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hello and welcome back I recently had the time and the privilege and the

privilege to have the time to watch a motion picture from 1995 called leaving

Las Vegas I'm sure you've seen it this movie is about a suicidal alcoholic

played by Nicolas Cage moves to Las Vegas to commit suicide by drinking

himself to death meets a lovely young hooker named Sarah

se-ra played by a young Elizabeth Shue great

movie hard to watch fair warning if you're triggered or have a weak stomach

it's a hard movie to watch but I'm going to be doing a sober synopsis of it in

this video so stay put

so Nic Cage got a Best Actor Award this year 1995 Oscar for this hauntingly

disturbing portrayal of a suicidal alcoholic and believe me that's putting

it lightly because I've seen this movie years ago and I just now got around to

rewatching it four years into sobriety I feel like I'm strong enough to watch it

let me tell you I'm not gonna watch it for a while because it is it has some

triggers for me so that being what it may let me first tell you who I am my

name is James I am a hauntingly egotistical recovering addict and

alcoholic I drank and used drugs for 20 years and I've been recovering since

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to the content the first 15 minutes of this movie starts with Nic Cage shopping

gleefully in a liquor store this is literally the opening scene this guy is

a shopping cart filling it off liquor bottle up bottles of liquor dancing

gleefully I first right off the bat recognize the euphoria that he's going

through in his pregame ritual that I used to go through whenever I was

drinking even when I just started thinking about drinking my palms would

get sweaty I'd get giddy energetic he wearing his sunglasses and I'm sure well

this was its it begins and Los Angeles he plays a I think a writer or a broker

of writing or some sort of office job it's not really important because he

loses his job in the very first 15 minutes of the movie sting is playing in

the background he opens with have you ever had the feeling that the world's

gone and left you behind have you ever had the feeling that you were that close

to losing your mind so this is sting playing he does a much better version of

it than I just did and those those are what you hear when you see you begin to

see this crazy alcoholic shopping for booze then Sanderson is NIC cages

character's name and you can just tell he's super stoked because he's about to

do some this is a man that I recognize number one and I'm sure you can too

I've been there he is all hope is lost and he is riding high on the euphoric

feeling of chaos and just having nothing to lose

I can recognize this immediately no wonder this guy got an Oscar

then cuts to a scene of a high scale restaurant in the 90s Richard Lewis I

believe is the actor and his business partner are having drinks with a couple

of ladies and and Ben Sanderson busts in disheveled you can tell he's drunk

drinking a drunk you can just tell by looking at him now you can also tell

that Richard Lewis's character isn't happy to see him he then tries to play

it off like I used to do we all have and you can just tell something's wrong with

them and you borrows money from Louis and and and then is and then Louis asked

him you know please tell contact me yeah this is among the first few things that

I can completely relate with this this man Ben is in a just desperate end of

his rope kind of situation and all things are falling apart or have fell

and they are just continuing to just get worse and worse well he's temporarily

disappointed at Richard Lewis's send-off to him but he takes the money he he

borrowed from him and hits the bar and this is where he is ecstatic again

riding the temporary instant gratitude feeling of finally getting to a drink

he's at the bar and he sees it an attractive young lady

her name's Terry at the bar this chick is played by Valeria galino

you may recognize her from hot shots I believe pot shots part deux Charlie

Sheen she's very disgusted by it this guy's

breath his obnoxious behavior he's over cocky overconfident overjoyed to finally

be drunk this is another painfully familiar situation to watch

he is just close talking with this with Terry and she is politely

she accepts without much choice a drink that he buys her and she said you've

been drinking all day and with her adorable accent and he says of course

offers her a drink then immediately after that drink hits his veins invites

her to his house this guy is obnoxiously drunk and you

become embarrassed for him and I'm embarrassed for myself because I've been

that guy

he then goes from ecstatic and cocky to confessing his desperation to her and

she thanks him for the drink politely and I just on her way out she taps him

puts her hand on his arm and says maybe you shouldn't drink so much I don't know

about you but I in passing have come in contact with strangers that showed

compassion and real care for my situation and people will they'll try to

help you out because I think there's an understanding now more than ever

they're always there all there hasn't always been an understanding for

addiction but it's a desperate situation this man is sick and even in 1995 and

beforehand people that know the deal they know the deal this guy's sick so

then it cuts to a scene of him chugging vodka and he's on some sort of strip

probably Sunset Strip or something and motorcycle cop right next to him

checking him out he's hiding the vodka I hate to admit it and I'm sure it wasn't

that exact situation but a very similar situation alcoholism is an illness of

the degree to where you cannot control what you're doing the drink overshadows

everything the need for the drink overshadows everything he's borrowing

money he doesn't have he's losing friends relationships he's risking

driving drunk drinking literally drinking and driving

and again this is all in the first 10 15 minutes of the movie after the the car

after the car scene with the vodka bottle he's out of jazz bar it's like a

strip club slash jazz bar beautiful blonde taking off her top Nick Cage

sitting next to an old-timer old timers ecstatic as many of us would be up the

beautiful lady dancing in that and the good music Nick cages or Ben is a he's

oblivious because he's literally almost tipping himself back in his chair

pounding a pint of dark liquor I related to this in the in the grips in the in

the depths in the peak of my addiction alcohol took precedent over even the

most primal Drive of mankind sex he's more concerned with with drinking his

pint than he is of anything else then when the pints gone the next scene

is him in his car picking up a hooker it's not elisabeth shue yet but it's a

it's a prostitute and this guy and this scene ben is completely blackout

blackout just dangerously drunk and his face you can see it and you can't

understand what he's saying he doesn't understand what he's doing but he

somehow manages to make the deal it then shows them go to a BAC finale where he

doesn't even know what he's saying she's going down on him and he's saying

something like I don't remember if my life I don't remember if my wife left me

because of my drinking or if I started drinking because my wife left me and he

was like mumble it barely comprehensible and as he's saying that this prostitute

is looking up at him knowing you know knowing full-well he's far far beyond

dawn and puts his ring finger in her mouth and sucks the wedding ring off

the next scene and this is like 10 minutes into the movie is him passed out

in front of his open refrigerator he starts shaking notices his rings gone

pounds more liquor early in the morning the next day he's got a bank trying to

cash a check he's too shaky attractive bank teller he's way too shaky to even

handle he obviously hadn't had a drink yet he's way too shaky to sign the check

disappears says I'll be right back next scenes in a bar

bartender cuts him off says you know what time it is you should be drinking

coffee and he just tells him I appreciate your concern

then just tells the bartender I appreciate your concern just let me

drink today and I'll never come back you can cut me

off I'll never come back and the bartender says what do you stop laughing

with me I can cut you off anytime I want because he was concerned for all

humanely sake this guy needs to stop drinking and this guy he just doesn't

get it we don't get it in the in the haze of our drinking so he finally gets

a drink at the bar he goes back to the bank he is super cocky because he's got

his alcohol in him again I can relate to all of this a total different person

Jekyll and Hyde which was written by a abuser of drugs and alcohol Jekyll and

Hyde total different people he's shaky but polite when he first goes into the

bank now he comes in and he is he he's talking into a voice recorder about him

doing just obscenely delightful but obscene things

to the bank teller before he goes up there and like there's like four people

listening and watching to these vulgar poet poet words of poetry that he

so he's feeling good and he finally and then he hits on the bank teller she's

not having any of it because he's super sloshed but he doesn't even recognize

that she's not having any of it and then it cuts to been at work books and papers

hot piled high on his desk he's obviously behind he's he's talking

on a landline phone they had these back in the 90s for all you Millennials out

there it's a phone with a cord on it but he's he is he's talking upside he's got

the receiver upside down and I didn't notice this until the boss's assistant

came in to call him to the principal's office you know basically but he hangs

up the phone and it's you've been talking on it the wrong way

now those of you who may not have gotten this bad or non-alcoholics out there may

not believe some of the things in this movie like him talking on the phone

upside down or him basically just some of the things he does but it gets that

bad some of the I couldn't believe how bad it got if you're seeking help now

then you've had the gift of desperation granted to you and you've probably

experienced some of these trifling trifling things as well that is one of

the unbelievable things that happens he's so out of it you doesn't even

realize he's talking on the phone upside down bosses assistant says Ben boss nice

see you she looks compassionate everybody around

this guy looks compassionate the entire movie he's in the boss's office boss

says we're letting you go we've sincerely liked you having you

around but we gotta let you go ends of an envelope takes it out with

obviously a severance check he on the verge of tears said this is too generous

the boss acts and asks him what he's gonna do now and he said I think I'm

gonna move out to it I've been thinking of moving out to Las Vegas and that is

the first 15 minutes of the movie and then the credits roll

so the opening credits roll to a montage of a young beautiful woman on the Vegas

strip her name is Sarah se-ra she's played by Elizabeth Shue you may

remember her from The Adventures of babysitting or now on Amazon Prime

there's a there's a show called the boys about superheroes she plays their boss

twenty minutes into the movie Ben is just chugging booze and burning

everything he owns in his house pictures of his wife and son it looks like he

burns his passport he burns clothes bags bags bags of stuff and gets in the car

and he heads to Las Vegas there's another montage more sting is playing in

the soundtrack there's a lot of sting in this movie in the soundtrack they're

actually my mistake that was Michael McDonald was playing when he's burning

all those belongings lonely teardrops by Michael McDonald like this matters I

don't know I just feel like making note of this soundtrack Michael McDonald

lonely teardrops he arrives in a motel it's called the whole year in and in in

Vegas and he's any any person obnoxiously tries to but in line to get

helped for hotel room and while he's waiting for the couple in front of him

to be helped he looks back up at the sign and instead of reading up the whole

year in he sees it as the whole you're in and you can just see this grin on his

face of course he's way more than three

sheets to the wind and I could relate to that too you're just gone all kinds of

symbolism and it's probably the universe or your God or whomever is trying to

turn you around by all this symbolism I I noticed a bunch of signs and I still

do in sobriety they're all good

the hotel manager brings him to a room and he the manager goes in starts

explaining the room and Ben stays outside looking at the room and I got

the feeling right there and this is twenty minutes into the movie

I got the feeling right there he was looking at the room he's gonna die in

and that's what that's what I there's a lot of foreshadowing in this movie a lot

of symbolism it's one of the things I liked about it it looked like he was

straight up looking at the room he was about to die in this is classified as a

drama although if there was a trauma genre of movies this would definitely be

the trauma I I would say my favorite horror movie

leaving Las Vegas Nicolas Cage because my eye i mean my jaw stayed open i I'm

in awe watching this movie it is scary just eerie haunting because what it is

the similarities between this guy and mild through chaotic drinking days so

he's out driving around the strip Ben and and Sarah she's a call girl on the

strip they have a flirtatious exchange of $500 he said for five hundred dollars

where you coming and it was very flirtatious and you can immediately

sense although she's even she's a call girl you can sense you can tell there's

a bond between them they're flirting she says in the car give me the money in the

car dumbass he's the the clueless yet endearing buffoon and she's the

idealistic image of a beautiful woman and they meet and they get in the car

and they drive away in the hotel room she tells him he can do anything he

wants to her for five hundred bucks because she's such a classy lady know

she's got class she's working anyway we'll just veer

away from my opinions on the working girl

it's hard not to love Elizabeth Chu in this movie even though she is a hooker

and it's hard not to like a Nicolas Cage in this movie even though he is a

desperate alcoholic of the worst kind that we only read about him in the book

she says you can do anything you want but he all he wants is her company to

stay talk drink he gives her five hundred to do that

she stays she's going through something to her pimp some Russian dude is being

mean to her you know he's got his he's got his own pros so she's going through

something too and something about then appeals to her and something about her

appeals to him and they hang out and they're drinking tequila on the bed she

asks him what brings him to Las Vegas and he says I'm gonna drink myself to

death and she asked him how long that's gonna take and he said well I figured

it'll take you know this amount of money per day and he had it all figured out

and immediately you get the feeling that he accepts her for who she is he she

accepts him for who he is she wakes up you know after that night bounces he's

passed out she goes back her abusive pimp is like this is all you made last

night and she's like I'm sorry there's a history there there's foreshadowing here

and there he tells her to get out there and make more money she finally goes to

the strip and she runs into Ben she's the whole movie it shows a little is

abit shoes character talking on a couch portrayed as though she's talking to a

shrink and she's confessing gradually she's I mean in the beginning she's

talking about being a call girl and her troubles of being a call girl and all

that she has is the mouthwash to come home to to watch the come out of her

mouth and all that it's a it's a raw movie but she gradually begins to start

talking about Ben and this guy that you met

how she somehow just knew that she liked him right off the bat and she tells her

shrink that she's looking for him on the strip and she knows she shouldn't but

she is and the next scene is her pimp tells her to get out there and make that

money she's on the strip she looks for and finds been on a Las Vegas strip

bench and there's like a limos passing and there's the the typical Vegas stuff

she's standing he's on the bench there's some nuns in the background hanging

handing out flyers or something and they exchange words and he says I don't know

and he is completely sloshed the entire movie but when I say completely drunk

completely wasted completely by the means of he's not even there and this is

another thing that I'm sure you can relate to is it's just like you're far

beyond God and this was Nic Cage his characters case and he's on the bench

and he said if you don't have a boyfriend or anything I'd like to take

you to dinner and she of course is on the inside ecstatic by this but she

declines because she's got to go make her money and she walks and gets in a

cab and Ben is so he at this point he's probably approaching alcoholic

hallucinosis so he's still talking to her and she had had gotten in the car

into the taxi and had left and he's still just like talking to her as though

she's still there and I'm like wow this whoever wrote this movie oh I then

learned that the writer of the book that this is based John O'Brien actually

committed suicide so this is based on a novel by John O'Brien and I heard and

we'll look up after this and maybe edit this part out if I'm wrong or I'll just

keep it in here maybe it'll be something for you guys to look up John O'Brien did

he commit suicide after writing the book or shortly thereafter

anyway I say to myself in scenes like this I'm like whoever wrote this book or

this movie incredible incredible movie so Sarah gets the money for pimp

but pimp is in a state of desperation in a hotel room he let he just soon gets

killed so she is a free agent I guess at this point so she keeps the money and

goes and seeks Ben out finds him at the whole year and and when he opens the

door she's standing there looking all Elizabeth she wish she said still want

to have dinner and sting is playing my one and only love in the background

sting this soundtrack is sting enriched so they're at a dinner

she looks kind of worried and my feeling is like she realized that she likes the

guy and of course he's drinking she asks him why he's drunk why he's killing

himself and he responds I can't remember I just know that I want to she insists

he sleeps at her place sting is still singing my one and only

love and they take it back to her place surprisingly enough they haven't had sex

yet Sarah and Ben and if she wants him gives him plenty of openings and I think

this might be why one of the reasons why she falls for him is because he doesn't

treat her like a piece of meat he literally just wants her for her and to

be present so about halfway through the film they're on her couch she had bought

him a shirt and a flask and which he looked at and you could tell he

absolutely loves it the flask and she says why don't you stay with me that

shitty hotel you know want you to stay with me and he resists at first but then

he looks at her and says well I don't even know if he looks at her if he's

capable of looking at anything focusing or bit on his vision on anything but he

basically says you can never ever ask me to stop drinking and she agrees she

agrees and slides off the sofa arm into his arms and kisses him because she has

something she needs from him - these are two desperate souls that need something

from each other so there's a twisted love of montage probably serenaded by

sting or Michael McDonough and them you know briefly a romantic

crazy love montage and then they go out gambling and he ends up ruining the

night well you can barely ruin the night with either of them because he accepts

her for who she is and he accepts him well anyway he he flips a blackjack

table because they cut him off and she convinces them to not throw him out on

his ass she says please let me carry him let me

walk him out he's an alcoholic and will never come back here again one of the

next scenes he wakes up shaking violently on the Sara's couch he is

sleeping on her couch they haven't had sex yet they're not in a sexual

relationship but she most definitely wants him but he is way too way too

inebriated all the time to even do that and he's obsessed with the booze he is

obsessed be fought far beyond gone obsessed with drinking killing himself

not even this relationship nothing can turn him around and I'm sure

you can relate wakes up shaken on that on the couch crawls to the fridge chugs

vodka throws up in there in the sink chug some

more I've been there too my body wouldn't even take the alcohol I tried

to keep it down and so long enough to actually get a buzz or to stop shaking I

would throw it up in the sink and my girlfriend at the time not a Elizabeth

Chu esque Hooker but a lovely woman was rubbing me on my back and she needed

something from me to she didn't want to be alone and I needed her to enable me

as well so I can relate to a lot of these after he gets some vodka to stay

down he crawls to her bed wraps himself up in her arms fetal position and she

needs him because admittedly she says I don't want to be alone I'm using you and

and he needs her just to be there while he drinks himself

she tells him I'm working tonight and he says I know and she goes out to

work and he goes to do his drinking and he he's becoming increasingly reluctant

to ignore what she does for a living and she of course has her problems with him

drinking himself to death this of course brings up the alan on subjects of am I

not good enough for the addict to stop drinking and using why is our family our

relationship our marriage why are we not good enough for him or her to stop using

and it's just too powerful and this movie illustrates that very well in my

opinion the mood throughout the movie is heavy with sad desperate hopeless love

and sting songs they briefly go to a desert getaway it's a hotel in the

desert and they're at the pool and she pours liquor on her naked body and he

gets aroused finally this is over halfway through the movie finally gets

sexually aroused by this beautiful young lady and ruins it by when she gets up

when they get up to go to the room he falls on his ass on a glass table gets

its glass all in his ass and his back and laughing hysterically calls himself

a prickly pear nonsense he's bleeding with glass in him and he's joking around

been there to everybody around he knows it's serious you do not it illustrates

how the addict doesn't know how serious it is but everybody with an objective

view can obviously see his condition horrible death near-death and he's

laughing calling himself a prickly pear

as feelings grow stronger of resentment towards what Sarah does Nick Nick been

his character is that a casino drinking brings a prostitute back to Sarah's

place she's out working but she comes home to Ben in the bed with a prostitute

not having yet done anything but the she's about to get hers her money and

and Ben and the hooker looks at Sarah and leaves quietly and she tells Ben to

get out Ben leaves she cries desperation ensues more desperation she ends up

getting brutally raped one of her there's these three college students

that approach her on the strip take her back end up raping her brutal brutal

scene hard to watch she finally gets a her phone rings and it's Ben she says

where are you the next scene is them at a hotel he's on the he's on the bed

laying on his back bottle of vodka in a dark seedy hotel motel room and she's

sitting next to him like a nurse at his deathbed and she's taking care of

him and she asked him if if he wants help and he says no I just wanted to see

you and she noticed that he was aroused and the music's not other than sting and

Michael McDonald the other score the musical score at this movie isn't the

best in my opinion it could be better but if you stay in the if you stay in

the zone of the feeling that the director and the writer and everybody's

going for even though it's a hooker and a pathetic alcoholic on his death bed

and you know he's getting a boner you can it's romantic

somehow I hope you can understand it's romantic he's finally aroused to see her

she's been trying to express her love sexually for him the entire movie and he

finally you know she sees and she says here let me and

she mounts him cowgirl style and they finally have sex him laying there her

riding him the next scene is is him looking at the camera and take he takes

his last breath and you can tell he's he's gone he died she's sleeping and he

died next to her sleeping and and then she wakes up and sits on the bed and

cries she goes on to tell her shrink about how it was unconditional love for

him and he had unconditional love for her in it and it was honestly I know

you're laughing at me but it was a true story a true love story a desperate tale

of addiction and desperation and just love as well as unconditional love and

it's a powerful dramatic movie about addiction like I said it can be a

trigger for me and it may be for you so tread softly did is a portrayal of

alcoholism like none I've ever seen

well that's it for this week like I said this is part of a playlist about movies

and series shows about addiction and alcoholism

chauffeur's synopsis and leave it in the comments don't forget to subscribe and

hit the bell for notifications share this video to get it out there and until

next week keep it clean keep it real and keep going this damn thing fee played by

fellow Valeria Valeria gal galileo galina Valeria Valeria this

chick is played by about Valeria Golay Oh Galina Valeria Galina Valeria

galino this chick is played by Valeria galino

you may recognize her from hot shots I believe hot shots part 2 Charlie Sheen

she said maybe you shouldn't drink so much to which he replies very loudly

maybe I shouldn't breathe so much she puts her hand on his arm and says maybe

you shouldn't maybe you shouldn't drink so much you know and her exotic accent

and as she leaves he he says maybe I shouldn't breathe so much Terry ha

actually that was exactly what happened

one of the next scenes he wakes up shaking shaking my mind violently


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