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Hi there!

My name is Filip Örnerkrans

I am a gunmaker since many years and I am a very active hunter.

I have been working with guns and hunting

during the last thirty years.

I have chosen to settle in Swedish highland province of Jämtland

where I...

have access to the mountains and to the hunting forms that follows.

Over time the love for the mountains has only grown stronger.

And now I find myself here, in the midst of Norwegian mountains

about to go reindeer hunting.

Wild reindeer in Norway


it doesn't get any better than this.

Since it's time to cross the boarder to Norway

we need to go throug customs but,

this will go quickly

so we'll shortly be on the move again.

Here you have the papers.

I think we'll have a blast

Have a nice day!

Maybe you are wondering

why the normal host Jompen isn't here driving this car

on his way towards this fantastic experience but

the simple fact of the matter is that Jompen isnt strong enough to do this. He simply hasn't put in the effort needed

to master these mountains.

fantastic mountain peaks.

We will be hunting at 4500 to 6250 feet

We will be sleeping in our tents and it will be cold.

We will have strong winds and rough mountain weather.

And if we shoot a reindeer

we will have to carry

everything out of there.

120 pounds on my back

is definitely demanding.

Sorry Jompen, work hard until next year and you will be welcome to join.

Boys! Nice to see you!

Thanks for last time!

It was a good while back. The years take its toll.

But not on you. You look fit!

Well, the season has been going for a while now so I've lost the worst.

Good for you and now you will have to take us on

perhaps a painful journey.

Welcome to my kingdom!

But first a nice night indoors with some good food and drinks.

We need to bunk up with plenty of energy.

If you look over there.

You mean the highest peak?

That top you see is just over 3600 feet

and yesterday there was snow up there.

Fresh snow.

Right now we are around 2000 feet.

We will be hunting from 4000 feet

and above.

We might go as high as 6560 feet.

You know I'm use to be in the mountains and I am used to heavy loads

but this is definitely something else.

It's a damn big difference on the mountains here compared to home for sure


it will definitely be a proper challenge!

Tonight we will make the plans

and take the final decisions.

When looking at the map

and awaiting information from friends who are up in the mountains now.

We will spend som hours walking.

But it will be in very nice terrain. Incredibly nice.

We will be hunting in an area called

Snohetta East but we will see the Snohetta peak.

So we wont see it? Oh! yes, we will see it.

We will walk quite close and it is in the meddle of the hunting area.


So, now we are finally at Helges place.

I've been ordered to unpack everything because

Helge wants to check it out.

I actually think it is quite heavy.

But on the other hand it might have its natural explanations.

So Helge, you are the professional. I have brought

extra clothes, sleeping bag, tent

the essentials.

What do you think?

What kind of clothes will you be hunting in?

I was planning to go in this.

Cotton outdoor pants. They breathe well

They are nice to move in, but

the disadvantage is that I probably

need rain garment in addition.

Apart from that I really like this type of clothes.

Personally I would have chosen membrane clothes

even though it isn't as comfortable to walk in when it gets warm

you are always well equipped for any kind of weather.

You can handle heavy winds,

you can handle rain and you can wade over rivers,

because there will be some river crossings.

If you will be wearing cotton clothes and we get rough conditions

you most certainly need rain garment.

Looking at your headlight I would only choose the best one.

I also see you have eight batteries and you don't need that many.

Keep the batteries that you have in the lamp

and make sure you have one extra set of fresh ones.

Then you have spares enough.

You have four pairs of gloves?

Well, mittens ar really nice to have if we get cold and snow

Ok, but which pair is the best one?

The ones that handles wind and are warm enough?

Ok, the you only take those and leave the rest.

They are gone.

These don't weigh much and neither does these.

But there is quite a lot of volume here.

Remember that we aim to shoot several reindeer

and this takes some of the space wee need for meat.

Is this your ear protection?

Well not really but you know

when in the tent and the wind gets hard it's really nice

to just relax and listen to some music


but you know

they are really nice! The cut out sound and...

These ones will have to go!

Are you really sure?

Ok, I'll leve them out then.

Let's get down to the crub. Here I have freeze dried food and

and I have calculated it to be enough for five days and then

we have breakfast with bread and some extra power bars

and some additional stuff. What do you think about that?

This is absolutely perfect

as a principle we don't carry water.

Water we will find in the mountains.

You will probably find the purest water in Scandinavia up there.

So you got the dry food

and the bars. Lots of energy!

It has small volume

so.. all in all thumbs up for the things you have packed.

Have you got two knives with you? No I've goth three!

You have three? Yes! I have this one as well.

This on is always handy.

"Nice to have" is a No Go when reindeer hunting.

There are only room for "Must Haves".

Hm, ok but then I will choose

this one. It is the lightest one

and it has a gutter blade and it is a nice skinning knife.

Sleeping mat

and two first layer sweaters. Yep, that is good.

I also have a reinforcement down jacket.

Here I have a first aid kit and abrasions patches

and I have... something we call

snögg and it is a

vulcanizing kompress.

I have blood stopper,

Extra matches, compass and tape for wounds

and headache pills and some

stomach medicine because you can get quite

weird from all the freeze dried food.

I use these intimate napkins instead of toilet paper.

It's actually far better

and helps keeping a descent hygiene

and it isn't as rough as your normal paper.

In addition it doesnt take as much space in the back pack.

So consider this a serious tip if you are going for a longer hunting trip.

So this is what I wont bring.

But.. are you really sure that I can't bring my blue tooth head set?

I have never been more sure about anything in my life!


Yes ! Now we are

finally on our way.

So we will be walking in that direction.

aproximately how far is it to where

we will set our tents?

Today we will walk about 4,5 miles

before we put up our tents. Because now

is before the transition period starts which means we have to go in there

to be on the hunting terrain.

After the start of the transition period we could start hunting

directly from here. But since

it hasen't started we have to walk to the hunting area.

I am a little insecure about the altimeters but it will be a few hundred feet ascent.

About a 1000 feet. Yes and

about two and a half hours walking time with full packs.

That's a snug fit.

Perfect tasting mountain water!

On the ridge you see over there.

And then it is the ridge just

just behind the lake you see there.

Okay, there I see it and that is the one we see to the right over there.

And then .. you follow it towards the snow on that top

Yes and the boarder runs along that ridge.

So we will be going up on the other side of that?

Not really we will be on the inside of that so that we will have

that mountain to our side we are on the boarder.

Mmm, that is

towards that top then

were we will put up our tents.

Ehh.. well... just in under if you say it like that.

Lets aim for that one and we'll see how it goes.

Those guys are crossing way to far up the stream.

This is were we have to go over.

Oh! this is magically beautifull!

This is paradise for a mountain hunter

I can tell you!

It was a easier hike in than I expected but,

we are going over those

mountains in the distance and as you see

it is everything but

easy terrain ahead.

This something you will be seeing us doing a lot of during this trip.

The binocular is the mountain hunters best friend.

Without it will be extremely hard to

find anything at all actually. You will need lots of luck

to see an animal with the naked eye.

So a good pair of binoculars is

definitively a must have.


We have now reached the hunting area

the boarder line is a bit down below us

which means that we now ar within the legal hunting area

so if we find the animal we are looking for

it is ok to try to get a shot at it.

We have been getting some interesting reports on our way in.

There aren't that many animals in this area

but three bucks has been

really nice big bucks apparently and we

and we have what is called a "free" tag which gives us permission

to shoot a big buck.

We have high hopes to do that. The wind

is blowing from the south and will continue to do so during the following days and the reindeer

as a main rule always goes towards the wind.

We are simply calculating that the reindeer will

move into this area from the north

since the wind is southerly.

The magic hour. The blue hour.

It gives us the best light conditions to find the reindeer.

A lot of hunters throws in the towel way to early an goes home

but in light conditions such as these it is absolutely the easiest time

to find them.

The low evening sun makes the pelt glimmer

and the shadow cast by the animal makes it easier to

see movement.

This means that we will hunt for at least one more hour

before we set camp and

get a good nights sleep.

Ready for a new day.

So consequently, is there any particular time during a day

that you really prefer to hunt?

Well, I would say mornings and evenings

because ehh... it is

I do hunt during the whole day so I do but

I also take som pauses during the day and I easily take a nap

during the middle of the day if

the weather is nice and it's warm enough

but ...

the reindeer are most often very calm and has bedded down

during the middle of the day.

They are like Jack in the box

you can look and look over

a flat area like this and there is nothing.

There ar no animals here.

Suddenly a heard of twenty appear

who has been bedded down just behind

a small hill.

It doesn't take much for them to stay out of sight.

Absolutely so and especially

if it is just a few animals.

If there are a hundred reindeer or more

it definitely is easier to detect them

but even a heard that large bedded down can be

extremely well camouflaged.

It is an animal that has adapted very well during evolution.

Yes and they have a set of colors that blends in perfectly in

in this terrain and the colors of the land.

Even if it looks

, the landscape below look extremely flat.

But it is apparent, especially in this low light

that you can see all the variations of the surface.

All the small valleys and little hills that are actually there.

There are a lot of places for them to hide in.

It has been a...

a really long first day.

We started early with a lot of driving to get to

the area that we planned to hunt.


a long hike up


When we had done just over four miles

I thought we were at the camp site.

Then we did another four hours of hiking.

You know...

it has been hard and it will be such a relief to

crawl into the tent and the sleeping bag

after a hot meal.

The temperature has dropped significantly

as soon as the sun diapered but we have had a really nice warm day

but now its really cold and we will have sub zero degrees during the night.

We know there are animals in this area but...

the big heards are not here.

Never the less we have high hopes

the animals will move in


from the north and perhaps

from the east.


a beautiful camp site

in the middle of

the Norwegian mountains.

Nailed it!

Time for som crub! I am insanely hungry!

We have hiked a crazy distance today! Damned!

It's the first day and I am supposed to cope

four more days.

And that crayzy

Norwegian mountain goat Helge...

he will break me before this is over.

This is unbelievable cozy

We have found the perfect camp site.

We are close to water. We have a flat

perfect spot for the tent.

It's just a magical tent and it's

even good enoug for Jompen

would be able to sleep here tonight.

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