not cooperating for me today.

Next time I'm gonna bring back the fire,

both in myself and in my work.


Manny, Vanessa, and Erin, now the real fight begins.

Now, in round 2, you're gonna have to make another Pokémon

and create an epic battle scene between your two creations.

And get this.

One of the characters must include an added element --

special effects, if you will --

showing their Pokémon signature moves.

Think Pikachu's thunderbolt...


...Bulbasaur's razor leaf...

Squirtle's water gun.

$10,000 and the title of Food Network champ

is on the line,

and you have just six hours to pull off this battle royale.

So, let Battle Pokémon begin!

You want me to start getting buttercream going?


Erin, what do you think about this size for the rock?

Yeah, and then, like, it's jagged.

It's, like, you know...


We got to make sure that we are on point.

It's Pikachu, and everybody knows Pikachu.

When Pikachu gets really angry and is ready to attack,

his cheeks light up red.

Oh, really?


Oh. So, that's, like, the --

Come on. Give us the motion.

Give it to us!

No, I'm not doing it. You do it. You do it best.

[ Groaning ]

[ Laughter ]

I am setting up our land

where Pikachu is gonna be on his tree stump.

So, the scene that we're trying to set --

it's Pikachu battling a Mudkip,

and the Mudkip is gonna be

on an island in the water down below,

and Pikachu is gonna be standing on a tree stump on the land.

Our plan is to kind of make it look like there's electricity.

When Pikachu charges up, it starts from his cheeks,

and it starts kind of swirling around him.

And then we're gonna have fireworks in his hands

that will shoot out to show the full electric charge.

So I'm gonna build him out with modeling chocolate,

and them I'm gonna put all this fondant decor on top.

I can't wait to see your final cake.

Well, apparently,

he's scaring the heck out of everybody right now.

[ Laughs ] "Aaaaah!"

[ Laughs ]

Vanessa, I'm securing the rods that will support the wave.

So, I'm building two big characters

that are fighting each other with fire and water.

The name of my cake is "The Battle of the Elements."

And you'll see Squirtle fighting with water

and Litten fighting with fire.

And Squirtle -- he'll have really high water waves.

Beautiful scenery.

Squirtle's structure is PVC, rice cereal, and cake.

Can you hold this hose up for me?


Alright. So, this way.

I have a tube that will be built into Squirtle

for him to squirt water.

And then...

we're missing something.


Wasn't there a longer board here for his shell?

No, that's this one.

Is it?

You got it upside down.

I do?

Remember, the arms were up?


This way.


I just need to get to stacking.


We did need something right here.

There's nothing to support his shell.

This was where the board was supposed to be

so that I could have built this up and out.

Cake can't hold anything.

It's not gonna hold anything.

I get everything stacked,

and now I realize

there is a huge gap that can't be supported.

The shell's supposed to come right here, right?

Like, right here?

There is nothing here

to stop it from falling or to support it.

Cake will not hold itself going outward.

There's supposed to be another board

so that the bottom half doesn't just detach and fall forward.

That is a major problem.

So, technically, we're [bleep]

VANESSA: I realized that there is a huge gap

that can't be supported.

If I just cover the cake like this right now,

we risk it falling apart.

But you know what? I am going to fix it.

The only option that we have to fill it is rice cereal,

so I heat up the rice cereal,

flatten it out,

pour chocolate into it to solidify it.

Wrap it around.

Where'd I put my chocolate? Right here.

Vanessa, how you doing, doll?

Unh-unh, no.

Vanessa ain't here right now.

Okay. So, I'm gonna leave this cake here for you.

I'm gonna jump on now to Bulbasaur.

Go for it.

I'm gonna name our cake "Attack of the Bulbasaur."

So, what you're gonna see is Sobble stealing fruit

and then Bulbasaur going in to attack.

Bulbasaur is a grass Pokémon,

and then Sobble is a water Pokémon,

so this battle's gonna be superepic.

I love all Pokémon, like,

but knowing that we got Bulbasaur is awesome

because he was always my starter Pokémon.

Got to bring back that '90s inner kid in me

and make sure I get him where I need him to get.

Ooh, he is big, Ray!

Yes, ma'am.

That's amazing!

The bigger, the better!


How important is the special effect?

I mean, if something is just completely jaw-dropping,

is that gonna overshadow

any kind of inadequacies in their cake design?

I think that both of those things matter.

The challenge does include making the battle realistic,

so I definitely want to see both.


Three hours left, challengers!

RAY: Manny, we got three hours.

Can you move, like, really, really fast?

I have four more things I already want to ask you to do.

I'm actually feeling pretty good right now.

We are starting to put all the details together.

Alright, Erin. I'm gonna spread the grass real quick.

ERIN: For the grass, you take shredded coconut,

you put it into a baggie,

pour in an airbrush color, shake it up.

It's gonna blend all in the coconut,

but it looks like grass.

It gives you a really fun texture to it.

And it's a really simple and easy way to cover,

like, the whole top of the cake.

Erin, why don't you shower with a Pokémon?

[ Laughs ] Hi.

Because he might Pikachu. [peek at you]

[ Laughs ]

Look at that! Awesome!

So, have you come back like Pikachu?

I mean, this is your second time in this kitchen.

Yeah. Um...

So, do you have all the fury within you

that it has within itself?

I don't think he's very furious.

He's adorable, and he's trying his best.

Well, he looks like he's about to unleash.

He's adorable -- Well, that's my goal.


If it all comes together the way that we planned,

I think you guys will be pleasantly surprised

and really like the whole concept.

We look forward to seeing it.

Thank you so much. Thank you.

Thanks, Erin.



MATT: Manny.

Hey, Manny.

Hello, hello. How are you guys doing?

So, talk us through Bulbasaur over here.

On the very top, you see the tube?

We're gonna insert some glitter,

and that's gonna be his sleep powder.

Then, from there, you're gonna see his razor leaves.

That's what you see those two things are.


No way.

No, seriously. So, razor leaves.

[ Gasps ]

So, they're edible.

Made out of rice paper...

Can I touch one?

...glued with water.

Wow! So, you printed these?


RAY: On edible wafer paper.

The difficulty is is that slot isn't big enough,

and if these curl up or warp a little bit, we're gonna have --

Ugh! -- we're gonna jams.

But they're already in there, so we only have one shot.

Uh, I think you can see my face of, like,

complete worry for you.

It's very, very scary,

but, you know, sometimes you have to gamble.


IAN: Challengers, we've got two hours left!

Which cake will the judges "Pika-choose"?



Oh, Ray, look! It's little Pikachu!

Oh, my God! Can I go play with it?!


I love him! I just want to hug him!

Where's a Pokéball when you need one?

Here you go. [ Whistles ]


Oh, I love that. That looks awesome.

ERIN: Things are going really well.

Pikachu looks amazing.

I'm trying to move Pikachu over onto the main piece now.

I'm trying to hold that bottom.

No, I can see it moving.


And we can't get it to remove from the bottom.

[ Creaking ]

If I can't get Pikachu off of this, I-I have no display.

It's so [bleep]

Hold on.

[ Grunts ]

Can you help me wiggle?


[ Creaking ]

Looks like Erin's Pikachu is giving her trouble.

Oh, yeah. I don't want to lay him down.


Hold on. Hold on.

I-I know that the only option right now is force,

and the body is taking a beating.

[ Sighs ]

Alright. That's fine.


Just let him sit.


How does his back look?

Not that great, but we could fix it.

So, here's what we're gonna do.


You're gonna hold him by his bum.


[ Grunts ] I can't do this.


Go. Go, go.

[ Sighs ]

[ Creaking ]

I just see now all the wrinkles

and all of the hand marks and everything

from grabbing him,

so right now I'm in Suckville.

I'm having déjà vu.

Déjà Pikachu, I should say.

One hour left, challengers!

We're looking for our first Pokémon master.

I am so scared that this stomach is gonna bust open.

But right now, we good.

I hope we stay like that.

While I'm waiting on Squirtle's body to set,

I start on the waves in the black sand.

Hey, Vanessa! How's it going?

It's going.

That looks cool. What is that?

This is rock candy that is a part of my black sand.

How did you color that?

I colored it with black food coloring...



...and a little bit of vodka.

A little bit of vodka this early? Ha ha ha!

I know, right?

It's gonna have some sparkles to it.

There'll be black glitter on it,

and it's just here for dimensioning the true beach.

You know, there's rocks and whatnot scattered in.

This is looking great.


Just be confident. It's all here.

Thank you.

That looks so awesome.

I think Ray and Manny are the ones we got to be

kind of careful of.


They're bringing everything together.


Erin's doing some really clean work, Ray.

But that's what Erin is known for --

her very clean, detailed, immaculate work.

And we're doing bigger, like --

How many pieces do we have compared to everybody?

Compared to everybody else.


MANNY: Sobble is a water Pokémon,

and we want it to be a lake

where Sobble's just hanging out at,

so the water's gonna be made out of isomalt.

We're gonna pour it over a piece of fondant,

and we're gonna marble the fondant on the bottom

so it's just not blue,

and then we're gonna add a little bit of glitter,

because if you've ever watched "Pokémon,"

when something shimmers, it has, like, that, like, stargazing,

and we want that effect for it.

RAY: That is, like, crystal clear right there.

Ooh, boy. Look at that!

Look at that.

We now have sugar

to show another thing that we know how to do.

Husbands are a team to not mess with.

Forces are colliding.

Just 30 minutes till the end.

Ugh! Okay.

Oh, my God.

It's alright.

We've got this.

We just got to patch him up.

Catch the bottom.


Listen, I was pretty concerned for Vanessa for a while.

Yeah, big-time.

But now that I see the face

on the head of Squirtle,

I know it's not up there yet, but it's pretty sweet.

It's good. It's really good.


We definitely, uh, got more handsy with Pikachu

than I ever wanted to be.

Do you want to try to put the ears in?


I am rewrapping every part that I can that clearly needs it.

Given the time frame and what happened,

I'm actually feeling okay about what we've done, Christine.


Hello, hello, hello! What's going on here?

We're doing good. We're grinding, you know?

Let me ask you about this isomalt sitch you got going on.

Is this -- All the kind of, like, oil slicks on top --

did you go back and torch it? Is that what it's from?

I torched it, yes, to get rid of the little --

Bubbles that you got?

The bubbles that were on top.

It adds a little more character to it, 'cause Sobble is moving.

Is Sobble the one that's gonna display his special ability?

No, Bulbasaur will.


Actually, you can see the little two rods on top.

That's where the razor leaves come.

And then on the very top of the hole, there's a pipe.

It's gonna explode glitter, as well.

What's gonna propel it? Is it air pressure?

An air can, yes.

Oh, that's gonna just blow it all over everybody.

Oh, that's gonna be awesome. Thanks for the warning.

Thank you very much.

Great job, Manny.

How much longer, Ray?

I'm finishing his mouth right now.

I'm gonna need help.

Yeah, I'm gonna be ducking for cover when that thing goes off.

From my little kids at home, when they bring home glitter,

it gets everywhere. It's the bane of my existence.

I think it's in my lungs. I think it's in my hair.

It's in my nose. I blow my nose. I see glitter.

Maybe I'm magical.


VANESSA: Yeah, that's gonna work. Okay. Let me finish this.

For my water waves, I'm gonna use some royal icing

and some white glitter to kind of get that sparkle

and that crashing -- whatever that's called

when you look at the white part of the water.

And it's gonna give it a lot of definition for me.

You see my crashing white wave?

That's my special effect.


Okay, 15 minutes left!

We do have the Pokéball, the Pokédex.

We have the Hoenn badges.

So, I think that's a lot of good other stuff.

Hand me some chocolate.

Squirtle's -- You guys, oh, my gosh.

No! Squirtle's front's slipping off. Oh, no!

Vanessa's Squirtle is breaking. Oh, my goodness.

VANESSA: Oh, look. It's coming completely off.

Oh, no!

No, no, no, no, no, no!

Oh, my gosh.

[ Gasps ]


VANESSA: You got to be kidding me!

No! Squirtle's front's slipping off.

There's that.

You got to be kidding me!

Paint me some yellow buttercream. Let's do that.

IAN: Wow. She's not giving up.

What did she just ask for?

Yellow paint so that she create...

That breastplate?


Got to keep going.

Wow. I like it.

MATT: It breaks me. It breaks me.

CLAUDIA: Good solution. Good solution.

I love it. I love the fact she's not giving up.

She has fixed that in no time.

Vanessa is a beast!

She is working!

Five minutes left! Hustle, hustle!

Oh, my God.

Done everything I can here at this point,

given everything that's happened.

VANESSA: This is something that would never be made by me,

but this is also something that I started and I have to finish.

And what's at stake is my character.


IAN: Two minutes left!

Your cakes have to be on the cart before the end of time!

1, 2, 3.

MATT: Here we go. Here we go.

Here we go.

Slide out. Slide out.



Steady as a Bulbasaur, that thing.

We're on?


Oh, my God.

Yeah, we're on.

Good job, Ray.

We did it. I'm very proud of us.

One minute left!

Alright. We're gonna move.


[ Groans ]






Good job/

30 seconds!

On 3, 'cause we're running out of time.

We're moving on Vanessa.

Oh, Vanessa's moving? Oh!

1, 2, and 3.

Look at him. He's like, "I'm comin' for ya!"

You got it?



I fixed it. No matter what happened, I got this done.



Way to rally. Tell us what we've got here.

We have Litten in a battle with Squirtle.

Litten is gonna use its signature flame balls,

and Squirtle is going to battle Litten with water.

Okay, Vanessa. So, let's see some special effects.

You got it.



[ Gasps ]

KEEGAN: Yeah! Nice! Wow!


Oh, my God!

[ Laughs ]

It works!


VANESSA: Something went right today.

Drake is gonna be so proud of me. [ Laughs ]

Way to go, Vanessa.

Thank you.

Litten is still burning.

Is Litten gonna melt?

He might, but he's yours now.

CLAUDIA: [ Laughs ]

MATT: Who won this battle?

Litten definitely won.

Squirtle struggled when he lost his shell.

He lost a little confidence.

[ Laughter ]

Vanessa, this was a roller coaster, wasn't it?

Wasn't it?

[ Laughter ]

Look, you had some troubles.

There's some messy fondant.

For me, it's just untidy.

The scale is off.

Litten and Squirtle should be a similar size.

What disappoints me most

is that I told you you needed to clean up

the fondant work on Litten, and you didn't do it.

Now, I know you had issues, but that was basic.

There are some imperfections with your Squirtle,

but I love the fact that your waves have

kind of like this buttercream-frosting

glittery kind of thing going on

because it gives me the feel of waves.

Though you've got messiness around

with some of the finishing of the fondant and the royal,

I think the head on Squirtle is on par

with everything in the room, if not above.

Oh, man, I'm so nervous now. [ Laughs ]


Man, oh, Manny.

Hello. How are you guys doing?

Looks like you have a pretty epic battle going on here.

My scene is in the morningtime in the forest.

Sobble stole a piece of fruit from Bulbasaur's bush.

Alright, Manny. Let's see those special effects.

Alright. We're starting off in the morningtime,

so it is gonna be a little foggy.

It's gonna let out its sleep powder

to then make Sobble slow down and relax.

After that, it's gonna let out its razor leaves.


I felt like I was watching "Pokémon" live!

Oh! Yes!

One of my favorite things of your whole piece

is that isomalt.

Thank you so much.

I'm stealing that idea.

I'm using it. I'm just letting you know now.

No, go for it.

Putting that glitter in there --

the fact that you painted underneath

and it created just, like,

almost like the feeling of actual water.

I would have still preferred that you smoothed

the back of Sobble's head.

To me, that's a big drawback.

I asked you to wow me with your special effects,

and you did just that.

However, I don't see nearly the level of care in Bulbasaur

that you put in to Sobble.

MATT: The Sobble is spot-on.

The little Pokémon's face is basically perfect.

The Bulbasaur, for me, is a huge piece of this,

and it's messy. That fondant work is bumpy,

and it's such a shame because this is your biggest character

and it's your weakest.

Erin, you are here for redemption.


Man! Look at this piece.

I feel like I'm in an amusement park,

looking at these characters.

So, we have Pikachu versus Mudkip,

and we're basically doing electricity and thunderbolt

versus water.

Alright. Let's make some magic.

Alright. I'm gonna step back a little bit.

CLAUDIA: [ Gasps ]


MATT: Whoa!


This was electric, literally!

Little details like the Pokédex, the badges,

and no one used a Pokéball apart from you!

That is such a key element!

But look -- Pikachu's body is off-brand.

He's just way too skinny.

He has a much wider bottom half,

and not to nail Pikachu's shape --

that's a huge problem.

I love that you've done your research,

and I really just love the fact that Pikachu has

his supericonic ears and that supericonic tail.

I just wish that there was some fine-tuning, of course,

with Pikachu.

It's a lot more round. It's got, like, a little belly.

Erin, I think the effects were wonderful.

I love the cheek lights.

They are, like, spot-on.

Great job, Erin. Great.

Thank you.

Thanks so much.

Thank you, Erin. Great job.

ERIN: You know, having those positive comments

from the judges, I have redeemed myself.

You guys were asked to bring the Pokémon universe to life

in a cake masterpiece.

You needed to depict two Pokémon in battle and one battle move,

which were, frankly, awesome.

KEEGAN: Vanessa, your finishes and your seams were messy,

but, overall, we were really proud of your resilience.

Thank you.

Manny, the Sobble Squad would approve of your build today.


There's definitely spots where the fondant work was messy,

but we really respected your storytelling today.

Thank you.

Erin, you came ready to do battle today,

and your showpiece and pyrotechnics were electric.

Unfortunately, some of Pikachu's body scale was just off.


The winner of "Food Network Challenge: Pokémon Cakes" is...



Oh, my God!


Not many people can say that they've won

"Food Network Challenge,"

so it's a very, like, really big honor.

Manny, congratulations.

We choose you to take this check,

and we crown the title

of "Food Network Challenge" winner.

Thank you guys so much. Thank you.

We did it!

This is literally one step closer to starting a family.

I can't believe I can say, "I won!"

[ Laughing ] Oh, my God! We did it!

Keep going on that side while I cut this.

Whatever, dude.

Just shut up and work.


We got to get a move on.

Just remember I'm one of the judges.

I'm trying to give the judge my plea.

No, you're talking more than you're listening.

Let's make things a little more interesting.


Oh, my gosh!

They just totally changed the game.


MATT: I love it.

IAN: There is a lot going on.

No time for crying. There's no crying in cake.

The Description of Pokemon Cakes