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In 2007, Congress passed an expanded Renewable Fuel Standard, or RFS, which mandates that

large quantities of biofuel-- made from corn and other biomassbe blended into the fuel

supply each year. Lawmakers promised that this policy of turning food and plants into

fuel would be a silver bullet for America's energy challengesfor example, making daily

life more affordable for Americans.

Flash forward to today--the RFS is actually raising costs for every family in America.

During the worst drought the United States has seen since 1956, the mandate diverts 40%

of America's corn crop away from food and animal feed to ethanol production for fuel.

Skyrocketing animal feed costs have put a strain on livestock farmers and pushed food

prices higher and higher. Put simply, more ethanol = less food = higher prices.

Since the RFS first passed in 2005, the price of corn increased by more than 200%. Cereal

and bakery product prices have increased almost 77%, meat, poultry, fish and egg prices have

increased 78%. Vegetable oil and fats like butter, are up more than 444%.

In short, breakfast just isn't what is used to be...

Neither is what you put in your gas tank. Beyond making gasoline more expensive, ethanol

is also 33% less efficient than traditional gasoline. The lower fuel economy of ethanol/gasoline

blends means Americans will spend a lot more time and money at the pump.

The Renewable Fuel Standard has failed to meet its goals over five years. Instead, it's

costing Americans' money, hurting the environment and failing to limit our dependence on foreign

energy sources.

So ask yourself a question: Why is this still the law of the land?

Call on lawmakers to reform the failed Renewable Fuel Standard and pledge your support for

a smarter way forward... a smarter fuel future.

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