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- So what is this, you're telling me you don't have shoes?

(upbeat music)

Hey everyone, it's Connie from We Are The Davises

I'm Kayla and Tyler's mom and today

I am picking up Kayla from school.

She's going solo because Tyler went home sick

and we'll check up on him in a little bit

but right now I am in the car pool to pick up Kayla.

She texted me earlier and she said that

she does not have shoes for school.

So I'm curious to see what she's wearing

since she's at school and I know that the school

would not let her go to school without shoes.

I think in the end, we gotta go shopping.

The girl is saying she has no shoes.

So let's see what she's wearing.

- Hi

- [Connie] Hello, how was school?

- Good.

- [Connie] Nice.

- I got a 90 on my science test

which isn't the best but it's alright

and then I feel really good about my math test.

(car horn honking) - I gotta go.

- And I got a 95 on my Membean quiz.

- Kayla was talking about all her good grades,

which I love listening to.

- Yes.

- But I had to get out of the car pool lane

so I had to turn off the camera real quick

so you were saying you have a 95 in Membean?

- Yeah, I got a 95 on my Membean quiz.

I think I got a good grade on my math test

and then I got a 90 on my science test

and I have my lowest grade is a 92 out of all my classes.

(air horn blows)

- Oh my goodness.

- So, pretty great.

I'm pretty snazzy. (laughs)

- Ah pretty snaz.

- I guess I got to move.


- [Connie] So what is this you're telling me

you don't have shoes?

- Oh, yeah they're gone.

- [Connie] Let me see.


- [Connie] No shoes!

You went to school like that with no shoes on?

- I actually do have these shoes but yeah.

- [Connie] Ah ha.

- But these shoes I've only had them for a few months,

I got them at the beginning of the school year

and they have rips everywhere, it's got a hole right there.

- [Connie] She's got toe holes.

- [Kayla] It's all muddy.

- [Connie] Look at that lovely little

beat up spot right there.

- [Kayla] Yeah right there

and then I got avocado on it somewhere,

there's mud all over them.

When I bend it there's holes in the sides

and then this one's got a rip on the back, so just holes.

- [Connie] How did we lose track of your shoes,

we always go shopping?

- And the little plastic things on the laces came off

so I just need to get new shoes.

- [Connie] Do you want more Vans?

- I don't know, I'll have to see what they have.

I have my checkered Vans

but they don't let you wear those unless it's Friday

so I need like actual shoes that I can wear.

- [Connie] So today is Free Dress

so that's why Kayla's not in her uniform.

- Yes.

- [Connie] So I'm proud of you for your grades,

but I am very embarrassed that

we haven't bought you new shoes

and how did we lose track of that, I don't understand.

- Yeah, my friends always make fun of me for my shoes

'cause last year I had fake Vans

they were like black shoes that looked like Vans

but they weren't Vans.

I just have a lot of like knock-off brands,

which isn't a bad thing but they're like.

- [Connie] No that's like that you're getting a deal

and still looking cool.

- Yeah.

- [Connie] Like I'm totally down with that.

- Some of my friends they just like

they pick on me so (laughs) it was funny but.

- [Connie] That's just normal.

- I need some new ones

because I can't go to school wearing socks.

- [Connie] Look at her, her socks don't even match.


- [Kayla] They're close, they're both white.

- [Connie] Do we need new socks too?

- No I have lots of socks,

I just get too lazy to look for both of them.

- [Connie] You don't like matching.

- No, I stopped matching in like first grade. (laughs)

- [Connie] So guys comment below if

you wear unmatching socks

and comment below if you need a new pair of shoes, too.

- Yes.

- [Connie] Because I think it's time

and the sun is shining today.

- Second quarter I mean, second semester is starting

I think it's time for a new start.

- [Connie] A new start.

- Let's do this.

- [Connie] A fresh start to the second semester.

- Yes.

- [Connie] Nice.

- Okay, we're on our way to the mall

and something just popped in my head from school today

and I thought I would tell you guys

just as a little mini story time.

So in my social studies class,

we spell CNN10 on the board because we watch those

every Friday usually and if you get every letter erased

then you have to write a 250 word essay

based on the CNN10, which isn't--

- Why do you get the letters erased?

- If we're loud, if we talk a lot

and waste time then we get letters erased.

Which, 250 words isn't a lot but I wouldn't want

to waste my time writing an essay

when I could be sleeping in.

- [Connie] That sounds terrible, I'd be so bummed

if you guys blew it and had to do an essay.

- Yeah okay so basically, he might have been

in a bad mood or something, but we had two letters left

and he told the girl that erases them

just to wipe both of them off and then

all of a sudden he was craving this Coke Zero

so he gave this girl a dollar bill

and told her that if she could figure out

how to get him a Coke Zero

then we would have half a letter back

so she figured it out

and now I don't have to write a 250 word essay anymore.

- [Connie] Oh that's good news, thank goodness.

- Yes I get to sleep in again!


- [Connie] Yeah this is the last weekend in for a while

because you've got show choir.

- And it's a three day weekend so.

- [Connie] You have Monday off?

- Mm-hmm.

(Connie gasps) (Kayla laughs)

- Oh my gosh! - Yes!

- [Connie] Oh my gosh, I know what we're gonna do.

- What?

- I'm not gonna say.

- Okay, well.

- [Connie] I have something fun.

- Can I get my nails done?

- [Connie] Yes.

- Yay! (laughs)

- [Connie] As long as you get everything done that I say.

- OK fine, I need to clean my room when we get home.

- Well I'm excited you don't have to do a 250 word essay.

- Yes, we've only had to do it once

but that one was mandatory, everyone had to do it

and then from now on it's like

if you lose your letters then you have to do the essay

so I escaped my essay and then after

we got our letter back everyone was like

no, don't talk.


'Cause half a letter is still very little.

- [Connie] Walking the line.

- Yeah but at least we didn't have to

write the essay so yay.

And it's usually annoying

because I don't talk very much during class

especially that class

'cause I don't have like a lot of close friends around me

so it's usually other people that are talking

and the whole class has to suffer because of it.

Just a little rant in there but we're good now.

So let's go get some shoes. (laughs)

- Shoes!

We're here, so I have a dare.

Since you tried to trick me and say

that you didn't have shoes for school.

- It was a joke, please!

- I want you to go into the mall barefoot.

- (gasps) No!

- With just socks.

- Okay, I think I can do it.

- With socks, barefoot would be kind of gross.

- Yeah, there's like little holes in the socks

but I think I can do it.

- You're gonna go into the shoe store

and say, I need shoes and not have any shoes on

so I think that would be funny.

- oh no, I forgot about like interactions.


- So you're gonna walk up to these people

that are working in the shoe store and be like I need shoes.

- No no no, you can say I need shoes I don't need.


- [Connie] Okay let's do this!

Oh no it's been raining!

How are you gonna get across this puddle?

- I can walk around.

- You don't have any shoes

you're gonna get all wet.

Okay I'm gonna save you, I'm gonna save Kayla.

- I'm gonna touch the ground still.

- I'm gonna save Kayla.

We're doing it.

- You can't even see it.

- We're doing it, we're doing it.

- Okay, put me down.

- Okay you're safe.

(Connie sighs)

- Look at, there's the puddle behind us.

- [Kayla] It's a lake.

- We did it!

- Breathing the, oh I thought it said

breathing air in this parking lot warning.

- [Connie] Oh my gosh, warning breathing air.

It says breathing the air in this parking lot

is bad for you.

(Kayla deep breathing)

- I can't put my sock on, it keeps falling off.

Ah the little sticky things are getting stuck to me.

- [Connie] The sticky things?

- These little things are getting stuck to my socks.

(Connie laughing)

Okay they got less here.

- [Connie] You poor poor kid with no shoes.

- Oh my gosh, stop.

(Connie laughing)

- [Connie] Here we go.

It's right here.

(jaunty music)

(mid-tempo guitar music)

- [Kayla] I like these ones.

- [Connie] Oh those are cute.

(mid-tempo guitar music)

- I got yellow, pink, and like a teal-ish blue.

- [Connie] Nice.

- I like it.

Mom says that yellow might not be my color

and I agree with like shirts

but I dunno about shoes so we'll see.

- [Connie] I think the shoes are cute.

- [Kayla] Yeah they're all cute

but these two are definitely more my color so we'll see.

- [Connie] Poor girl with no shoes.

(Kayla laughing)

- They haven't said anything.

- [Connie] Nobody cares, they just figured

you probably already took them off, you know?

Just a little bit sooner than they realized.

(Kayla laughing)

- It's between these two.

We put up a poll on Instagram

because we couldn't decide which shoe.

- I said blue, someone else said pink that was in the store.

- 48% pink, 52% blue, it was so close.

But I guess we're getting blue.

- [Connie] So you're gonna go with the fans?

- Yep.

I am getting the blue shoes.

- The followers have voted.

- I liked the pink ones too but, whatever.



- Alright so let's go.

- [Connie] Alright.

- [Kayla] I like it, they're cute.

- [Connie] I think they're cute.

- The pinks were cute too but these are definitely brighter.

- [Connie] It was tough trying to decide.

- Yes (laughs), thank you guys.

- [Connie] Do you wanna look at one more shop?

- Sure.

- [Connie] Since we're already at the mall.

- Let's go.

(upbeat guitar music)

- [Connie] We can't leave without

visiting our favorite toy store.

(upbeat guitar music)

- We made it out alive. - Yes.

- It's still light out too.


- Just a little bit.

- Yes, spring is coming.


- What time is it?

- I don't know but it's not dark so that's a good sign.

She's got her shoes she's gonna make it.

She's gonna make it through the puddle.

- Let's go.

- [Connie] Don't step right in the middle.

- Why not?

- Because you'll get them soggy.

(car alarm sounding)

- I'm hungry let's get some dinner.

- Let's get food, yeah!

- We got the goods.

Who's excited to see grandmama?

Yes they want me, they want me.

- [Kayla] Yeah, Hershey!

They want your food they don't want you.

- [Connie] Yeah they want my food,

that's the truth about it. - I'm scared to eat these.

- [Connie] That's what they want.

- [Kayla] Did you see my shoes?

- Oh so you opted for blue, nice.

- [Tyler] Yes?

- [Connie] Hello.

- Hello.

- [Connie] Are you sick?

- Yes.

- [Connie] Are you too sick to eat a burger?

- No.

- [Connie] Well it's downstairs.

- Okay, I'm coming.

- How are you doing?

- Good, well bad.

- He's bad but he's not too bad for a burger.

- Yep, I feel like this is a prank.


- [Connie] It's not a prank.


(gasps) Kayla, you're eating out of the garbage?

- They were still in the wrapper.

- [Connie] Kayla!

- They're still in the wrapper.

(Connie laughing)

- So much for New Years' resolutions.

- Her New Years' resolution was

to not eat out of the garbage anymore?


I didn't know that.

- We got some shoes, we got to see everybody.

Tyler, there he is, he's alive and well.

So is there a question of the day?

- Hmm what about do you wear mismatched socks?

And do you need new shoes?

- I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

- Don't forget to subscribe to our other family channels

and until next time.

- [All] Bye.

(upbeat music)

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