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- Wish you could just knock out an entire month's worth

of video content in one day?

What if I told you you could do it in under five hours?

If you're ready to see how I batch

an entire months worth of content in just five hours,

hit that like button and let's dig in.

So let's walk through, step by step,

what a typical batch filming day looks like for me.

And what's really important here

is you have got to put this on your calendar,

'cause you wanna make sure

there are no other distractions happening

on the date you're going to film.

I mean no kids at home,

so I will film on a Tuesday or Thursday,

'cause my kids aren't here.

You wanna to make sure you don't have calls scheduled

or priorities that you need to do on that day

because you really wanna focus in on shooting your videos.

You might have something come up

that a video takes longer to shoot then you expected,

but you really wanna get as much filming done

as possible on this batch day.

Also, accept that something is going to happen

that you didn't plan for.

As I was getting ready to shoot these videos

I had the neighbor's yard guy stop by the house

and start mowing the yard.

So I had to wait just a little bit,

I worked on a few things before I got filming

because things like that will happen,

you just need to work around it

and accept that this happens.

It's not just happening to you, it's happening to all of us.

For today, specifically, I wanted to have

a little bit of a slower morning.

I'm starting to realize, here, in 2020,

I like a little bit slower of a morning

because I already know what I need to get done

when I wake up.

So I don't have to sit down here at my desk

and take the time to figure out what I need to get done,

I know I can sit here and instantly get started.

So this morning I decided to sit down,

eat my oatmeal actually in bed,

just because it felt so comfortable this morning,

and watch an old episode of New York housewives

before I really got into that filming zone.

Then once I was done with breakfast

it was time to make myself camera presentable.

And you don't have to get super fancy here

with hair and makeup, you just need to feel comfortable

in your own skin, whether that's with makeup,

no makeup, lots of makeup.

I just use regular makeup that you would find at a Target,

a Sephora or an Ulta.

I put some foundation on,

I do put some bonzer and some mascara on,

and I keep it pretty simple.

It doesn't take me too long,

it takes me around 45 minutes max

to do everything from hair and makeup,

and this hair has taken me a long time

to figure out how to do.

So just do what is comfortable to you.

Don't make it super complicated,

don't think you need to be professionally done up

to do videos.

Don't make this process too stressful, trust me.

All right, so once I have my hair and makeup done

I am going to go into my closet

and find some clothes to wear.

As a mom of two small children

I don't have a whole lot of clothes

so I've been recently working on

building out my wardrobe a little bit.

But just pick three or four shirts,

you don't need to have something super fancy here,

just grab something you're comfortable in

and that you feel good in.

Again, you want the makeup you feel good in,

you want the clothes you feel good in,

you want the hair you feel good in,

so you feel good on camera.

So I'll grab my shirts and I'll go right on into my office.

Again, you do not need to worry about

changing your hair and makeup for multiple videos.

People aren't going to notice,

if you change your shirt that's all you need to do.

One little trick of the trade

is if you are shooting in the morning

and you put that makeup on your face,

you may wanna wait about an hourish

for that makeup to set in,

otherwise you're gonna have these eye creases show up.

I've been there.

And what you just need to do is just kind of

let that makeup set on your face, get into those wrinkles,

and you'll be a lot more happier

with what your makeup looks like on camera.

So then I go into my office

and it's time to set up all of the filming stuff.

So I grab my lights that I have packed away in my closet

because I do not film throughout the month,

I just film once a month.

So I grab my lights out in the closet,

I get everything set up in where I need it to be

because I am starting to film in multiple locations

to try and make these videos

more engaging and exciting for you.

So you'll see that I'm changing different angles

to make you wanna keep watching.

I also move my computer down to the floor

because I like the best space when I am working.

Again, so I can just move around

and get a little bit more angles

than what I would have with giant computer on my desk.

This I'm filming with a brand new setup.

I bought a new camera recently, the Canon EOS 50,

and I'm not really putting it on a tripod,

I'm putting it on a GorillaPod so I can move it around

and, again, be a little bit more quicker

with changing scenes.

I always use my two softbox and my ring light.

With this Canon EOS 50 it is a bit better of a quality,

I can open the lens a bit more

because it has a detachable lens to get a brighter,

more light into the lens.

But, again, I just love lots of light

so I have these lights set up.

And I recently bought a shotgun mic

which is the mic that is on top of my camera.

This is a brand new audio, usually I use my Blue Yeti mic

and I plug that Blue Yeti mic right into my laptop,

then I will have a separate video file from my camera

and a separate audio file,

which is coming from my Blue Yeti,

that we then have to sync together.

So if you're noticing quality of video is better, awesome!

If you're noticing it it's not so great,

oh, crap, we need to fix that.

I made these updates, again,

just to make filming easier for me.

I know I can pop this camera on that movable tripod

with the mic on top.

Again, it's just one singular thing that can move

and film wherever I need to.

Things don't need to be super fancy.

You can grab light bulb, daylight balanced light bulbs

and use that for your light.

You can use books, I have this tripod

currently sitting on two Harry Potter books.

But you just really wanna make it possible

and quick for you to do.

Now here's the real secret

in how I'm able to shoot multiple videos in one day.

I already have them planned.

So I will do the research for a particular video

because I'm not just creating

whatever video pops into my head,

I'm making sure what video I create has a clear goal.

Is going to hit the people I want it to hit.

So many people here have asked me how I shoot my videos

and what that looks like.

So my goal with this video is really to get you educated

and to start creating videos

because once you start creating videos

you'll see the power a video has

and you'll see how you can fit it into your schedule,

so then I can then pitch you my group coaching program

when we launch it later this year.

Again, that's more a part

of the business strategy behind these videos.

If you'd like to see more videos about my business

and the strategy behind it, type down below in the comments,

"Business videos, please,"

and I'll be sure to start incorporating more of those videos

into my content plan.

All right, so I've already done

the research for those videos, like I said,

and I've also scripted them.

So really the key piece of my process is researching,

determining the title and thumbnail,

and then scripting my videos

before I even get this presentable

and dig out the lights out of my closet.

My script is basically my game plan for these videos.

So I will write down as much as possible

for what I'm going to say.

I will also make notes on any B-roll footage,

any call-out text that I need to have

for specific spots in the video.

This is going to save me time,

to make sure I'm getting all the B-roll

after I'm done shooting this,

and also save my editor time so that she can see exactly

what she needs to add and when.

This also, return, saves me more time

because then when she sends me a first draft of the video

I don't need to go back and change

and tell her to fix certain things

because she should have everything right based on my notes

and based on my breakdown on my script.

"Okay, but, Trena, how are you memorizing

"all of these scripts?"

So I'm not.

And I actually don't suggest having a teleprompter

because a little less you're really good

at reading a teleprompter people can see you reading.

So what I do is I just do chunks of my video at a time.

So I will look at my script,

I will remember just a couple sentences

or know what direction I'm going for that piece of the video

and then I will shoot it here on my camera and stop.

I'm not turning my camera off,

I'm just pausing so I can then recompose myself,

look at the next section on my script

and what I'm delivering.

Look at the camera, deliver it, pause,

look at the next section or move my camera if I need to.

I am not memorizing four scripts in one day,

I definitely have mom brain with a three and a five-year-old

so memorization, just, it's not happening in my head.

I also have notes on my script exactly

when I wanna move my camera

and where I wanna move it to.

And this is something new that we've been testing

in recent videos to see if this helps

increase our audience retention.

Audience retention is so important here on YouTube

because if we can keep people watching our videos longer

our videos become more valuable to YouTube

and YouTube's gonna actually put our video

out to more people, thus more eyes on our content,

new potential subscribers and viewers.

So we talked about the makeup, we talked about the clothes,

we talked about the setup and we also talked about

delivering that content with a script.

So, "Trena, what's left?"

Great question because this tends to be

the biggest step most people skip,

and it's getting thumbnail photos.

Look, you can create the absolute

best piece of content of your life.

Your video can be life-changing

but if your thumbnail and your title

doesn't cause people to click on the video

and actually watch it, nobody is ever going to see it,

that's why I really focus on what the title

and my direction for my thumbnail is

before I even shoot my video,

and before I even write my content.

Then I have a checklist that I follow

for every single video that I film.

I haven't set up an Asana.

And a template that I go through for every single video,

and one of the checks on that list after shooting the video

is getting that thumbnail photo.

So all I do is I turn my camera, here, on self-timer

and pose in a couple different facial expressions,

'cause then we can use that photo as the thumbnail

and make sure I stand out,

make sure it's going to grab people's attention

and let my graphic designer know

exactly what text that we are adding to that thumbnail.

Remember your thumbnail is your primary marketing material

to get people to click on your video and watch it.

What's the point in making videos

if nobody's gonna click on it and watch it?

All right, now I got something for you.

If you wanna grab my script template,

the script that I use for all of my videos,

I'm gonna link it right here on the screen

and I'm also gonna put it down in the description box

so you can grab it, download it

and use it for your next video

so you know exactly what to say.

And a bonus, I wanna make sure

you get your first video seen.

So make sure you click the video

that's on your screen, right now, that's gonna tell you

exactly how to rank your very first video.

Click there and I will see you over in that video.

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