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Listen I wanted to bring this up. I know it's nothing that Kathy agrees with

but pubic hair is becoming more popular. AHA! I knew it!

Alright, amongst the owners of said pubic hair?

Or the people who encounter said pubic hair? People who want to see said pubic hair.

AHA! New data from the porn site, RedTube... RedTube, never heard of it... reveals that

the bush is back. The bush is back. That's right! Do you shave your bunghole? Come on...

I have to ask. I don't do that. I mean because some people have hairy... If we're talking

pubs there's a whole other side to that cookie. How would I even do that? I mean I would lay

on my back and put my legs behind my head? Well I mean the question is do you have a

profoundly hairy ass? No! Ok. Then it's not an issue for you. My ass is not hairy. Ok.

I'm good. But is your... Bunghole? Go ahead, say it man! Kathy has some information she

wants to get. "Do you have a hairy butthole?" "Is your actual butthole hairy?" See I think

you... "Does it look like that thing that swallows up Luke Skywalker on the desert planet?

Does it look like that?" That was my question! What's that thing called? Sarlaac Pit.

"Does it look like the Sarlaac? Does it try to pull Lando Calrissian in?"

Can Manthy ask that?

"Can I ask you something? Do you have a hairy butthole? Just asking...

Is it like tendrils that stick out and grab you by your feet? Until like, I don't know, Leia or somebody

throws you a lightsaber?"

I don't recall the Sarlaac having any hair. Then we need to pull

up a picture. Well they look like tentacles. Yeah it's just the tentacles coming out and

the teeth and everything. No don't ruin this, Casey.



Yes, so I don't have a hairy butthole and I...

If we're being clinical, we have to ask.

"To the senator from Arkansas, no I do not have a hairy butthole."

"Thank you, sir. That took a lot of courage,

Mr. Comey to admit that."

Oh dear god. Listen you might not have an overly hairy butthole

but there's hair back there. Everybody's got hair there. Yeah.

It's called J R B H,

Just Right Butt Hole. Do guys get lasered? Yeah. Do guys? Possibly. Guys do like it, I do not.

There's your sphincter. Is that what that... The Sarlaac. You gotta watch Jedi, Kathy.

I thought it was a person. Alright. What? No. My question was more about the Sarlaac.

He's distracted. I'm glad that you stopped yourself. Casey, off-air, I have an interesting

fact to tell you about it. Ok. Thank you. We can go there if you want?

I'd rather talkabout buttholes.

Oh my god. Who are you? What now we're going to get into this crap?

We've unleashed a beast. Wait a minute I just want to point out:

Kathy would rather talk about buttholes than Star Wars.

Well here's the deal, if given a choice?

Yeah, I'm gonna go butthole.

You brought up the grooming and I think that it's something that's a universal

topic that people consider and so if you're talking about the front, you have to talk about the back.

We could put up a Twitter poll, Sarlaacs or Buttholes? Alright anyhow,

I think it's nice if a woman tends to her area and but just don't get rid of it all...

You don't like the hardwood you like a little bit of carpet. I think it's nice. I need a

table saw sound effect, something like that, Marisa.

Alright so anyhow, RedTube had revealed this:

the most likely to seek out videos that have the hair are the over 65 crowd.

"I wanna see a really nice bush. And can I get some sponge cake and some cream soda please?

And then a very hairy bush. My evening is set! Hot spit!"

Boy old people are fun.

"I'd like a piece of angel food cake, a cream soda, and a big hairy bush."

We need some music from like the 1940s like jazz or somethinglike that.

"And some ointment please for my knees..."

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